FanVids Post: Little Stories!

If you recall, way back when the blog started, I laid out the different kinds of FanVids.  My favorite were the ones that told a whole story.  So, to start off 2017, I thought I would give you some of those.

I just found this one and am VERY IMPRESSED.  A cohesive film with a beginning middle and end, and all done with stars who have never actually been in a film together!


Dips and Ranveer have of course co-starred, but this is on a whole other level.  It’s like a complete spy movie all in creative edits.


Another one with a couple that never co-starred in real life.  And yet I can totally buy them together!  Really, they should co-star!


This doesn’t seem possible, but have Rani and Akshay never co-starred?  They should!  This is great!  I almost like the re-imagining of KANK better than actual KANK.


Okay, I can’t resist throwing in a couple of Slashfic stories.  Like this one, which you should extra appreciate if you read my Hindi Film 101 post on Shashi!


One more!  One more!  Really, Sanjay and Ajay make a better couple than Ajay did with that Polish lady in Shivaay.


And finally, the only thing I like more than Slashfic, SRKajol fic!  I know I’ve put this one up before (and maybe the last two videos too), but I don’t care, I love it so much, it is worth watching again.


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