I’m Home! (Ish) Let Me Tell You About it in Song

If you are a regular blog follower, you know that my 2017 started with a bang when I lost my floors through a massive leak and pipe disaster that was conveyed to me by my landlord through a series of escalating phone calls while I was at work, culminating in my going straight from work to my parent’s apartment, to stay for 9 days.  But now I am home!  Finally!  And it is dusty and gross and my air conditioner is sitting in the middle of my living room for some reason.  But still, home!

I kept calling my landlord, every day for over a week, asking, “when would I be coming home?”


And then, finally, he said I could come and I packed up all my things and was so happy!

(Rushing back to your apartment and your 6 SRK posters is kind of like rushing to reunite with your true love at Gateway to India)

But then I arrived, and the place is kind of a disaster.  It was not happy.

(Like this, instead of grieving for my dead Salman, I was grieving for my dusty Salman DVDs)


But still, I’m home!  How bad can it be?





9 thoughts on “I’m Home! (Ish) Let Me Tell You About it in Song

  1. That’s great! It must feel wonderful to be back at your home after so many days. I’m very happy for you. I should really watch Mann- what a song!


    • I’m happy for me too! But also a little depressed, because my next three weekends are going to be spent washing every dish I own (SO MUCH DUST!)

      Mann is a fun movie, a very silly fun movie. It’s also a remake of an American film that I won’t identify to you, because that would spoil the whole plot. But I bet you will figure it out about half way through!

      On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 1:31 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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