Songs to Bring Spiritual Comfort

I’m mourning today, like can’t stop crying, can’t find anything good in the world mourning.  I was trying to think of the last time I felt like this, I think it was when my grandmother was dying, my grandfather had just died, my father was worried about losing his job, and my mother was recovering from major surgery (yes these things all happened at the same time).  That was years ago, and the small piece of comfort I have today is that at least I have something that does bring me spiritual comfort, which I didn’t have then.

Back years and years ago, the last time I felt like this, I remember trying to read the Bible, or Shakespeare, or something, to try to bring me some sense of peace, like I’d seen other people get from these things.  Or walking in nature or listening to classical music.  That’s supposed to bring you comfort, right?  And it just didn’t work for me.


But then a few years back when I was going through some other tough times (my other grandmother died, I lost my job, thank goodness not at the same time this time, separated by a few years, but they were both bad), I didn’t even think about it, I knew what I could do to remind myself that God still exists and there is something warm and good in the universe.


I’m not saying film songs are the most spiritual and beautiful things in the world, I’m just saying that is what they are for me.  Maybe they will be for you, if so here they are.  And if they aren’t that for you, and you are in a similar state to me right now, I hope you find something else that works, no matter what it is, and don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about it (like I used to about turning to DVDs for comfort instead of “respectable” art).





(Fred was probably feeling about the same as me in this dance.  His wife was dying of cancer, and the country was in the middle of WWII)

21 thoughts on “Songs to Bring Spiritual Comfort

  1. It is all too depressing (the result) and we are going to have his ugly mug on the tv ad nauseum. I watched the last 2 episodes of The Crown and a horrible thought struck me – if he makes a state visit to the UK, the Queen would have to greet him and his slapper of a wife.
    You have my commiserations.


    • How’s Australia? The Canadian immigration website crashed last night, because so many people were looking up the process to immigrate, and I heard that New Zealand got a little slammed too. Is Australia sane right now? Sane and English speaking?


  2. Great selection of videos. Thanks for that. Tha Akshay Kumar one is such a lovely song.

    Don’t get too upset. It is only 4 years. And for all that I think BO seems like a really nice guy, it isn’t like the world is a better place now than it was when he arrived on the scene. At least it doesn’t seem to be.

    Who knows, maybe this is just what America needs to give it a shake up and then in four years you can elect an honest, ethical woman (or man) who can sort everything out and make the world a better place.

    Sometimes what seems good ends up being bad, and sometimes what seems really bad ends up being a really good thing. You never know 🙂


  3. I’m also struggling through the day to make sense of what has happened. I took comfort in the women huddled together comforting each other at every train station on my commute into the city where I work. And I work at a university that serves a student body that is extremely diverse and is located in one of those neighborhoods whose people were disparaged by that man. So I’m glad I went to work today to be reminded of that.

    I also turned to my Hindi films and music during a low period in my life (my job was eliminated during in the Great Recession). And I’m hoping I’ll be able to tap into that joy again now.


    • Dhanak, I’m thinking of watching it again tomorrow night. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is another one. Laga Raho Munna Bhai. Anything by Manmohan Desai, especially Amar Akbar Anthony. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. Chupke Chupke. Guddi.


  4. Yes to Dhanak, BB, LRMB, AAA. Wasn’t that keen on KHKN and I haven’t seen Chupke Chupke or Guddi (Guddu?).
    Also Gangoobai – no song/dance but a lovely story.


  5. If it is any consolation, all of us in India were expecting a different outcome too.I can’t remember a last American Presidential election which was tracked so closely over here.And then we had a double whammy yesterday when the government decided to make 500 and 1000 rupee notes invalid at midnight.To put the cherry on top, all the banks were closed for one day and the ATMs for 2 days.Time for some soothing music indeed!


    • I saw that rupee thing. Shahrukh and Karan both tweeted their approval, but didn’t go into any details of how it would actually work. So I guess I can be a little happy that at least I can still get money out of an atm to buy things to make me feel better.


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