Happy 10 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! My 10 Favorite Quotes!

I’ve done songs, fanvids, photos, sad facts, happy facts, and movies.  Now-Quotes!  The man is just so so verbal!  I’m going to have a hard time limiting it down to 10.

This is going to be a whole variety, from jokes to wise sayings, to personal statements, to moral imperatives.

10. I’m going to start with the low road:

Karan Johar on Koffee with Karan: What would you say to fans of Aamir Khan?

Shahrukh: Guys, find an icon you can look up to.

9. And now I am going to go super deep, from the Inner/Outer documentary on him:

I’m not comparing, but…I don’t want to see Clint Eastwood not on a horse.  On the other hand, you come down a snow clad mountain in a nice sweater and you sing to a girl and tell her you love her and it works wonders and I’m nearly forty and it still works wonders.  But as an actor, yes, it gets a little disturbing…And now I’m afraid I don’t even know how to be in a movie if there’s no horse in it…It’s a little worrisome some times as an actor.  As a star, it’s fantastic.

8. And something fresh, and super super cocky!

Reporter: Do you fear a day when you’ll be standing on the balcony of Mannat and there won’t be people waiting outside to catch a glimpse of you?

Yes. But — and there’s a big but — that would be a day when India won’t be making films anymore. That’s the only way this could happen. Till we make films, there’ll be people out there waiting to watch me.

7. I know I already used this in my fanvids post, but I don’t care!  It’s not just the words, it’s the way he says them.


6. When AbRam was born, there was a huge controversy over it, first rumors that AbRam existed at all, and then rumors of illegal sex determination tests for the child, the media was hounding them, everything was going crazy.  The statement Shahrukh finally released starts and ends like this:

Amidst all the noise that has been going around, the sweetest is the one made by our new-born baby, AbRam.


They say a baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on. Post this statement, I hope we all move on too.

5. Finally, the really good top 5 quotes.  First, his response when people asked him about the slow box office for Ra.One compared to Salman and Aamir’s films back in 2011:

Aur Badshah toh Badshah hi hota hai (And the King is and will be the King)

4. Thank goodness, when I was writing a paper on the My Name is Khan controversy a few years back I printed out all SRK’s tweets at the time.  Because apparently, twitter doesn’t save them!  And they are beautiful, all several 100 of them.  I don’t think he slept for a week, he just kept tweeting out his emotions 24 hours a day.  Here is just a sampling.

Feb 07 12:32:40 AM if i dont meet people with different ideologies, my whole take on being tolerant becomes worthless. thats why…not for any other reason.

Feb 08 6:38:48 PM somebody said write the bad things on a paper and burn it.. then go to sleep…if i start doing that will burn my whole house down.

Feb 11 4:37:43 AM if my partners lose so be it. if i lose so be it.my stardom is transient.my integrity is non negotiable…my being indian unquestionable.

Feb 11 4:43:29 AM my name is shah rukh khan… and i think it is more than just a name. my mother & father had told me so & my son & daughter believe it so.

Feb 11 5:00:22 AM hope peace prevails. hope misunderstandings get cleared. hope nobody is hurt. hope all leaders & activists have largesse of heart. hope…

3. From the same interview as that earlier quote, something I really love, because it encapsulates my approach to film reviews.  I can always, and will always, find something good.

I can sit down here and talk about the worst film of the world and the best film of the world with the same passion. Does that make me stupid? No. It’s just that I try to see the beauty in everything.

l’ll tell you a little story. It’s from the Bhagavad Gita, actually. It’s about Arjuna and Krishna, when they both were walking down the road and there was a dead dog on it. So Krishna asked, what do you see? Arjun said it is such an ugly sight! The entire flesh is rotting. Krishna said, ‘Don’t you see the teeth? They shine like pearls. Do you see how beautiful they are?’

I only see the teeth. And I am not philosophising.

2.  Back in 2013, Shahrukh wrote an essay for Outlook on what his identity as a Khan means to him.  This was the closing:

For I believe, our religion is an extremely personal choice, not a public proclamation of who we are. It’s as person as the spectacles of my father who passed away some 20 years ago. Spectacles that I hold onto as my most prized and personal possession of his memories, teachings and of being a proud Pathan. I have never compared those with my friends, who have similar possessions of their parents or grandparents. I have never said my father’s spectacles are better than your mother’s saree. So why should we have this comparison in the matter of religion, which is as personal and prized a belief as the memories of your elders. Why should not the love we share be the last word in defining us instead of the last name? It doesn’t take a superstar to be able to give love, it just takes a heart and as far as I know, there isn’t a force on this earth that can deprive anyone of theirs.

1.1. And finally, the thing he claims to say more than anything else, a gesture of humility and religious faith and pride in his identity.


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