FanVid Post! Hrithik Themed!!!

It’s been a while since my last fanvid post, and I recently discovered that I have a fanvid maker in the comments!  Which inspired me to dust off my youtube searching skills, and I have dug up gold! Hrithik themed GOLD!!!

First, filmilibrarian take a bow, this is an EXCELLENT video!!!!  With very good use of the scene that my friends and I refer to as the “look at my tiny waist” moment.


And there’s another one!  With superior song usage, a nice pop song that is so popular, even I know it.


This got both me, and the youtube search algorithms, thinking about other Hrithik fanvids.  Which brought up this!  Combining two of my favorite things, High School Musical and Indian movies!


And then there’s this.  Which gave me an inexplicable happy feeling, that at first I thought was just because it is a catchy song with very nice editing.


But then I realized it was because it reminded me of this.  Which isn’t Indian, but is so good I don’t think anyone will mind.


Okay, I can’t do a whole fanvid post without any SRKajol.  One more!  Remember in my K3G post how I was talking about how Shahrukh can turn it on and off when he has to?  Yeah, this is what I meant.

7 thoughts on “FanVid Post! Hrithik Themed!!!

      • Thanks, ladies! I did enjoy making those two. Only the Poker Face one seemed to have caught on. The weirdest moment was when I was looking at one of my favorite romance author’s websites (Sherry Thomas) and she had linked to that video on her blog! My first fanvideo was an overwrought tribute to the John Abraham and Vidya Balan storyline in Salaam-E-Ishq to Coldplay’s Fix You (since deleted). My second was the Aaja Nachle one (that’s also a bit over the top). My favorite of the bunch is the My Shadow montage of my favorite tv and movie couples (with a couple of Bollywood couples mixed in). I do love my Jane Austen, Joss Whedon, and classic screen romances, too!

        I haven’t done one in a few years and wish I had more time…it is really fun:) I almost did a tribute to my favorite heroines/actresses to Katy Perry’s Firework a while back. I think if I could live anyone’s life in a movie, I would choose Cameron Diaz’s character in Holiday. She edits movie trailers for a living and she gets to romance a very Cary Grant-esque Jude Law!


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