Hindi Film 101: Aamir Khan’s Filmograpy Part 2, Baazi to Dil Chahta Hai

Don’t think of this as “a list of Aamir Khan’s films”, think of it as a case study of a successful journey to stardom, and a way of studying the changes in the films and film industry in the past 25 years. (part 1 here)

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I’m Home! (Ish) Let Me Tell You About it in Song

If you are a regular blog follower, you know that my 2017 started with a bang when I lost my floors through a massive leak and pipe disaster that was conveyed to me by my landlord through a series of escalating phone calls while I was at work, culminating in my going straight from work to my parent’s apartment, to stay for 9 days.  But now I am home!  Finally!  And it is dusty and gross and my air conditioner is sitting in the middle of my living room for some reason.  But still, home!

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