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2016 is over!  Yaaaaaay!  Now, let’s try to remember what was good about it.  Here is every new Hindi releases that I saw in theaters and wrote a review of, in chronological order.  And you get to vote on them!  I’ll be putting up my own “Editor’s Choice” type Awards over the next week, and then at the end of the week I will post the results from this.

Okay, read this over, remember the films, go back and skim the reviews if you need to (just click the links), and then vote on these 9 things by putting your choices in the comments:

  1. Best Movie of 2016

  2. Your Favorite Movie of 2016

  3. Best Movie Review/Summary on DCIB of 2016

  4. Best Character of 2016

  5. Best Actor of 2016 (no fair just picking your favorite star!  Really think about the acting)

  6. Worst Movie of 2016

  7. Least Favorite Movie of 2016 (might be a movie that is objectively “good”, you just don’t like it)

  8. Worst Actor of 2016 (again, no fair just picking your least favorite star!)

  9. And finally, Most Middle of the Road Movie of 2016!


(I am limiting this to only Hindi films, just because those are the films I was most conscientious about seeing and reviewing this year.  Don’t worry, I’ll be putting up some other posts that deal with the regional stuff)



Not the greatest film.  There were a couple of moments that sparked for me, I liked the love song, I liked some scenes between Farhan and Amitabh, and I really liked the end credits song.  But mostly, I was disappointed that the plot was ultimately so straight-forward, I kept waiting for one more twist.  Oh, and John Abraham was awesome (this will be a recurring theme.


I really liked this movie, and I was super impressed with it.  It was also the first movie, post-Dilwale and Bajirao, that inspired me to do a full detailed summary in more than two parts.  I was thinking the summaries would just be one offs for the really big deal films, but Airlift convinced me that they were worth doing for a film of high quality, whether or not it was a major release.


What an incredibly bad movie!  And what an incredibly popular post!  But still a bad movie.


What an incredibly good movie!  And not as popular a post.  Fitoor gets a lot of traffic because a) no one really wanted to see the movie, they would prefer to read my summary. And b) the few who did see it had no idea what was happening and had to hunt around and find an explanation.  Neither of those things is true about Neerja.

Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive

Not as good as the original, but still pretty darn good and pretty darn funny!  Too bad no one but me saw it.  Or read my review or summary.

Kapoor & Sons

I really did not like this movie.  But I also thought it was extremely well made with almost uniformly excellent performances (oh Siddharth!  So pretty until he opens his mouth!), and a phenomenal script.  Heck, even the soundtrack was good!  I just didn’t like any of the characters.

Rocky Handsome

A nice unambitious action movie from a nice unambitious action star.  Once again, John Abraham is awesome.

Ki & Ka

Or, as I think of it, Ki & AAAA!  This Movie is Terrible!  Kareena and Yo Yo Honey Singh do their best to save it, but there is really nothing that can help it recover from that terrible terrible script.


This is a brilliant brilliant movie.  Possibly one of the most remarkable films I have ever seen.  But it’s not a movie that it is easy to love, you know?  Or even “like”.  It’s the autistic-genius of movies.  The Bobby Fischer of movies, if you will.


Not the really pretty good early Salman movie, the other one.  The new one with Tiger Shroff and his tragic shirt allergy.


The “bad” Cricket biopic of the year.  The one that makes you go “WHAT DID THEY DO TO EMRAAN’S FACE?!?!?”

Housefull 3

The one that makes you go “Why is Nargis following me from film to film and torturing me with her bad acting and Hindi pronunciation?”  And also, “Where’s John Abraham?  I miss him!”

Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab came in mostly known as “the movie the censors tried to destroy”.  It would have to be really special to make people forget the censorship controversy when they saw the name, and think about the film itself.  And it was!  It was really really good.  Not quite as perfect as Neerja and Fan, but at least as good as Airlift, if not better.


Finally!  A big huge crowd-pleasing blockbuster!  The box office (and me) breath a sigh of relief and enjoyment.  And it’s not just a blockbuster, it’s a legitimately fairly good movie.  No Neerja or Udta Punjab, not even Airlift quality level.  But head and shoulders about Housefull, Baaghi, Rocky Handsome, and all the other dross that had been thrown at the audience so far this year.


John Abraham!  You’re Back!  But, no!!!! Nargis is here too!  Who will win, the best utility player or the worst?  Phew, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez are there too, and they weigh the scales towards “fun sexy fluff” instead of “My ears!  Why are you assaulting my ears with your Hindi!?!?”

Mohenjo Daro

Whatever, I liked it!  I think it’s uneven, and the ending made no sense, and the budget could have been spent better (really seemed like there should have been more than a 100 people in all of Mohenjo Daro), but there were some bright shining moments.  And I can appreciate the ambition of it.


This, I did not like.  I didn’t hate it either.  But I didn’t like it.  Mostly, I was just a little angry at how unambitious it was.  When your hero wears the same costume for the entire film, at a certain point that stops being “realistic” or “artistic” and becomes just plain “cheap”.

Happy Bhag Jayegi

Now, this is a nice pleasant unambitious movie!  Not the best, not the worst, just right.  The Goldilock’s oatmeal of movies.

A Flying Jatt

Why would you hire Tiger Shroff for a movie and then put him in a full body suit?  You have to release his bare chest!  It’s his greatest power!  But, even without that, this is still a pretty fun movie.  Mostly because of the character actors, Amrita Singh puts in another great “mother” role, and Kay Kay Menon puts in a great “villain”.


I thought this movie was super!  Could have had better actors, could have had a more straight-forward plot, but the idea of taking a standard male action character and flipping the gender was enough to carry the whole thing.  Plus, Sonakshi did a really nice job playing the kind of lonely warrior monk part.  And Konkona Sen Sharma matched her with the “honest cop”.

Baar Baar Dekho

Why do people keep giving Siddharth Malhotra dialogue?  Don’t they know he is just supposed to stand there and look pretty?


I put off watching this movie for the longest time because I knew it would upset me.  And it did!  But in a good way, a “we should make the world a better place so these upsetting things no longer happen” kind of way.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

Is this EVER going to come out on DVD in America?  I desperately want to show it to my brother-in-law, so he can explain Cricket to me.  He’ll be talking about Cricket, I’ll be thinking about Sushant Singh Rajput, we will both be happy.


I’m still going to buy this one on DVD whenever it comes out, even though most of the film is pretty unwatchable.  Because it is just SO SO PRETTY!!!!  And the main characters/plot isn’t quite the nausea inducing nightmare that Fitoor was (which was also pretty, but that wasn’t enough to make up for everything else it was).


Mountains!  Mountains and Ajay Devgn and inappropriately young co-stars!  Also, Bulgaria.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

An actual good movie!  Maybe even a great movie.  Certainly the second best film Karan Johar has ever made (Not the best. K2H2 4 Life!)

Dear Zindagi

Ah Shahrukh!  Why do you taunt us with your eyes and your mouth and your beard and your tight shirts and loose shirts and wet shirts?  Oh, and I guess the rest of the movie was good too, but who can remember?


And now Mohabettain and Befikre are in a cage-match to the death to decide which gets to be the Worst Aditya Chopra Movie of All Time.  While DDLJ and Rab Ne sit on the high perches of “2 of the greatest Indian films of all time” and laugh and laugh.


Not as good as the critics are saying it is, but still pretty darn good!  And continuing Aamir’s efforts to find co-stars smaller than he.  (sorry, I know it’s mean, but I just cannot let an Aamir short joke pass me by)

30 thoughts on “2016 In Film on DCIB Blog: Readers Choice Post! VOTE HERE!

  1. Happy New Year! I came here to wish you that, and found a new post. I usually watch only a few Hindi films a year, so I can’t really compete with you on that score. This year, surprisingly, I actually saw five, which is something of a record for me. So I don’t think I can really answer your poll, but I will vote for my favorite film of the year, of the ones I saw (Airlift, Neerja, Ki & Ka, Rustom, and Sultan). Neerja is the run away winner for me, and I also vote Sonam as best actor. I think she fully deserves it, and even Raja Sen thinks so, which kind of gives me a heart attack, to be agreeing with him on anything! But I guess once in a lifetime, it might happen. 🙂


  2. Happy New Year to you!! thanks for doing this blog- it is very relaxing and fun & something I look forward to read. I haven’t watched any movies this year but feel current thanks to this blog and my historical knowledge & ‘immersion’ in Bollywood growing up, thanks to my mom & moms’ side of family. lovely memories there. by the way, I really liked your koffee with karan reviews & I think there are 2 new episodes…so I will definitely be reading your blog if you pen about them.


    • Yes, I am behind on Koffee, thanks to all the holiday hoopla. But now that it is mostly over (my last relative leaves town on Tuesday), I should be able to catch up soon.

      And please, feel free to “Vote” on the “best DCIB post about a movie” category if no where else.


      • 1. Best Movie of 2016 –> Dangal, I guess.

        2.Your Favorite Movie of 2016 –> Sultan…a general feel good movie

        3.Best Movie Review/Summary on DCIB of 2016 –> Airlift..thats how I started following your blog, by regularly checking in for new posts

        4.Best Character of 2016 –> Anushka’s character in Sultan , or perhaps even Salmans in that move…

        5.Best Actor of 2016 (no fair just picking your favorite star! Really think about the acting) –> perhaps Sonam in Neerja? I haven’t seent the movie, but really everything has to work, including the central character, to pull off such a movie & in many reviews, I found sonam’s acting was lauded to make character believable ( & I don’t particularly like her)

        6.Worst Movie of 2016 Fitoor.—>..characters weren’t likeable or relatable Tied with it is ‘ki and ka’ …isn’t the director the same guy married to Gauri shinde who made gems like ‘english vinglish’. I hope this lopsided success doesn’t hurt their marraige…Some men can be so full of ego .

        7.Least Favorite Movie of 2016 (might be a movie that is objectively “good”, you just don’t like it) –> Ae dil hai mushkil…..I like it explored complex aspects of relationships, but the antics of the folks exhauseted me.

        8.Worst Actor of 2016 (again, no fair just picking your least favorite star!) –> no particular one, but I agree with your pick of Siddharth malhotra in Kapoor & sons…in general he just appears to be a pretty face.

        9.And finally, Most Middle of the Road Movie of 2016! i feel it is “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story” …some parts seemed interesting, & i admire Dhoni’s focus and resolve..but it isn’t a completely true story either…like one of his siblings was omitted. we were shown what Dhoni wanted us to see.


        • Interesting Middle of the Road choice! I hadn’t thought about Dhoni that way before, as a failure to really present a “true” story. That’s one thing that was really remarkable about Neerja, that they didn’t shy away from the “messy” parts of her story. Her divorce, her modeling, it wasn’t all just an air-brushed “she was brave and perfect and humble” kind of story.


  3. I cried a LOT while watching Neerja.Since I’m a Malayalee and we’re peculiar that way, that makes Neerja a shoo-in for my favorite movie of the year. Your review was very persuasive and convinced me to watch it as soon as possible.Sonam has some stiff competition from Sonakshi in the Best Actor category.Sonam gets my nomination for the by a very small margin.

    Best character of 2016 is Zoya played by Momal Sheikh in Happy Bhag Jayegi.She gets my admiration for her dignified behavior in the face of Abhay’s negligence and the fact that she does not let him get away with it.Worst actor again is a tie between Abishek in Housefull 3 and Siddharth Malhotra in Baar baar dekho.However Housefull 3 is a clear winner for the Worst Movie of 2016.If I wasn’t chained to the bed for a week,I would never have succumbed.The promos didn’t lie.It is worse than its prequels which were funny in parts.

    Least Favorite Movie of 2016 has to be Kapoor & Sons.It was recommended by pretty much everyone I know but I hate the director Shakun Batra’s work( Alia Bhatt’s AIB video being the exemption).Most Middle of the Road Movie of 2016 has to be Mohenjo Daro.I was prepared to love it to pieces but it turned out to be pretty ordinary.Really I expected more from Ashutosh Gowariker.I wouldn’t have criticized it so much if someone else had made it.

    And I want to suggest a special category and nominate Varun Dhawan as the Most Disappointing Actor of 2016 for wasting time,talent and youth on doing average movies like Dishoom and Judwaa 2 instead of doing something like Badlapur.He should take a leaf out of Akshay Kumar’s book.That guy gives at least one excellent movie per year along with the usual average money spinners.


    • All of these are excellent choices! Especially Zoya in Happy Bhaag Jayegi, I almost forgot about that character. It started out looking like such a standard “evil rich fiancee”, and then became something completely different, without changing her essential personality.

      I will cautiously forgive Varun, because I liked Dishoom and I think it did a good job setting him up as a lead actor who can carry a big budget film. And also because Badrinath Ki Dulhania is coming out soon, and that has got to be good, right?

      Oh, and I am SO GLAD someone agrees with my about Kapoor & Sons! I also had all these people telling me how great it was, and to me it was just bleh. A good movie, but I didn’t like it at all.


  4. Happy New Year! I watched 17 of the new HIndi releases this year (but haven’t seen Dear Zindagi, Befikre, or Dangal yet). Also saw one 2016 Punjabi release, Ambarsariya, which was really fun!

    Best Movie of 2016
    Udta Punjab – four great performances and an interesting screenplay meshed with real social issues…it’s still my pick for best film of the year

    Your Favorite Movie of 2016
    Sanam Teri Kasam – regressive, overwrought, and pure romantic escapism…plus some quirky songs, great styling and two charming performances

    Best Movie Review/Summary on DCIB of 2016

    Best Character of 2016
    Fawad Khan’s character in Kapoor & Sons, nothing particularly showy but both progressive and relatable

    Best Actor of 2016
    Radhika Apte – she was the only good thing about Badlapur and I saw her great performance in 2015 Parched this year, too. But her lead performance in Phobia this year convinced me that she is the best, and most exciting, actress working in Hindi films right now…I don’t even like horror thrillers and this one was sold to me on the strength of her performance…really need to see her older films and this year’s shorts too

    Worst Movie of 2016
    Fitoor – it’s an easy choice…I don’t like the source material to begin with and I even thought Tabu was terrible in it.

    Least Favorite Movie of 2016
    Tie between Fan and Ki & Ka…I wanted to love both of them, but both had major flaws for me. Fan’s CGI creeped me out (kind of the Tom Hanks in Polar Express issue) and Ki & Ka was ruined by Kareena Kapoor’s terrible acting in one scene that through off the whole movie for me

    Worst Actor of 2016
    Tie between Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro and Ranbir Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil…Hrithik needs to stop with the naive hero roles and Ranbir Kapoor’s performance while engaging was just one more version of his tired spoiled cry-baby roles…both need serious career jump starts

    And finally, Most Middle of the Road Movie of 2016!
    I really wanted to like Happy Bhag Jayegi more than I did and Dishoom would be a good choice because it was entirely fun but forgettable…but I’m going to go with Saala Khadoos. R Madhavan’s performance was compelling (and a good direction for him as an actor) as was the debut actress’s performance and the screenplay was strong until the end when it went in a direction that it hadn’t laid the foundation for and lost me. All that being said, it deserves some credit for being about girl empowerment through sports, albeit lost in the shadow of the other two similar films, Sultan and Dangal. What a year for sports movies though overall when you add the two cricket films in, too.


    • What interesting Votes! Udta Punjab is definitely up there for me, really well-made movie, good performances, good script, good soundtrack, all of that.

      I have really got to get around to watching Sanam Teri Kasam, although I just watched Aashiqui 2 in preparation for OK Jaanu, and that might have done me in for overwrought romance for a while.

      I’ll have to re-read what I wrote for Fitoor! It gets sooooooo many views, but I don’t remember feeling particularly inspired while writing it.

      Good choice on the best character. It was interesting how he managed to be sympathetic and troubled, without falling into the usual “tragic gay character” stereotype.

      You have GOT to see Kabali! Radhika Apte is just phenomenal in it.

      By source material for Fitoor, do you mean Great Expectations? Because if so, yes! A fellow “Dickens is tedious” person! But if you mean some other source material, scratch what I just said and pretend I have acceptable high class tastes in literature the way people are “supposed” to.

      Now I have to know which scene Kareena spoiled for you! I found her one of the saving graces of the film, doing her darndest to make that terrible screenplay work.

      Ooo, I hadn’t thought about Hrithik before. He was pretty terrible. Especially considering how great he was in Jodha-Akbar (at least, I think so) with the same director!

      Huh, Saala Khadoos. Interesting. Now that you’ve mentioned two of them together, I am kind of seeing it as similar to Happy Bhaag Jayegi. Nothing necessarily terribly wrong with it, just not as good as it could have been. Little story bits that dropped off and went no where, characters that could have been more interesting, an ending that didn’t quite land, and so on and so on.


      • Sanam Teri Kasam is so much better than Aashiqui 2, trust me!

        Yes, I’m not a Dickens fan at all!! When I teach book history, I do enjoy talking about the publishing history aspects of his works but, yes, “tedious” is a great word!

        In Ki & Ka, it was the pregnancy scare scene. I’ve really grown to respect Kareena’s acting cred and, overall, the role suited her really well and the chemistry wasn’t too bad with Arjun. However, that scene just looked silly and forced.

        Hrithik *was* great throughout Jodha-Akbar but, as much as I love him, his greatness is unfortunately intermittent at best.


  5. Happy New Year! I am finally done with my week of holiday insanity. Now I can get back to watching nightly Indian movies and putting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour. Wooohoo!

    There are a few categories that I can’t really answer (like Best Movie, since I haven’t watched some important ones like Neerja, Udta Punjab or Dangal). I can certainly give my favorites based on what I have seen.

    Favorite Movie of 2016: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This is my heart pick. I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best movie of the year but it’s the one I enjoyed the most. Ranbir, Anushka, Aishwarya and Fawad were all spectacular in their roles, no matter how flawed and childish some of them might have been. I can see how some people were annoyed by it but I ate the whole thing up with a spoon. I can’t wait for the blu-ray to arrive so I can watch it again and again.

    Best Review/Summary on DCIB of 2016: All of your coverage of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. This was shortly after I had first found your blog. Your summaries were fantastic, so in depth and full of tons of information and tidbits. It really boosted my enjoyment of the film. I couldn’t get back to the theater but your write ups made it feel like I was seeing the movie again. So good!

    Best Character from 2016: Gaurav from Fan. Such an interesting, insane, flawed, and also, sympathetic character. More than any other character this year, this one really got under my skin and made me feel uncomfortable. I liked how you said that the movie was not easy to ‘like’. After I watched it I said to my wife, “I loved it but I don’t think I ever want to see it again.’ It was that kind of a movie.

    Best Actor of 2016: I have to go with Shah Rukh from Fan. Truly, two remarkable performances by the only actor that could pull it off. I was absolutely captivated.

    Least Favorite Movie of 2016: Ki & Ka. Again, I’m not sure it was the worst movie but it was certainly the most disappointing for me. I’m a stay-at-home Dad. I have been ridiculed and mocked, looked down on, because of it. My wife is a brilliant woman with a great career that she has worked so hard for. When our oldest son was born, 3/4 of my paycheck was going to daycare and gas. It was a miserable few months. We decided to give this a try. It was the best choice for our family. I have been with my two boys for nearly every moment of their lives and it has been wonderful. It’s been a gift and, in reality, has made me a better person. When I read about this movie, I was so excited. It had the possibility to really comment on modern society and the shift in gender roles and responsibilities. The West really hasn’t even touched on this in a film. The concept seemed so progressive and forward and the fact that it was coming out of India thrilled me. Then I saw the trailer and that awful video of Arjun dancing in high heels. Good grief. The movie was a two and a half hour version of that stupid song. It was poorly executed, borderline offensive and just plain lazy. The sad thing was that I thought Kareena and Arjun had nice chemistry and they did the best with what they were given. If not for their performances, it may have been unwatchable. What garbage.

    Most Middle of the Road Movie of 2016: Baar Baar Dekho. I actually liked what was there, I just thought it could have been so much more. I didn’t think that Sid or Katrina were all that bad but they weren’t great either. The songs were nice. It was easy to follow and had some interesting ideas. At the same time, there wasn’t really much there. I would like to watch it again, at home. I suspect that seeing this in a theater (and the way that Nachde Ne Saare affected me) probably upped my level of enjoyment.


    • Good for you, being a stay-at-home-Dad! I had a stay at home parent for most of my childhood, and it made a huge difference in how happy the whole household was, having someone there all the time. No worries about daycare or having someone stay home when we got sick and couldn’t go to school or figuring out after school activities or any of that.

      ADHM was almost my heart pick too, but it’s got touch competition with Dear Zindagi.

      Fan is definitely NOT my heart pick, but I may have to agree with you on the characters and the acting in that one.

      I thought I would get some push back on the idea of giving an award for “middle of the road”, but everyone so far has understood exactly what I meant! Yes, Baar Baar Dekho! Another strong contender!


  6. Happy new year! I am now suffering savage jet lag as I am visiting my sister in the States from my home in Japan, but I hope some of this makes sense. I have yet to see ADHM, Dear Zindagi, or Neerja, which would probably change my votes, but here goes.

    Favorite movie: Going to go with Kapoor and Sons here. I found the characters deeply flawed but still sympathetic, and I really enjoyed Rajat and Ratna’s performances. I do not like cute old people in movies, and did not like Rishi’s character (particularly the prosthetics), but was mollified to find that Rishi played him deliberately to be awful and I wasn’t supposed to like him. I seriously had trouble deciding between it and Fan, but just went with my gut here. SRK is wonderful in Fan, though, and I do love a good Hindi meta-movie.

    Best character/actor: Shrinivas Siras/ Manoj Bajpayee in Aligarh. I think issue movies are frequently flawed by having characters who are just mouthpieces for the issue. This is not the case here. Siras is so unconnected with LGBT issues that he can’t even use the word “gay” with reference to himself. The most he can do is “people like me.” However, the profound loneliness that comes from being like him is readily apparent here, as well as his courage which comes across sometimes as boneheaded stubbornness rather than something heroic. An absolutely unforgettable character. Manoj Bajpayee makes this film.

    Most middle of the road movie: Airlift. Akshay has never been my thing, but this was a nice movie with a good arc for both him and Nimrat and it leaves you feeling OK about the world and your life. (Unless maybe you are trapped in Kuwait while you watch it).

    Least favorite movie: Fitoor. This may not be fair, because I watched it on a long haul flight and kept falling asleep and having to return it to the place I thought it was and got even more lost than most people. Didn’t like Katrina, didn’t like Aditya, waste of Tabu.

    Best review/summary: Fitoor!


    • I love the variety in these responses! From Kapoor and Sons being least favorite to most favorite, and Airlift being mentioned as a high quality mark, and then as a middle of the road!

      Although if anyone lists Fitoor as Best/Most Favorite movie, my jaw will hit the floor in shock.


  7. Interesting summaries! I would like to vote, but I haven’t seen Dangal yet because they do not show Indian films in theatres in my country (and I’m pretty sure, it would change the whole picture for me). However, here is my choice so far.

    Best Movie of 2016 – Parched (well, I know it’ a 2015 film, but it released in India in 2016, so technically it can be in the list (and it deserves so).

    Your Favorite Movie of 2016 – Udta Punjab. Watched it twice. Liked everything about it.

    Best Character of 2016 – Shrinivas Siras (Aligarh), wonderfully portrayed by Manoj Bajpayee.

    Best Actor of 2016 – Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He was exceptional as Raghav and very impressive in TE3N.

    Most Middle of the Road Movie – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. I can’t say it’ a bad movie, but, I guess, the only thing I really liked about is the title song.


  8. Best Movie: The best movie of 2016 has to be Neerja in my opinion. Though I already knew the story beforehand, it was told in such an inspiring way.

    Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is also Neerja, but Sultan was a close second. I usually feel like Hindi masala movies like Ek Tha Tiger, Kick, or Dilwale don’t have that correct flavor that appeals to me but Sultan had just the right amount of flavor. It was really fun to watch and I loved the performances of both Anushka Sharma and Salman.

    Best Movie Review/Summary: This has got to be your summary on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil which made me look at the movie in a new way. When I first saw the movie, I was kind of disappointed but when I saw the movie a second time, I enjoyed it a lot more. I was able to notice a lot more about the characters and appreciate what Karan Johar came up with.

    Best Character: Neerja Bhanot was my favorite character as I found her daily routine, relationship with her parents, and her love for Rajesh Khanna very relatable. In my opinion, this was Sonam’s best performance in her career so far with Mili from Khoobsurat coming in second. And my least favorite character was the annoying George Kutty from Airlift.

    Best Actor: Though I loved Sonam’s performance as Neerja, the best actor this year for me is Anushka Sharma. She was the heart and soul of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and she also made Sultan a much better movie than expected.

    Worst Movie: Sanam Re, way too weird and silly for me.

    Least Favorite Movie: This is is a tough choice because I didn’t really watch any movies that I hated. This may be controversial but I think my least favorite movie of the year was Dangal. I honestly felt that it was too overhyped and not as great as everyone said it was. Dangal was a really good movie but I was just not able to connect with any of the characters in the movie enough for me to really love the movie.

    Worst Actor: Honestly, Sidharth Malhotra gave his best performance in his career in Kapoor and Sons but it was the weakest link of the movie as a whole. The entire time I was watching the movie, I kept getting this feeling that the movie would be so much better if someone other than Sidharth played Arjun.

    Most Middle of the Road Movie: This goes to Dishoom which was a fun movie to watch but not really memorable. I know that I wouldn’t have watched Dishoom at all if Varun wasn’t in it and I’ve seen it a couple times just because I wanted to watch a Varun movie.


    • Wow, Neerja is really coming through! I was thinking I would be one of the few people to still be thinking about it this many months later.

      Anushka Sharma is an interesting choice for actor. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad performance from her, now that I think about it. And she’s been the best part of a bunch of not so great movies, and a really good part of a bunch of great movies. And this year with ADHM and Sultan, she moved on to being the best part of a great movie.


      • I am so glad that Neerja has not been forgotten 🙂

        Anushka has an interesting lineup this year with Phillauri and the Shahrukh-Imtiaz Ali movie. She’s producing Phillauri so I am sure that she has a good role and Imtiaz Ali’s female characters are usually quite important.


        • I am very excited about seeing her with Shahrukh in the Imtiaz Ali movie! It might finally make up for them not getting together in Jab Tak, which would clearly have been the better ending.

          On Mon, Jan 2, 2017 at 2:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  10. I haven’t watched too many Hindi movies last year, but here are my 2 cents

    1. Best movie of 2016
    I went back and forth between Kapoor and Sons, Pink, and Udta Punjab and settled for Pink because the movie just resonated with me. Kirti Kulhari was fantastic throughout as the levelheaded girl trying to stay out of trouble which made her two outbursts – one at the beginning on phone and the second one in court (in what I thought was the movie’s most powerful scene) a compelling watch. Tapsee Pannu was impressive. The creepy cousin was scary as hell.

    2. Favourite movie of 2016
    Kapoor and Sons has to be my favourite movie just for its repeat value. I can watch it over and over again particularly for it detailing. The only two minuses are Rishi Kapoor in general and Siddharth in his big scene.

    3. Best Movie Review/Summary on DCIB of 2016
    I haven’t watched many of the movies that you did a summary for. I enjoyed your Dear Zindagi summary and it helped me understand the movie better.

    4. Best Character of 2016:
    It’s a tie between Kirti Kulhari’s character in Pink (Falak) and Alia Bhat in Udta Punjab. Both characters, while not too outspoken, have infinite strength in reserve and ably bring that out in crucial moments.

    5. Best Actor of 2016:
    Hands down Alia Bhat in Udta Punjab.

    6. Worst movie of 2016:
    I pick my movies carefully and stayed out of movies that I knew I would hate. But I hear Ki and Ka is horrible. Not sure if my vote will count.

    7. Least Favourite Movie of 2016:
    Wazir: Could have been way better than what it was. Pluses: Farhan Akhtar, music. Minuses: Everything else.

    8: Worst actor of 2016:
    Again, did not watch many bad movies this year. But what is up with Neil Nitin Mukesh in Wazir? He was truly terrible. If you are looking for more than cameo appearances, I couldn’t watch Siddharth in his big confrontation with Ratna and Fawad, He was the weakest link of the film.

    9: And finally, Most Middle of the Road Movie of 2016!
    I would have probably agreed with you on Sultan had I watched it. To me the movie that left me with the most mixed opinions was Dear Zindagi. Excellent cast. Flip side, I never really connected with the characters. Your review helped, but not enough. And I don’t remember a single song from the soundtrack.


    • I will always count a vote against Ki & Ka! Man that movie made me mad. It was just such a wasted opportunity!

      And hey, someone else who saw Wazir! There’s two of us! I agree that the soundtrack was great, if only it had been supporting a more reasonable script.

      I love it that even someone who counts Kapoor & Sons as their favorite film of the year can’t stand Siddharth in his big confrontation! Siddharth just has no business being in that movie.

      Fascinating that Dear Zindagi felt middle-of-the-road to you! I agree that the soundtrack was bad, although I think that is partly because of the sudden shift away from Ali Zafar. His two songs were pretty good, but they didn’t promote them with the in-film music videos and they changed the voice. I love Arjit Singh, but I think they lost something by not being sung by Ali, the way he wrote them to be song. As for the rest of the movie, right now I still think it was great, but then I felt so differently about Sultan after seeing it months later on DVD, it’s possible watching Dear Zindagi 6 months from now on DVD will make me see it in a new light. Pretty sure I will always love the performances, but sometimes great performances just serve to make a weak film appear strong on the first viewing.

      And yay! The first votes for Pink! And Kirti! Taapsee got more promotion than the other two girls, but I really hope Kirti’s obviously superior performance gets her more and better roles from the industry. I know if I were a producer or casting director watching that movie, she would have been the one I made note of as a future lead actress. It wasn’t just her two outbursts, it was how even in the quiet moments she laid the groundwork for them, showing us a woman who had always been the strong and reasonable one for her family, for her friends, even with her boyfriend, and the toll that took on her.


  11. From the films I have seen –
    1. Best Movie – I can’t pick just one! Neerja, Fan, MS Dhoni, Dangal, Parched & Raman Raghav 2.0 share top spot.
    2. Favourite Movie – MS Dhoni, Dear Zindagi & Dangal share the award from me.
    3. Best DCIB Movie Review – no specific review springs to mind.
    4. Best character – ie the most memorable – Ramanna (Raman Raghav 2.0) because he was so horrific
    5.Best Actor (male) – Nawazuddin Siddiqui for his role in Raman Raghav 2.0
    5. Best Actor (female) – Sonam Kapoor for her role in Neerja
    6. Worst Movie – Banjo. I was more concerned with Riteish Desmukh’s hair and Nargis Fakri’s lips than anything else.
    7. Least Favourite Movie – Banjo and Azhar.
    8. Worst Actor – maybe Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro. Less of the overgrown teenager, please.
    9. Most Middle of the Road movie – Rustom. It was OK, nothing more.


    • Huh. Raman Raghav 2.0. The trailers didn’t entice me at all (but then, I’m not really a horror movie person), and the reviews were so so. Also, first vote for MS Dhoni! You have very unconventional tastes.

      And you actually saw Banjo! I am amazed! I don’t know anyone who saw Banjo (including myself).

      And a second (bad) vote for Mohenjo Daro! But also a bad vote for Rustom! All the critics were trying to set the two films against each other because of the release date, but why fall for that binary? We can hate both of them! Or at least be disappointed in both of them.


  12. Happy New Year!

    Between spending a month in central Nebraska and living in the non-Desi part of the DC burbs with no car, I only saw 5 films in theaters. (I did see ALL of SRK’s films — yes, all of them — between April and October!) So I will confine my choice set to Fan, Sultan, Mohenjo Daro, Dear Zindagi, and Dangal, just to be fair.

    1. Best Movie – Fan. I saw it five times and then bought it. It is brilliant.
    2. Favorite Movie – Dear Zindagi. I like that I can share it with newbies and they get it, while still learning something about non-American culture.
    3. Best DCIB Movie Review – ADHM. It almost made up for being in Nebraska for the short time it was on my local DC screens.
    4. Best character – I am torn between the two girlfriends in Dear Zindagi, either of whom could be a central character in her own movie.
    5.Best Actor (male) – SRK. Three very different roles in two very different films.
    5. Best Actor (female) – Alia in DZ. Want to see her other films now.
    6. Worst Movie – I liked them all, but was the least interested in seeing Mohenjo Daro again.
    7. Least Favorite Movie – Mohenjo Daro
    8. Worst Actor – Hrithik Roshan in Mohenjo Daro. Reminds me of the song “I like them big and stupid” by Julie Brown. That would be a great theme for a blog entry, by the way. http://www.guntheranderson.com/v/data/ilikethe.htm
    9. Most Middle of the Road movie – Sultan. Nice entertaining crowd pleaser. Suffers in comparison with Dangal.


    • You may have just given me a TGIF post idea 🙂

      I just noticed in my gender neutral actor/character categories how very many female actors/characters have been suggested! This really was the year of the woman on film. Maybe because the female roles and films were better able to fly under the radar and avoided the air-brushing and smoothing and personality-removal effect of the male characters. I mean, look at how much more interesting Anushka’s part in Sultan was versus Salman’s!


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