Silly Sunday: Sequels! Dostana and B ‘n B Are Coming Back, Why Not Laaga Chunari Main Daag, Aaje Nachle, and Agneepath?

I love sequels. I always want to know what happened next and to whom. What about the kids? What about five years later or ten years later? Of course, usually it is more of a franchise than a sequel, taking the central idea and remixing it, but I can live with that too.

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Happy Birthday Rani! 39 Reasons I Love You!

Shashi a couple days ago, Rani today (in India, another 10 hours in America)!  Are they related?  I’m sure they are, probably through some obscure marriage somewhere.  If nothing else they are related through Ranbir and Ayan’s friendship, which is as close as a marriage.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Rani!  I couldn’t manage a full 79 reasons to love Shashi, but I can come up with a whole 39 reasons to love you!

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It’s My Sister’s Birthday Today! A Special Theme Post!

I was trying to think why 7/12 was sticking in my mind as an important birthday, what famous actor/director/composer was born today?  And then I realized, my sister was born today!  So, I’m just going to do a post of really nice sister songs.

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