Christmas Card Give Away Winner Week 3!!!

Merry 6 weeks until January!  And Week 3 of my Christmas give away!  In case you missed last week’s card, here is the link to that post.  This week though, I think, is my greatest creation of this year.  If not of all years!  Oh, and in case you missed the other posts, the rules are, whoever posts the most comments every week gets one of my custom Christmas cards.  And you can only win once, which means there are 9 chances to win!  Well, now 6.

Here is the card that Sal (hopefully) received this week.  I know I know, now you are all jealous of her!  But don’t worry, my other cards are almost as good.



And this weeks winner is Molly!  Congratulations!  You made a staggering 26 comments this week!  You should have an email from me already, just respond to that with your address, and a card will soon be whisking its way to you!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Card Give Away Winner Week 3!!!

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