New OK Jaanu Song! I Did NOT Stay Up For It!

Why do they keep releasing songs and trailers at 11am India time?  I need my sleep!  Last night I decided that it was more important to be awake today for family events round 2 than to stay up until Karan tweeted the new OK Jaanu song.

And this is a new-new song, right?  It’s not from the original soundtrack?  It sounds completely new to me, and I have listened to OK Kanmani something close to a thousand times.  Of course, I am also next door to tone deaf, so I could still be wrong!

In terms of visuals, this seems to be replacing “Aye Sinamika”.  So, at the point when they have been together for a while and Aditya/Dulquer is beginning to look back at their time together and discover he is in love.



The new version has essentially the same kind of visuals, but I think with a few more shots outside of the apartment?  Heck, outside of their room even! That’s too bad, I kind of liked the original in how it celebrated the little world they had built together in their room.  Also, I think the underwater shots look stupid


On the other hand, first spotting of Leela Samson!  She is in the movie after all!  Yaaaay!

3 thoughts on “New OK Jaanu Song! I Did NOT Stay Up For It!

  1. I like it! These songs trickling out have really been selling me on Aditya and Shraddha, and the movie as a whole. This is a nice, sad little song and Arijit Singh possibly has my favorite male singing voice in the entire world. I chuckled at your comment about the underwater shots. My son and I watched it before he left for school today. He said “I liked it but they shouldn’t be kissing under the water. They’re going to drown.”


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