Happy 6 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

Well, I already did favorite performances in films, this is something slightly different, favorite characters.  Favorite characters who I would love no matter who played them.

6. Om Kapoor: One of the all time great comic characters!  The self-involvement, the shallowness, the stupidity!  The kind of guy who would with think a Disco style sad love song is a brilliant idea!


5. Raj Malhotra: DDLJ is SO good!  And a lot of it is because of what an amazing character Raj Malhotra is.  So amazing, that filmmakers spent the next few years trying to create pale imitations of him.  He’s cocky and funny and a little mean.  But he’s also sensitive and smart and will do anything for the ones he loves.


4. Rahul Joshi: Yes Boss is a movie that is a little too shallow to be really good, but a little too deep to be completely written off.  And that is mostly because of Rahul Joshi.  Shamelessly ambitious, and yet strangely innocent.  In love, but afraid to admit it.  Completely amoral, until suddenly he isn’t.


3. Arjun Sagar: Pardes has A LOT going on.  And unfortunately, Arjun’s story kind of gets lost in the mix.  But his character is really the most fascinating! An orphan from India brought to the west, who never feels like he really belongs anywhere, most of all within his adopted family.  Who carries with him so much guilt and obligation, he isn’t even willing to rescue the woman he loves until the last minute.  Who stands on the outside and tries to make everyone else’s life better, and resists being brought into the story.


2. Gaurav Chadana: Fascinating character!  Just fascinating.  Somehow both humble and prideful at the same time.  Both entitled and generous.  He comes off as harmless, simple, the one who is put upon not the put upon-er.  And then, somehow, by the end of the film, all those layers have been peeled off and you realize that he will always convince himself he is the victim in every situation.

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1.1. Aryan Khanna: This one is kind of fascinating, because it is Shahrukh.  I mean, he’s playing himself.  But not a simplified version of himself, like in Om Shanti Om or Billu, but a character who tries to contain all the complications and depth of Shahrukh Khan, the real person.  A movie star with a lot of charm and love.  But with a lot of madness and pride too.  And, underneath that, a human need to protect his family, and a human sense of sadness about how little family he has (that moment at the end, when he tells Gaurav to go home to his parents, that’s brilliant and heartbreaking).

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11 thoughts on “Happy 6 Days to Shahrukh’s Birthday!

  1. Really, the character from Pardes? The movie was so boring that I ended up stopping in the middle and I didn’t really think that Arjun was that interesting of a character. I like Surinder Sahni and Samar Anand more.


    • I find Pardes a little boring too. But the Arjun character had so much promise! If the script had been better, and the direction had been better, it could have been a really interesting internal conflict. I think he was supposed to be that humorous servant/brother character in all the other movies, like Dilip Joshi in Maine Pyar Kiya. But what if that humorous servant/brother had an internal life and desires of his own? What if it wasn’t just harmless for him to spend time with the bride of the household? How would people react? How would he feel about it?


  2. I’m happy to see #3 and #4. I agree with your take on the movies and the characters. I really liked Pardes from the first–totally because of the relationship between Arjun and Ganga. And Shah Rukh’s awesome speech at the end, starting here at @3:19: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dfz2HQYdbxY.

    Yes Boss I disliked the first time, mainly because I understood it to be an adaptation of The Apartment, which is one of my all time favorite movies. But YB really just takes an idea from The Apt and runs with it in a totally different direction. I was drawn back to watch YB again and I’m glad. Some lovely and funny moments, a couple good songs, and a great bad guy to hate. I just feel bad for poor Sheila. 🙂


    • Yes, exactly with that speech! There are these little moments like that, that feel like there is another film peeping through, which could have been about the relationship between Amrish and Shahrukh and Amrish’s biological son, about all the unspoken expectations and crushing weight of gratitude and stuff. But there was just so much else going on in the film we got, the Arjun character kind of gets hidden a bit.

      I had a similarly hard time seeing any connection between Yes Boss and The Apartment, but then I found out it was The Apartment, by way of For Love or Money, a Michael J Fox movie. It makes so much more sense seeing Shahrukh as Michael J Fox instead of Jack Lemmon!

      There is supposed to be a more faithful The Apartment remake, Life….In A Metro. It’s a series of interconnected stories, one of which is basically just The Apartment. I haven’t seen it, because it has dangerous levels of Shiney Ahuja, but it’s supposed to be a lot more similar in tone to The Apartment, more sort of wistfully bittersweet. Although it also sounds a bit like Love Actually.

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  3. There is a part of me that thinks Shah Rukh’s portrayal ofAryan Khanna in Fan was far more nuanced, and brilliant than his portrayal of Gaurav. I mean sure, Gaurav was probably harder on him physically. But Aryan must have touched a nerve with how close he came to exposing inner parts of himself and making himself vulnerable in front of the camera. He gets into some of this in his recent interview with Rajeev Masand, and also in that ‘Below the Surface’ one with Anupama – that he is struggling these days to determine how much of himself he can hide in these characters.
    Spectacular list otherwise! (Even though I am sad you didn’t include SUNIL from Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na. (To me, this will be his most endearing performance, and he agrees with me 😛 )


    • I do love him in KHKN, but it didn’t feel like quite as unusual a character as these. Although a remarkable performance. Partly because it was such an “average” kind of person, and shahrukh made us care about him.


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