Happy 13 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! For Unlucky 13, the 13 Saddest Facts of His Life!

Kind of a downer topic, I know.  But I felt like there should be some actual content, not just happy videos and pictures!

From sad but not sad-sad, to “oh my gosh, so sad!”, here we go!

13. He lost the first movie role he went up for, the lead in the arty student film (written by future Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy!) In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones, instead being cast as the gay friend.

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12. His movie Ra.One flopped, sending him down a spiral that included getting into a fight with his best friend’s husband at a party.

11. His 3rd child AbRam was born 6 weeks premature (this would be higher, but AbRam is fine so it all worked out)

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10. His one true love Gauri broke up with him briefly when they were teenagers, breaking his heart and sending him on an unsuccessful odyssey to Bombay to win her back.

9. His mentor/foster father Yash Chopra died 4 years ago, leaving him temporarily devastated.

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8. His father landed on the wrong side of the border during partition, forever cutting Shahrukh off from his paternal family.

7. Despite his father’s decision to stay in India post-Partition, and his father’s history as a freedom fighter which is why he had to be sent off to Delhi in the first place, Shahrukh is still, constantly, questioned in his patriotism and identity as an Indian.

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6. Shahrukh is in near constant physical pain, starting back in high school when his back was injured so badly he was told he might never walk again.  Since then, his back has never fully healed, and he has added on shoulder, knee, toe, and dozens of other injuries of the type that never quite go away.

5. Shahrukh’s sister is mentally ill, and has been since college.

4. Shahrukh’s beloved mother died before she had a chance to see him married.

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3. While his mother was dying, Shahrukh went into the hospital parking lot to perform Namaz, believing that if he performed it enough times, he could save her.  The nurses didn’t want to disturb him, and so didn’t call him in and he missed his mother’s death.

2. His father died when he was 14, making him the man of the house at that young age and forcing his mother to work day and night to support the family.

1.1. Shahrukh’s whole film career, he claims, is because of his parents.  He wants to be on so many screens that they can look down from heaven and see him.

“[I want to] make movies so damn bloody big…that my parents somewhere sit down on a star and from there also can look at their son and say ‘I can see his movies from here better than I can see the Wall of China or anything. We see his movies covering the face of this earth’.’

7 thoughts on “Happy 13 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday! For Unlucky 13, the 13 Saddest Facts of His Life!

  1. Missing his mother’s final moments must have been devastating.There are certain rites and rituals(eg: giving water) which have to be performed by the children when the parent is close to death.At least SRK can console himself that he was praying at the time of the death, not shooting for a film or something like that,which would have happened if he was famous at that time.I don’t think SRK slapped Shirish because he was depressed about Ra.One.From what I read, the latter was obnoxious and had crossed his limits.

    Reading about all this depressing stuff makes me want to watch something happy.Here’s a link to a video.What if Salman did SRK movies.It begins and ends with DDLJ -Salman style.


    • Loved the video, that DDLJ in the car sequence was DARK!

      With Shahrukh’s mother, I kind of wonder if maybe she died because he wasn’t there. When my mom worked for Hospice, she said it was really common for people to die when they were alone, like they were forcing themselves to hold on so long as someone was in the room, and then relaxed and let go when they were alone. Similarly, very common for them to die the day after Christmas, or a birthday, or something like that. Like they could hold on until just past the big event, and then would let go.


  2. I remember this time at Tehelka’s THiNK fest where SRK was guest speaker and he spoke about his father and his closeness to Peshawar, where they came from originally. It was something he wrote as part of a memoir he was planning to publish and this particular section he read out broke my heart. It’s here: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=qXVAOEHWNPk

    You can check out the entire thing but the specific part I’m referring to is from 18.35 to 21.50.


    • His father’s life is just so sad! The story that always sticks with me is from the Anupama Chopra book, about during the Partition riots when his father was a student in Delhi. And his friends used to come into his room every night and sleep in a circle around his bed, so that if anyone came to kill him, they would have to cross them first. I don’t know, the thought of this teenage boy who was only supposed to be away from home for a few years, suddenly having to trust a bunch of other teenagers to protect him from strangers who want to kill him, it’s just heartbreaking. Both for Shahrukh’s dad, and for his friends who were forced to grow up all of a sudden and be willing to die for their friendship.

      I wonder, do you think that is part of the reason Shahrukh can relate so well to the NRI audience? Because there is that little feeling of “I don’t belong here or there” in their lives too?

      And on a shallow note, that video also reminded me how much I miss the red glasses! I am sure it makes it easier for films and whatever now that he has had the lasik surgery, but they looked so good on him!


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