ADHM Background Reading

I was debating whether it was worth it to try to research and summarize everything that happened with the release of My Name is Khan, for reference with the release drama of ADHM.  And then I discovered, I could just link to other people who have already done that!

First, this is a great article, written at the time and updated as events occurred, covering the last few days before MNIK came out.  I remembered right, there was literally a midnight meeting between Karan and the major theater chains, trying to ensure a smooth and on time release.  Here is the link to the full article, highly recommend it if you want some background.


For some background on the opposition, here is an outlook India article from when Bal Thackeray died, which gives  brief overview of his rise, his party goals, and the current family situation (Bal’s son Uddhav tending to hold back and play it safe, his nephew Raj founding his own party and being a little more wild).


And finally, a list from Times of India of other films that have faced controversies, ranging from the use of “Bombay” in Wake Up, Sid (instead of “Mumbai”), to the massive protests around the release of Fire because of the lesbian relationship at the center of the plot.


(“fun” fact I learned when I researched a paper on Fire, one of the changes the censors insisted on was removing the names of the two main characters whenever they were spoken, because they were “Radha” and “Sita”, and that was insulting to religion.  So the film was released in India with two nameless female main characters. Must have made the dialogue so confusing!)

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