Happy Navy Day! Time for Boat Songs!!!

Huh.  There really aren’t that many navy-based movies in India.  At least compared to America.  Although Navy-movies is kind of an odd genre, maybe it’s America that’s the weird one for having so many.  On the other hand, plenty of songs with boats!  Because, similar to songs with cars, it’s a nice way to get the hero and heroine alone.

First, the classic song that launched a thousand boat love songs, from Awara.  Where the boat is a lovely symbol for the two of them escaping all the artificial constructs of society, and just being together on the water under the moon.


Now, in Kaho Na Pyar Hai, that’s what Amisha was hoping for when she got Hrithik to go on a boat trip with her, a moment alone together removed from society.  But instead it turned into more of a strange crowd thing.


Can I include a song from Mann just because it is supposed to be on a boat?  Sure I can!  Why not!  And I really like this song, Aamir hits that “devilish bad boy” sweet spot just right.


So long as a stretching the definition of boat songs, Baazigar!  Where Shahrukh even wears a sort of Navy uniform for unclear reasons.


Bringing it back to actual boat themed songs, why is Hrithik dressed like that while fishing?


Of course the most recent boat movie is Dil Dhadakna Do.  Which I have mixed feelings about as a whole, but I whole-heartedly love these two songs.


I think I like this song even slightly better.


You know I was just searching “boat songs”, and I completely forgot that there is an actual song titled “Boat Song”.  And this remixed mashed up version of it is just lovely, from Vidya Vox, who I’ve posted about before.


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