A Different Kind of Spiritual Comfort Post

Right after I put up my post about how everyone finds spiritual sustenance in different places, I got an urgent message from a friend saying she needed photos of sexy Indian men IMMEDIATELY!  Which kind of proves my point.  And also suggested another post idea.

Sexy men, whatever, I’ve done that before (like last Friday, and I will be doing it again this Friday).  But I think we need something special today, don’t you?  So I’m going to try “sexy men in ridiculous outfits.”

First, Akshay!  Is he pulling this off?  Or not quite?

Image result for akshay shirtless


Ajay Devgan and the shorts.  Making it work?

Image result for ajay devgan young


Even my beloved Shahrukh is not immune to unfortunate camera appearances.  Although, what teenage boy hasn’t thought he looked super cool in his first suit, his tiny mustache, and his rebellious cigarette?

Image result for shahrukh khan young

Okay, I’ll put in one not so funny one, because apparently Shahid can’t take a bad picture.

Image result for shahid kapoor photoshoot


And finally, the grand finale, the most hilarious star photo of all time…Aamir!


Image result for aamir mustache


12 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Spiritual Comfort Post

  1. Aww, you had me with your click bait pic of Salman, and the post was not about that at all! Anyway, I’m not going to search for this pic (don’t know how), but have you ever seen the pic of Akshay and a female star (can’t remember who she was) dressed in different forms of vegetation?


    • You know why there’s no picture of Salman? I couldn’t find a funny one! I don’t think he’s ever taken a picture that didn’t work. So I put him in the header looking sort of odd, just so he would feel included. And no! I haven’t seen that Akshay photo! If you find it, link to it here!


      • Couldn’t find the Akki one, but here’s one of Salman. You think he makes this work? 🙂

        Actually there are nine pics in that series. You should check all of them. The third pic is one you can use in your “shorts” series. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • I considered that Sanam Bewafa horse picture, but it seems unfair to use movie stills, anyone can have a moment of unfortunate appearance if you look at a whole movie.

          As for the dress picture, I don’t know, he doesn’t look THAT bad! And at least he was trying to be more funny then sexy, like he was aware of how he looked.

          If we are talking about dress pictures, have to say, Aamir is still the best. Both in Baazi and in the Pepsi ads. Although Shahrukh has GREAT legs in Duplicate!


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