Things I Am Thankful For

Just assume that health, family, home, blah blah blah are taken as a given.  Here is the important stuff I am thankful for this year!

Shahrukh has a hardcore gangster movie coming to open 2016.


And will follow it with a rom-com in which early onset candids have him looking goooooooooooooood.

Image result for shahrukh imtiaz ali movie


Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor are coming together for a girl power movie, which will also prove that a woman can still work while pregnant, and immediately post birth.  But mostly, I am very excited about these two unapologetic outspoken ladies joining forces and taking on the boys club that is the Hindi film industry,

Image result for kareena and sonam


All 3 Khans are about to complete their 50th year (once Salman turns 51 in a few weeks), and none of them are ready to slow down.  Shahrukh has a punishing filming schedule this year, making 4 movies back to back to back to back.  Aamir just got the best body of his life, and learned how to rap.  And Salman is still a swinging bad boy bachelor, no matter what age he is on the calendar.

Image result for aamir khan body

Also I am thankful that, while a swinging bad boy bachelor, Salman also is a doting uncle who gives us the best baby videos.


I am thankful that Amitabh Bachchan is in the world, calming us all with his sonorous baritone.


And I am thankful that Karan Johar is also in the world, making bitchy comments in public, and being secretly supportive and kind in private.  But always entertaining.

Image result for karan johar alia bhatt


Hmm, not many women in here.  Just for some gender parity, finally, I am thankful for Farah Khan and all she has given to the world!





Speaking of women, I am also thankful for Vaibhevi Merchant:


That’s the visuals, but I am also thankful for the music.  Thankful for AR Rahman:




And Pritam


But what would they be, without people to realize their visions and music onscreen?  And so I am thankful for Prabhudeva.


That reminds me, I am also thankful for Madhuri


And, of course, Sridevi too


And finally, I am thankful that I am alive in the era of Aditya Chopra:

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