Massive Combined Birthday Post!

Happy Birthday Shotgun Sinha, Dia Mirza, Dino Morea, and Priya Gill!  Phew!  I’m exhausted!  Obviously, they are not going to each get reasons I love them.  Let’s see, how to be fair?  Okay, each person gets 3 reasons, either 2 songs and one fact or two facts and one song.  Whatever I feel like.

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Shotgun Sinha!  I love you for 3 reasons.

  • First, because you are a remarkably supportive father to your independent hard-working and spunky daughter.
  • Second, because you have a ridiculous advice column in the back of FilmFare magazine with some kind of “contest” every week that seems to boil down to you giving low-priced cookware away to whoever writes in with a joke you like.
  • And third, because Blackmail is BRILLIANT, and you deserve at least 1/3 of the credit.



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Happy Birthday Dia!

  • I love you because way back at the beginning of your career you did a phenomenal job playing the sweetly mentally different sister of Urmila in Tehzeeb.

  • I love you because you are a great model for platonic male-female friendships with Zayed Khan, who is also your business partner.

  • I love you because you always look fantastic at every public appearance!  Any time I see a spread of red carpet arrivals to some event, you are the best one.


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Happy Birthday Dino Morea!

  • I love you because you got your big break by winning a beauty pageant.  Gender parity!
  • I love you because you are very very very very very handsome.

(that guy in the orange shirt?  Homicidal maniac!  This is a very very odd movie)

  • I love you because you did that great cameo playing the host of the World Dance Competition in Happy New Year.



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Happy Birthday Priya Gill

  • Okay, I don’t have very many reasons to love you.  I guess I love you because in your short career you worked in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, AND Bhojpuri cinema!
  • I love you because I really really love the songs from Josh and your birthday gives me an excuse to post them.  You also did a nice job playing the violinist who pretends not to like Shahrukh but really does.


  • And I guess I love you for Sirf Tum?  Which is your big hit, according to The Internet, but I have not seen it.  Is it worth seeking out, despite the Sanjay Kapoor of it all?

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