TGIF Super Superlatives Post: Something to Argue Over All Weekend!!!

This came up from a discussion I had in the comments back on Monday with the commentator “Sal” about Kunal Kapoor.  And I thought “Heck, I bet I can get another silly Friday post out of this!  And one that will leave you lots to discuss and consider over the weekend!” Because I KNOW you are not all going to agree with me on all of these.

The argument was over whether Arjun Rampal or Kunal Kapoor should be considered “most beautiful”.  And I decided that, for me, Arjun is “most handsome”, but Kunal is still “most beautiful.  Which got me down the path of trying to fill out the rest of the superlatives.

So, Kunal Kapoor is

Image result for kunal kapoor

Most Beautiful


Arjun Rampal is


Most Handsome


Hrithik Roshan is

Image result for hrithik roshan thumb

Most Perfect (mostly)


Salman Khan is

Image result for salman khan maine pyar kiya

Only Khan Who Was Ever Shockingly Traditionally Attractive At One Point


Shahid Kapoor is

Most Well Done Transition From Boyish Charm to Dangerous Bad Boy


Kunal Khemu is

Most “Whoa! He Grew Up to Look Like THAT?!?!?”


Shashi Kapoor is

Image result for shashi kapoor

Most Handsome of His Generation of Kapoors


Armaan Jain is

Image result for armaan jain

Most Handsome of His Generation of Kapoors


Prithviraj Kapoor was

Image result for prithviraj kapoor sikander

Most Handsome of His Generation of Kapoors


And Navya Naveli Nanda is

Image result for navya naveli nanda

Most Photographed and Talked About of Her Generation of Kapoors


And finally, inarguably, Dharmendra is

Image result for dharmendra young

Most Dharam-Garam




(Oh, and special Honorary Award to Amitabh Bachchan

Image result for amitabh bachchan young

for just plain Most)

23 thoughts on “TGIF Super Superlatives Post: Something to Argue Over All Weekend!!!

      • Haha, good one! I would add: Harshvardhan Rane – The Most Sexy Male Debutante (the Harshvardhan who no one seems to be talking about it…why, oh why?…Sanam Teri Kasam is one of my favorite movies of this year by far and he is)

        Nawazuddin Siddiqui – The Most Handsome (Petite Category)

        Ranveer Singh – The Most Likely to Tire You Out in Every Way Handsome

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        • Oh right, I was kind of interested in Sanam Teri Kasam, just because he looked so good in the trailers. And then I missed it. Looks like he’s been around in Telugu films for a while? Perhaps one of my nice Telugu commentators will recommend a good Telugu option for him.

          Nawazuddin Siddiqui- I disagree! Most Handsome (Petite Category) is clearly Aamir Khan.

          Ranveer Singh- Agreed! He seems like a very fun boyfriend, but I think I might need to share him with about 3 other women, because I just don’t have the energy for that.


          • Sanam Teri Kasam was Rane’s first Hindi film and I’ve tried to track down the other Telugu films (with subs) and it’s been a pain.

            Agree to disagree with the Aamir Khan thing. I just can never see it, even in Dil Chahta Hai. But others probably feel the same way about Saif and I love him:)


          • I don’t think Harshavardhan Rane has had any memorable films in Telugu. I think he acted as the lead in a horror movie called Avunu and then I remember him in a small role in a masala movie called Begal Tiger starring Ravi Teja.


          • I do highly recommend Sanam Teri Kasam (with some big caveats…it’s regressive and the plot is a very familiar one if you like romantic tearjerkers). Still, the two leads are really interesting, there’s a great makeover scene, some really beautiful direction and cinematography, there are some quirky plot points, the heroine is a librarian and it’s built into the story in a cool way, and best of all Rane doesn’t know how to button his shirts. I read a review that says it’s best to watch this movie like you’re a teenage girl who knows nothing about love. I agree but I love it all the same.

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          • Isn’t it tragic, how many men in India don’t know how to button their shirts? Perhaps we should send them some sort of foreign aid grant, fund an educational foundation to address this issue? Interesting that it seems most prevalent among the upperclasses, perhaps it is because they are so spoiled, their nannies always buttoning their shirts for them, until they come of age and leave for college, like Hrithik’s character in K3G, unable to tie his shoes, even as a grown man.

            Thank goodness for the super tight and thin t-shirts, the only clothing these poor unfortunates are able to wear as it was intended.

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    • Excellent point! Perhaps a “Old is Gold” themed post is in the future….

      (By the way, have you seen Twinkle and Akshay’s son recently? Looks EXACTLY like his grandfather! It’s spooky)


  1. Salman Khan was absolutely MOST délicieux in Maine Pyar Kiya! I’ve watched that movie a gazillion times (that “abhi mood nahi hai” sizzling-to the 12year old me-scene more then that even!) and know all the dialogues by heart . I’d add Akshay Khanna in Taal, those puppy eyes, mostest dreamy!


    • Oh, Maine Pyar Kiya Salman! He was just never the same after that. There was some kind of fresh-faced magic about him there. Plus, I like the chest hair.

      And I’ll have to re-watch Taal to see if I appreciate Akshaye more. The first time it seemed like he was okay, but nothing special. Well, except for that coke bottle scene. Uff!


    • He’s already aged very well, I was just watching one of his songs from 15-20 years ago, and his face is exactly the same. It’s all in the bone structure, right? Great cheek bones, great eyes, great forehead, all of that. And the older he gets, the more the bones stand out and the better he looks. Plus, he’s just kind of classy. Always seemed sort of cool and sophisticated, he never really had that boyish charm thing.

      Oh! Gary Cooper! That’s who I’m thinking of.

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