Happy Birthday Hema Malini! (Part 3)

Okay, last part!  To bring us all the way from 2003 to today! (part 1 here and part 2 here)

44. I love you because in 2000 you were appointed as the first female head of the Indian National Film Development Corporation.

45. I love you because at age 56, you returned to the Seeta Aur Geeta role on TV, in a serial called Kamini Damini.

46. I love you because you also played the Goddess Durga in another serial, Jai Mata Ki, casting which seems completely appropriate.

47. I love you because you also edited and ran your own magazine, New Woman, from the late 90s on.

48. I love you because you discovered Shahrukh Khan, casting him in his first movie, your Dil Aashna Hai.

49.  I love you because Dil Aashna Hai is also shockingly entertaining and professional, considering it was your first movie as a director!

50. I love you because you returned to film right around the same time your daughter was launching her film career, and were not embarrassed one bit to be the mother of a grown woman.

51. I love you because you raised your daughter as a very game young woman, willing to take part in this hilarious send-up of all those love songs in other movies.


52. I love you because (and I am trying to say this in a way that doesn’t insult Esha), while your daughter is very beautiful, and looks a lot like you, she just doesn’t have that something special which really made you into something else.


53. I love you because your niece is also an actress, and she looks nothing like you, and yet there is that something special about her, at least a little bit.


54. I love you you effortlessly, at an age when women are usually told to disappear into supporting roles, stole films from your younger co-stars even when playing just “mother” roles.


55.  I love you because you also managed to snag at least one part that was a little more interesting than a “mother”, playing an aging courtesan in Laaga Chunari Main Daag.


56. I love you because you even got a little love story, as Amitabh’s estranged wife that he has to win back in Bbuddah..Hoga Tere Baap!


57.  I love you because, while never quite fitting in as just a “mother” onscreen, you were a wonderful mother off screen. Including throwing both your daughters fabulous weddings.

Image result for esha deol wedding


58.  I love you because you are now a doting grandmother in addition to a doting mother.

Image result for hema malini grandson


59. I love you because through all of this, becoming a movie star, marrying, having children, entering politics, etc. etc., you remained first and foremost a dancer.

60. I love you because you can effortlessly pull off a simple village type dance.


61.  And a formal courtesan style song.


62. And a modern comic style song (dang! Check out Dharmendra’s legs in tennis shorts!)


63.  Needless to say, seductress was well within your abilities as well.


64.  You even went up against Helen in a sexy dance off!


65. And did a very Zeenat Aman style vamping into a microphone style night club number.


66.  You could also do a very intense rain song, when called for.


67. Finally, these were all film songs, but you started on stage.  In this rare clip from 1968, we can see your live abilities.


68.  And here you are with your daughters, a few years back.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hema Malini! (Part 3)

  1. Thanks, I’m glad to see you up and about again. 🙂

    You missed one of the most important facts about Hema’s film career: She has the absolute best box office records of any leading heroine in history. You can check BOI for the exact statistics, but she has the largest number of hits, blockbusters, ATBB’s, etc. of any heroine in Hindi. It is a record unbroken till today.

    Another TV series of Hema’s you might want to check out is Nupur, about a dancer. She dances in several different classical styles in it.


    • Hema is just so awesome. I can’t believe how many movies she was in, and like important hit movies. Reading through her filmography to try to pick out what to include was just over-whelming!


  2. I remember only bits and pieces of Nupur (Anklets) now.But I liked it at that time.IIRC some of the dialogue was in English.Kabir Bedi and Hema were magnificent onscreen.Were they ever cast together in a movie?I remember them traveling together to her home town in a bullock cart.Her character is from the South and he’s from the North.


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