Happy Birthday Sidharth!

It’s Sidharth Malhotra’s birthday!  I know, because Karan tweeted him wishes.  Seems like I should be able to do at least as much as Karan for Sidharth.  I’m not going to do a full 32 reasons I love you, but I will shoot for at least a dozen.

1.1. I love you because you came from a legitimately normal and outsider family.  Your father was in the Merchant Navy, and you grew up in a normal family in Delhi.

Image result for siddharth malhotra childhood pics

2. I love you because you were discovered not because of connections, or (frankly) talent.  But simply because you are so so pretty!  You got a modeling contract and worked steadily for 4 years just on your looks.

3. I love you because you made a decision to not just slide by on good looks, but chose to start working with Dharma productions as a lowly assistant director.

4. I love you because you were obedient to all of Karan’s crazy visions for Student of the Year, whether it was the many many (many many) shirtless scenes, or kissing in your first movie, or spending a month traveling the country doing promotions.

5. I love you because although you aren’t the best dancer, you are very good at walking around and being danced at.

6. I love you because you are also very good at dreamily and soulfully looking the heroine while a love song plays.

7. See above.


8. I also love you because you managed to pull off an almost believable action hero and dark type villain in only your 3rd movie.


9. I love you because you really weren’t able to pull off a tortured fighter in Brothers, but by golly you tried your best!


10.  I love you because, well, you really shouldn’t have been in either of your 2016 roles and you kind of ruined those movies (and thus won my Worst Actor of 2016 Award).  But that’s not your fault!  It’s the casting director.  And at least you were still pretty.  And your dancing has improved!

11.  See?  His character may be almost completely unsympathetic and shallow, but at least he is finally moving on the beat!


12.  And finally, I love you because this is one of my all time favorite dance numbers, and it’s not really because of your dancing, but it is because of how pretty you look with your half smile and nice blue shirt.

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