Happy Giving Tuesday!!!! Some Suggestions

Happy Giving Tuesday!!!!  I am sure most of you have your own groups you are already giving too, but just in case you are stumped for ideas, here are some suggestions.

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Happy 2 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! My 2 Favorite People in His Life

Happy 2 Days to Shahrukh’s birthday!  Yesterday was his 3 favorite people in his life, today is my 2 favorite people in his life.

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Happy 14 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! 14 Best Performances

Yesterday I did “top characters“.  This is a post that pairs with it, top performances.  But is different, characters were wonderful people imagined by the script writer who Shahrukh was lucky to play.  These are characters that Shahrukh elevated through his performance. (part of this post is the same as last year, but most of it is new)

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What Shahrukh Khan Means to the Overseas Audience

Tomorrow is the start of Shahrukh’s birthday month, which means you will have to suffer through 30 Days o’ SRK on this website.  But before we get into that, I want to try to explain why he means so much to some of us, why a good half of my blog audience is reacting to the news of 30 Days o’ SRK with silent cheers.  At least, what I think it is.

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: In Honor of Karan Johar’s Birthday, All of His Movie’s Endings Fixed!

I love Karan.  Love love love.  Both as an artist and a public figure.  But I have to admit, he has a problem with endings.  Every film either drags on too long or ends too soon.  There’s always a feeling of “wait, that’s all there is?” at the end of it.  And so, as my birthday gift in advance to him, I am going to fix all that! (real birthday post will go up in a couple days on the actual birthday)

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Fawad Khan Good News-Bad News

Okay, it’s getting less press than the earlier “Ban” and stuff, but the real pressure is on now for Karan to do something about Fawad in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.  The bottom line is being affected.  Although Fawad probably doesn’t care, because he has much more important things going on in his life!

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Happy (?) September 11: How Does it Look From India

This is sort of an odd post to make.  Obviously, as an American, I have a very complex and personal and emotional relationship to 9/11.  For one thing, it’s also my Grandpa’s birthday (95 today!).  But I want to set aside the American part of it for a post, and take a quick look at how Indian film has struggled with the changes 9/11 brought on the world. (obviously, all kinds of trigger warnings and I understand if no one wants to read this post, but I felt like I should make it)

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Eid Mubarak! My Favorite Hymns in Honor of the Occasion!

Although it is Salman Day, and Ranveer’s Birthday, I thought I should acknowledge the “real” holiday with a post of my favorite religious songs.  (Also, I am 95% sure all these songs are appropriate.  But if a miss-translated a lyric or something, and one of them is more secular than religious, let me know right away so I can pull it out of a post where it doesn’t belong)

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SRKajol: A historical review

So, with this new movie, there’s going to be a lot of comparisons with past SRKajol films and judgments and greatest hits lists and so on.  So I thought, why not join the party!  Before I’ve even see Dilwale, so my judgement is not yet sullied.  And then I realized, picking a #1 all time best SRKajol film is easy, but the 5 (6, now) after that are hard.

#1, of course, is DDLJ.  I say that not just because it is my favorite movie of all time, but because, objectively speaking, it is the highest quality film they have been in together, and the most beloved.  The script deals with issues ranging from structural feminism to first versus second generation immigrants to marriage as a personal or societal undertaking.  Plus, it has Shahrukh’s all time greatest acting moment:

If you don’t remember all the other awesome bits of the film, YRF conveniently put together this remix for the 20 year anniversary:

(I think I like the remix better than the original, don’t hate me!)

But what comes after DDLJ?

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