How I Spent My Weekend Instead of Blogging

Did you notice that I didn’t post much this weekend?  Especially in comparison with last weekend?  Well, there is a reason for that!  And hopefully this will be the final post on this topic, after my first lament, and second triumphal celebration.

See, last weekend I was in exile at my parents’ place.  Which meant cooking, laundry, cleaning, changing the sheets, grocery shopping, all of that stuff was taken care of for me.  So instead, I locked myself in the guest room and plowed through all of Humsafar, while writing a whole bunch of blog posts and scheduling them out for the next several weeks.

(My life last weekend)

This weekend, as I mentioned a few days back, I’m home again!  Only, a messy dust-covered home.  So instead of blogging, I spent all my time cleaning.


and cooking


Thank goodness, my landlord sent over cleaners to help for a few hours on Saturday, but even with helpers, and no nagging Salman, it still took a long time.


So, generally, I spent the weekend cleaning and cooking and doing laundry, while dreaming of big song and dance numbers and bright colors and happy music.  And then the Abhishek of a clean apartment came to rescue me (this metaphor may have failed me) and I was able to watch half of Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

4 thoughts on “How I Spent My Weekend Instead of Blogging

  1. We had our entire kitchen gutted and remodeled a year ago. Took a month (takeout meals and microwaved leftovers) and left much dust, despite the contractors’ best efforts. That kind of thing can be very disruptive, even when it’s for a good reason. Getting back to “normal” felt so good! Hope you feel settled in soon.


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