Happy 1 day to Shahrukh’s birthday!!!!

Yaaaaaay!  For the 1 day, the final day, here is the 1 way that Shahrukh makes me feel.  And, okay, I’m going to go a bit over the top here, but I figure, if you’ve come with me this far, you feel the same way.  Plus, I’m all caught up in the holiday spirit!

I say “one way”, and it is one singular emotion, but there is no easy way to describe it without combining a bunch of different things.  There’s a lot of this:


But then underlying that, there is this strong gentle core of this:


And just the faintest hint of this:


But finally, ultimately, it comes down to this:


3 thoughts on “Happy 1 day to Shahrukh’s birthday!!!!

  1. I have been dutifully reading your Shahrukh birthday countdown, but I confess I’m looking forward to it being over. Enough, already! I suppose I can put up with one more day . . .


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