Happy Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day!

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month!  Very easy to remember, very hard to ignore.  That’s when WWI officially ended.  Over one million Indian troops served overseas, and 74,187 died.  (2 million Americans served, and 116,300 died.  Although the majority of those deaths were from the influenza epidemic, not battle)

To celebrate, some songs about the army.  Which means it will be a little JP Dutta heavy.  But that’s not really a problem, is it?

I’ll start with a Farhan Akhtar appetizer.  Which gives us another moment to go “Polo? Really?”


And then JP Dutta.  And a little moment of “Kabir Bedi!  Why have I never noticed you before?”


And LOC Kargil.  I love the way the visuals and the music weave together the spirit of the women waiting at home with the men going off, while still keeping them distinctly different.


That’s not the same as this song, where the woman insists on going off with the army, and bring her joy into their lives and changing their tune. Literally!  Also, Shahrukh has never looked hotter.


Speaking of songs with Kashmiri citizens, this one is pretty cute.  And sooooooo catchy, it will never get out of your head (as I mentioned in my recap of the film).


This is the most recent one I can think of, although I am sure there are more.


And finally, my favorite army song, and a really good movie all around.  I cannot find a song video anywhere, very irritating!  But at least this gives you the song itself.  And it’s really worth it to pay the $1.99 or whatever google is charging to stream the whole movie.


9 thoughts on “Happy Veteran’s Day/Armistice Day!

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    • OK, I think the Akshaye Khanna character in Border eventually died, and so might have some of the ones in LOC (I didn’t watch it). But the rest …


      • Oh, both Dutta movies are bloodbaths. But you are right, in the others I think the main characters all live. Although random other people in the background die.

        On the other hand, in America, we’ve dumped the “Remembrance Day” concept, and moved on to straight up “Veteran’s Day”, for anyone who was in combat. So for the American concept of the holiday, this still works.


        • I’d expect that of LOC since the actual war had heavy casualties.

          I came here to suggest the Telugu movie “Kanche” to you (winner of Best Telugu film national award this year). It’s about a couple of Telugu guys who were in the British army during WW II. It has some misses, but overall I found it very interesting, not only as a film per se, but as a move in the Telugu industry to take on more “international” subjects. In that respect it made more sense than Vishwaroopam, though the latter is much better product technically (with probably about ten times the budget). I’m looking for someone to discuss the film with in a deeper way, so I hope you can see it.


          • I think I mentioned before (maybe in a post about the rumored Sons of Sardaar movie?), how interesting I find it the way Indian culture engages, or fails to engage, with the British military past. On the one hand, it is colonialism, and it is bad. But on the other hand, the Indian army has this glorious history, going through both World Wars and before, and shouldn’t the soldiers who fought be honored for their bravery? Even if they were fighting for someone who, at home, would be “the enemy”?

            Anyway, this movie looks really interesting, but I won’t be watching it today, because I am still way too wiped out to watch anything touching or deep.


  2. Ha ha, I wasn’t suggesting you watch it today! Just that you put it on your “to be watched” list. While I do think it’s deep, I don’t think it’s heavy, but certainly not light-hearted fare. I don’t want to say too much about it, but I do think it has an interesting theme, and raises some interesting thoughts and questions. So when you’re calm and refreshed, and looking for something a little challenging, you can watch it.


  3. Ashq Naa Ho is the best part of Holiday which I feel can’t make up its mind whether it wants to be a slightly goofy romance or a slightly ludicrous thriller.

    I watched Border last night. Yep, Aksahye’s character dies as well as Sunil Shetty’s. I liked it – wasn’t quite as drawn out as LOC Kargil.


    • But did it have the amazing one liners of LOC Kargil? That’s my favorite part of the movie, every soldier gets the opportunity to give one great patriotic line, like “A soldier lives by chance, loves by choice, and kills by profession.”


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