Koffee With Karan Report: Parineeti and Aditya Roy Kapur are So Charming!

It’s a good thing they are charming, because they aren’t really anything else.  Not famous, not controversial, not really anything.  But charming!  Very enjoyable people to spend 45 minutes with.

In the Ranveer-Ranbir episode, Karan got the elephant out of the room right away by asking about Deepika.  In this episode, he gets the elephant out of the room right away by talking to the camera and acknowledging that there is no good reason for these two people to be on the show at all, let alone together.  No, they aren’t dating.  No, they don’t have a movie together coming up.  No, they aren’t even that scandalous or interesting.  They are just fun to talk to!

I guess this is what makes Karan’s show so different from other celebrity talk shows?  He can cast people based on what they are like at parties and in downtime at work, not on their “public” connections.  And based on that, he knew that Parineeti and Aditya are kind of a kick when they talk together.

So, show starts!  And there really is NO romantic chemistry between Parineeti and Aditya.  Which is too bad, because the friendship chemistry is great.  But they are sitting on opposite sides of the couch, they are laughing at each other, and they don’t try or avoid touching each other.  Frankly, Arjun and Varun had more chemistry together.

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Although I guess this is kind of a good thing too?  To show a man and a woman who really are just friends.  And it’s good for their careers too, at least Aditya Roy Kapur’s.  Karan asks about romances and sort of dances around acknowledging that Aditya was really absolutely dating Shraddha and no longer is.  Aditya dances around it too, but finally says that right now he isn’t in a relationship, he is just “chillin”.  Which is a great career move!  Based on the hoots and hollers he got for his friendly appearance in Dear Zindagi, my feeling is that his fan-base is rowdy over-sexed young women.  And speaking for us, I can say that a girlfriend relationship is about the biggest turn off.  Biggest turn on is a devoted and loving husband-wife relationship.  But some kind of girlfriend thing where he is unavailable but also not giving us a perfect marriage fantasy, that’s THE WORST.  So until Aditya is officially married and posting sappy selfies of himself and his wife and their perfect home, going with “chillin”, as in “you can pretend that if I met you in real life we might have a magical one night stand”, that is optimal career-wise.  And appearing on Koffee with a girl who is really just his friend, that helps the fantasy to live on.

What is not so great is the couple of minutes when Karan and Aditya talk about Parineeti like she isn’t there.  I HATE that!  And I saw it before, with Karan and Shahrukh and Kajol.  Just let the woman talk for herself!  They are discussing her career and the year or so when she sank into a depression and really had to work on herself to bounce back, and Karan and Aditya both agree that “she’s come out better, she’s in a really good place now”.  Well, thanks a lot for your approval!  Otherwise Parineeti might never have known how she felt.

(Here.  It’s a fun interview if you can get past all the “Kajol does this, Kajol does that, let’s keep discussing her like she isn’t here”)

So, that part was gendered, but the part that wasn’t gendered is when they talked about their bodies, which I LOVED!  Both Parineeti and Aditya were very open about needing to work on their physic, being willing to take off shirts, and how that has helped their careers.  Which is also, by the way, one of my favorite things about Indian film.  That there really is some kind of gender parity in terms of body image.  Everyone is a sex object, and isn’t that nice?

And speaking of bodies and sex objects, takes them right into discussing the Dream Team tour, where apparently Varun guilted all the boys into taking off their shirts.  And can I just say THANK YOU VARUN!!!!  Speaking for myself, you totally made my evening!  And Katrina was terrifying, and in charge of all their work-outs.  Oh, and Parineeti mentioned that she always watches Katrina songs at the gym to inspire herself.  So does EVERY WOMAN I KNOW!!!!  Katrina really really needs to get on this and start marketing herself as a weight loss tool.

(Guaranteed to get you to do that extra ten minutes on the treadmill)

Varun was also terrifying, and apparently used to be constantly checking things like the lighting and the stage set up before the show, while everyone else was still in bed because it was still hours to call time.  And then there is a quick comment about how Ranveer is like that too.

So, first, THIS IS WHAT MAKES A SUPERSTAR!!!  What Varun is doing.  Sure, it is bossy and hateful and irritating now, when he is just starting out.  But start with this attitude and keep it up, and 10 years from now when he is on top of the industry, people will be begging for his advice.  And this behavior is what is going to get him there, knowing every little detail of everything, and making sure there is that tiny little 2% improvement from him pushing just a bit harder.  I’m not surprised to hear that Varun and Ranveer are doing it, and Siddharth and Aditya are not.

Second, how boring must Katrina be?  They were nice about her, for once, but their niceness was essentially “she gives really good workout and dieting advice”.  I don’t want to talk to someone about workout and dieting all the time!  What about current affairs, new movies, gossip, ANYTHING ELSE?

Oh and third, from a meta stand point, this interview felt very different from the others, in that it felt more like two people talking from the outside looking in.  Yes, they work with super powerful famous people, and see them at parties, but they aren’t going to know the dirty secrets and scandals the way even, say, Varun and Arjun would.

Karan acknowledged at the beginning that they are a Chopra and a Kapur, but not “that” Chopra and Kapur.  And it’s true, they don’t even have those family connections.  They are sort of under the glass ceiling, close enough to the real power to be able to see it, but cut off.  Which is what they kind of acknowledge when Karan asks what it’s like having an “equation” with both Ranbir and Katrina, and Parineeti and Aditya both say that everyone is fine on the surface, but it’s like there are “vibes” no one talks about going on underneath.  See, for Varun and Arjun and even Alia, those “vibes” are right there and talked about around the family dinner table and with the friends you grew up with who are now fellow players in the industry.

Huh.  It just occurs to me that maybe that is why Parineeti and Aditya are such good friends.  Because I do really believe they are friends after seeing this.  And maybe it is because they needed a fellow outsider to hang out with at parties and stuff, while everyone else grew up together and is distantly related and is super super “in”, and they are on the outside a little.  Plus, it’s a good career move, building those kinds of alliances.

Oh, and do you think it is because they didn’t grow up in the industry that they are terrible with Hindi film history?  Karan accused both of them of this, but through out the show it was clear that Parineeti was a little better, while Aditya was just hopeless.  See, this is what the “new” industry structure has brought!  All these upper upper class boys from non-film families are getting launched, and they don’t know ANYTHING!!!

It’s been the case for years that it’s the upperclass types who get the film launches.  And it’s also been the case for years that the upperclasses tend to look down on mainstream Hindi films.  But there used to be more of a likelihood that either you had to be secretly film mad to be interested in the industry (like Karan, for instance).  And/or because you grew up in a film family, you learned all this stuff by osmosis anyway.  But I guess that’s no longer a requirement?  You can stroll on set with your 6 month acting workshop in New York and script written in English and gym body, and it doesn’t matter if you have barely even seen Sholay?  That’s too bad.

18 thoughts on “Koffee With Karan Report: Parineeti and Aditya Roy Kapur are So Charming!

  1. Just watched it, too. They were a charming pair, but I agree no romantic chemistry which is fine. I always get a little angry when Karan dwells on movies being flops. I really liked Daawat-E-Ishq and it didn’t lose money though it didn’t really make any either, I’ll admit. Neither of them were miscast or gave bad performances…the movie just didn’t strike a cord with a large audience.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know, I kind of like it when Karan calls out flops. For me, if I were part of a flop movie, I would rather have someone just say it to my face instead of dance around it and try to make it sound good when we all know it was a disaster.

      On another topic, I would love to see Parineeti and Aditya as platonic co-stars, wouldn’t you? We never get to have a movie where a boy and girl and are just friends, not love interests or even brother and sister. Have you seen Bangalore Days? If not HIGHLY recommend it, and now that I am thinking about it, Parineeti and Aditya would be PERFECT for two of the main roles!


      • Which role would you think Aditya would fit, Dulquer’s or Nivin’s? I honestly can’t imagine Bangalore Days being remade, the original cast was too perfect. It was remade in Tamil but they messed up on the casting and the movie flopped and also got a lot of criticism.
        So, If you could cast for the Hindi remake, who would you choose for the seven main characters?


        • I hadn’t thought about it until just now, but after watching the Koffee episode, I could really see Aditya and Parineeti matching Dulquer and Nazriya’s dynamic. But Nivin would be a tough one! It would have to be someone who can believably play nerdy. Maybe Imraan Khan? Oh! Arjun Kapoor would be perfect!

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          • Honestly, Bangalore Days is one of those few movies that I feel is hard to recreate the magic. But yes, I think Imraan Khan would fit Nivin’s role. I don’t know about Aditya fitting in Dulquer’s role though.


      • I have seen (and own) Bangalore Days. It’s on my shelf along with the other great coming-of-age/friendship dramas like Dil Chahta Hai, 3 Idiots, Wake Up Sid, etc. Parineeti and Nazriya are very similar in their appeal. Wouldn’t Parineeti be great in a remake of Ohm Shanthi Oshaana? And I really hope that Nazriya doesn’t stop acting now that she’s married her co-star. I could definitely see Aditya in the Dulquer role and I do like the idea of Imraan Khan for the Nivin role and probably Fawad Khan for the “Shivadas” role and Kangana for Parvathy’s role.

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  2. I love all your Hindi remake casting ideas for Bangalore Days. Aditya would be pretty good for Dulquer’s role. Parineeti would also be great for Ohm Shanti Oshaana.

    Daawat-e-Ishq I just really enjoyed parts of so much, especially the title song, and Aditya’s whole character. I’m glad this great friendship of theirs came out of it.


    • I’m obviously a big enough fan of Dawwat-e-Ishq to defend it, too:) I thought Aditya was damn fine in it! He really pulled off the kohl eyeliner and I do like him so much better with the close cut hair and the stubble look. And his character was the perfect macho on the outside, a sweetie on the inside type. Plus Parineeti’s styling was quite appealing. The music *is* really strong, too.

      I guess I’m just an easy target for Yash Raj productions. I just tried Gunday again based on the fact that Erin and Matt on the Bollywood Is For Lovers podcast (highly recommend it!) rave about it and it was one of the first Bollywood films they saw and loved. The Yash Raj gloss does really help it along especially in the first half. By the second half the plot was all over the place. I do have a theory that in addition to being an homage to the 70s and 80s friendship action films of Bachchan, et al, that this was also a not too subtle parody. The scene where their shirts fly off was so hilarious. And yet again I fall for the both wounded and menacing intensity of Arjun Kapoor. He’s really throwing off an early SRK vibe for me.

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      • All I have seen of Gunday is the first five and the last five minutes. Because a friend saw it and reported back that it is the “gayest movie she had ever seen” (I should mention that this friend is both queer herself, and has a degree in gender studies, so I trust her judgement). And then she made me watch the first and last five minutes to prove it. Not sure if it is gayer than the Captain America trilogy, but the whole “Celebration of Love” song opening with the two shirtless guys running in perfect synch and phallicly unhooking a train is pretty gay.

        Which would go with your “parody” thing! Because those 70s-80s friendship movies are really easy to give an against the grain reading, if one is inclined that way.

        Also, what with this surprising outpouring of love for Deewat-E-Ishq in the comments, you guys have almost convinced me to see it! Before, it fell in that category of “missed it in theaters, reviews weren’t good enough for me to seek it out on DVD/streaming.”


        • Yep, “pretty gay” is even an understatement. And that’s why I kind of loved the movie in the end. I think there was a huge amount of fan service here, for all of the fans that don’t get to see their own love stories up on the mainstream screen and that’s kind of nice.

          Re: Daawat-E-Ishq. I wanted to know more when Parineeti commented offhandedly how hard it was to work on that film and how she and Aditya got through it. Is Habib Faisal a tempermental director or what? I wonder.

          But yes, it’s really one of my favorite rom coms of the last few years. Would love to hear what you think!


          • Have you seen Silsila yet? There’s a famous moment of fan service there, which I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s so blatant that you have to rewind and re-watch it to make sure you didn’t miss-hear. Kind of amazing that they put it in way back in the 70s, but one analysis I read said that the majority of the audience was so oblivious, they just looked right past stuff like that, because it didn’t even exist for them.


          • I did see Silsila years ago but need to rewatch because I don’t think I paid enough attention to it because I didn’t catch that moment and now that I appreciate earlier Amitabh it merits looking at again.

            Back Habib Faisal related news which links to an earlier post, too…looks like his next will be directing debut Aadar Jain and an unknown Delhi girl named Anya Singh in a romance for Yash Raj. So the stars are maybe aligning for Jain. I’ll certainly be looking forward to it now that Faisal’s attached to it, since I’ve really liked his two romances for Yash Raj.


          • I was just looking up the same thing about Habib Faisal! It looks like in addition to directing Ishaqzaade, which was a great launch for Arjun and Parineeti, he also co-wrote Band Baaja Baarat, which was a great launch for Ranveer and re-launch for Anushka. So he’s got experience with how to build a plot that will work for newcomers. Oh! I wonder if maybe this will be where Yash Raj uses the Sairat remake rights? On some other post, I was talking with someone who had seen the original (maybe Moimeme?) about how that plot really requires unknown newcomers to make it work.


          • He does have a good track record for newcomers…hope he pull another great one out of his hat! But I think the Sairat remake rights went to Karan Johar and Dharma and I’m betting he’s going to put Saif’s daughter in it if she doesn’t do Student of the Year 2…

            Really have to watch the original…everyone is talking about it and it’s on Netflix!


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