Deleted Scenes Report!!! ADHM and Dear Zindagi! UPDATED WITH BETTER TRANSLATIONS!!!!

DVDs are out, yaaaaay!  And I was able to watch the deleted scenes!  And now I can report back on them, so you don’t have to go out and buy your own DVD.

UPDATE: And I forced my friend who understands Hindi to watch and give me better translations too!!!!

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (click the title to see the full detailed summary of the whole film)

Scene 1:

Anushka and Fawad are walking down the street of some European looking city.  They are all huddled together, she is holding onto his arm.


And she is reporting about Ranbir and Aish, saying that Ranbir is dating someone who is a poet and very beautiful, and she is happy for him.  Fawad questions that, “Happy?”  Yeah, Anushka says, she is happy for him!  Love and friendship are related, but she is happy for her friend and that’s all she wants.  And she asks Fawad if he is jealous of her friendship.  He says no, he knows she just wants him.  And he asks if she wants him to be jealous.  And she says something about how he knows what she knows, or he knows what she wants, or something.  And Fawad agrees and grabs her from behind and kisses her neck.

So, I didn’t translate that right on my first try AT ALL.  Or rather, I translated it, but I didn’t get the sense of it.  I knew they were talking about love and friendship and jealousy.  But I didn’t know that Anushka was nudging around trying to figure out if Fawad was jealous, and Fawad was being all cocky about, all knowing that he doesn’t have to be jealous because Anushka just wants him.  So, two thoughts happening here.  First, Anushka is already feeling insecure in this relationship, nudging around trying to see if he is jealous, going around sideways at asking about his friendships, and Fawad is all overly cocky and knowing for sure that he doesn’t have to do any work in this relationship.  And second, the comment about Anushka just wanting Fawad so he doesn’t care about the friendship.  Which makes me think of that shot of her looking at him after her “break up” with Ranbir.  Maybe realizing that she doesn’t “just want” Fawad.  That she needs more in her live.

Scene 2:

The set up for the song Ranbir sings in the club in Paris.  They have a little by play about how he will keep up her honor and avoid sin (I think.  I caught Izzat and Paap).  And Anushka responds with “Jao Simran Jao!  Jee Le Apne Zindagi!”.  And then as he starts to sing, Anushka tells people at the neighboring table how he is a star in India.


Not a lot in this scene, except for some interesting by play with gender roles.  Ranbir is taking the traditional female role of mentioning honor and sin and stuff.  And Anushka is taking the older male role of giving him permission to live his life.  Which fits with their characters through out, Anushka is in sort of a “Guru” position, while Ranbir is the wandering and wondering ingenue.

Scene 3:

Aish and Ranbir flirting on the street.  She signals for a taxi, and he smoothly ducks under her arm and into an embrace and says “we are going back to your place, right?”  She laughs and shakes him off and gets in the cab.


(The ducking under her arm thing was in the trailer version of “Bulleya” and I always thought it looked cool)

She is sitting on her bed and her phone rings.  She picks up her phone and it’s Ranbir saying she has to come down he’s on the street.  She asks “where” and he says “in front of your house”.   She doesn’t believe it, then goes to her window and sees him, and calls him up.

Interesting juxtaposition between this scene and the last.  Ranbir was so feminine and unsure when he was with Anushka, she always had to take the lead.  And now, with Aish, he is the wild and crazy lover, confident and aggressive.  It’s probably better for him, he is less likely to get his heart broken.  But it’s also kind of sad, that the shy and sensitive soul from the earlier scenes is gone now, and instead we have this super flirty lover type.

Also, and this is probably just because I finished my Kapoor Family posts this week, but it’s kind of like in the first half he was playing his grandfather, and now he is playing his father.  Right?  Going from sensitive and soulful to romantic loud young lover boy?



Scene 4:

Aish and Ranbir coming back late to her apartment.  They are both dressed up and Ranbir immediately starts hunting around in the fridge.  It’s a very efficient way of telling us where they are at in their relationship.  Both going to fancy parties together, and scrunging for leftovers in the fridge together afterwards.  Ranbir with assumed casualness mentions that his “ex-girlfriend” will be coming to town, maybe they could all get together for something.  Aish sees through the casualness immediately, but sort of gives him a wry smile and says “Sure.  Invite her over for dinner here.”  Ranbir is a little too casual with his “sure sure cool cool” response, and kind of huddles himself over the container he is eating out of.  It’s a brief flash of that younger more childish Ranbir from the earlier scenes. Aish starts to walk away, then turns back and says “Ayan, she wasn’t your girlfriend, was she?” After Aish puts forth her correction, Ranbir kind of nods and says “Yeah.  Right.”  And then goes back to digging around in the leftover containers in a very teenage boy (or puppy) kind of way.


I don’t know that this scene would have added that much to the film, but it is nice to see Ranbir and Aish interacting as a couple.  In the final film, we really only got to see the dramatic moments of their relationship.  Their first meeting, their first night, that one song montage of sexiness, meeting Shahrukh, and then meeting Anushka, and that’s it.  I like this slightly lowkey moment, where it’s still a little about Anushka, but we also get to see him just eating food out of her fridge and them talking about having people over for dinner, like a normal couple.


Missing Scenes:

You know, we are so spoiled nowadays, we just assume we will get to see every little scrap of film that was filmed.  And so I am all mad because there are bits from the trailers and song trailers that STILL aren’t available!  For instance, there is definitely another version at least of a song, if not a whole song, that is still unseen.  Where is Anushka and Ranbir in coats ice skating????  Where is Ranbir kneeling on the ground before her?  Where is Anushka in a knit hat being raised on chairs???  Could it have been a reprise of “Channa Maraya”, which is the song trailer they were in?  Or maybe they filmed a version of my favorite song from the film, the “Ali Ali Ali Alizeh song”?


Dear Zindagi (click the title to see the full detailed summary of the whole film)

Scene 1

Alia getting on the plane, tries to go to her seat.  Older man is already sitting in it and cheerfully announces that he is sitting with his son, she can take the seat he had assigned to him.  Alia goes to look at the seat where she would be sitting and it is between two large sized gentleman in the middle of a row instead of an aisle.  She goes back to the original man and says that she doesn’t want to switch after all.  He starts to do that chuckling indulgent thing and laughs about how young people these days have no respect for their elders.

And Alia goes off on him, how can he expect her to move?  Who is he to just demand this?  And while at first he keeps laughing at her, eventually he starts to get angry.  But before he can respond, the young stewardess comes up behind Alia to ask if there is a problem, and the older man is shamed into going to sit in the seat he paid for, instead of stealing Alia’s.  As Alia sits down, a young woman sitting behind gives her a smile and a thumbs up.  Kunal pokes his head in through the doorway and makes a little “what happened?” gesture, and Alia waves him off.

Okay, this makes the whole film better!  It worked without it, but unlike Karan’s cut scenes above which just added a little to what we already knew, this expands what we already knew in a different way.  Kunal for one thing, his little head pop in the doorway in the finished film seems like he is worried about her for some reason, or missing her.   But now it is because he heard her going off on someone and was worried about helping her, or her embarrassing him, or something.

And we get this delightful scene of a young woman being aggressive, because that is the only way to get these freaking older men to LISTEN!!!!  Otherwise, they will just roll right over you and be confident that they are doing you good by doing it.  If it had ended with just her success and yelling at him, it would have made her look bitter and defensive.  But putting in the other young woman passenger with the thumbs up, that confirmed that she wasn’t being bitter and defensive, just doing what had to be done to rebel.


Scene 2

The fort scene!  That we saw the stills from.  Shahrukh and Alia are walking into an old fort and she is talking about how beautiful it is.  Shahrukh agrees it is beautiful, and that it comes with a story.  Who’s story?  Donna Marie and Commander Balthazar!  They are still here.  And he walks over to the large crypt in the middle of the fort and says they are buried here, together in one grave.  Ooo!  says Alia, a ghost story!

Shahrukh starts the story, Donna Marie was born far away in Portugal.  She dreamed of traveling the world and doing great things.  But when she was 17, her father arranged her marriage, and the end of her dreams.

So, in the middle of the night, she snuck of to a ship and stowed away.  The ship landed in Goa, and here is where Balthazar appears!  Donna Maria was unsafe living as a woman, and so she changed herself into a man, Balthazar.

Alia is beginning to get more into this now, especially when Shahrukh goes on to say that she went to battle as ‘Corporal Balthazar’ for years.  And then Shahrukh goes into a little act, pretending to hide behind a stone, wall coming out and shooting a fake gun, to represent the battle scene in which ‘Corporal Balthazar’ was injured.  Alia wrinkles her brow and is concerned.

But, Donna Marie is saved by Colonel Alfonse!  A commander of the fort, and a doctor.  Shahrukh pauses there it make sure Alia makes the connection between himself as a doctor and the story figure.  And, Alfonse learned her secret!  And told her she had permission to just be herself.  And all of a sudden, all those years of lying, just Poof!  Went away!  She was free.  Balthazar was gone.  And Alfonse loved her for her courage.  And then what, asks Alia?  She didn’t fall in love and give up her life, did she?


(Okay, look closely at the left part of his hairline where the part is.  It’s thinning, right?  I am very concerned about this!)

Oh, no no! says Shahrukh.  Donna Maria kept fighting, she even got a promotion!  She did very well.  As herself.  Until she died some mumble mumble years later.  And was buried in this grave.  But Colonel Alfonse still loved her, and eventually joined her in death in the grave.  Maybe.  There was some mumbling here too.

And when the story is over, Alia says that she thinks she gets the point,  it’s a ghost story because Balthazar is a ghost, and Donna Maria had to say good-bye to him.  Shahrukh agrees that is the point.  And then we pull back to another full shot of the fort and Alia pulls out her camera and starts taking pictures.  And Shahrukh says “Oh, Donna Maria!”  She says “Yeah?” and he says “I’m glad the camera’s back” and she says “Me too”.  That’s the bit they kept and overdubbed on the boat scene that came after this scene, I guess.

Huh.  I guess I can do without this scene.  Shahrukh looks really hot and he does a great job telling the story.  And it ties in with her film at the end and the little comment about “how did you come up with this story?”  But on the other hand, we kind of got the parallels between her movie and her therapy already without this.  And the whole point of the scene was Alia getting back to the camera, not being afraid to take up her career again as “herself”, not just as her confident “Balthazar” disguise.  Which we got already just in the over-dubbed dialogue of Shahrukh saying he was glad the camera was back and she was glad too.

Scene 3

Alia walks away from Shahrukh’s house, putting her hair back up, I think this must be the day she came over all excited to tell him about her feelings and he had canceled the session.  She pulls out her phone and says into it “Hi….yeah….you want to meet for coffee or something?”  And it’s That Guy!  The horrible one her uncle tried to set her up with!  I am so happy this actor got another scene, because he is SO GOOD!


(This poor man.  No girl will ever again find him attractive. Or man for that matter)

At their coffee date, he starts off all cool, about how hard it is to meet somebody, and so on.  And then he sneezes, bit sneeze into a handkerchief.  Alia looks kind of nonplussed and the rest of the diners kind of look up and look over.  Alia asks if he is okay, and he explains that it happens at 4:30 every day.  Allergies, you know.  Alia asks “are you serious?”  “Yeah”  And he sneezes again.  And then goes right back into his speech about how much he misses his girlfriend and how hard it is to meet people.  And then we cut to Alia walking away talking on her phone (probably to Jackie) about how she is never getting those two priceless hours of her life back!

That would have been a nice tension breaker between her getting ready to tell Shahrukh she loved him, and their next session, but I guess it isn’t strictly speaking necessary, so I can see why they decided to cut it.

Scene 4

Hospital room, I assume she is visiting Fatty.  She waves good-bye and pulls the door open just as Kunal Kapoor is about to open it.  They both say awkward “hi”s and move into the hall to talk.  Kunal asks how she is, and Alia says sincerely “good!  Very good actually.”  Kunal agrees that she looks that way, very good actually.  Kunal finally apologizes!  And says that he was a complete ass!  And then he suggests “so were you!”  Alia thinks a little, and then agrees “yeah, I was”.  And Kunal then asks if she might maybe still be interested in a project.  Alia asks what project, and he says the same one!  The New York one.  And, don’t worry about awkwardness, Gautami (the fiancee) isn’t on it any more.  Actually, it wasn’t meant to be, they aren’t together.

Alia says sincerely “I’m so sorry to hear that.”  Kunal shakes it off, and says “it’s okay”.  And then Kunal asks if she wants to know why it ended, and she says no “so long as YOU know why it ended.”  Which is brilliant!  Makes the whole scene worth it.  Because that is Kunal’s problem.  He always blames the woman and can’t figure out where it went wrong, but it went wrong with him.  HE is the problem!  If all your ex-girlfriends go crazy, maybe you should look at what is driving them crazy?


As she pushes the button for the elevator, he asks “so, what about the film project?”  She tells him that actually she is working on a new project now.  He nods and then says something about not working with her, and she says that it’s thanks to him that she has this new project now (I think.  Again, I am shakey here.  Also, Alia really mumbles her words).

Well, that explains A LOT!  For one thing, why she and Kunal we back to being in a good place by the time of her film premiere.  It also changes how I look at her whole Kunal relationship.  Before, it seemed like he was running a bit of a game on her, trying to turn her into just what he wanted, to play mind games, to keep control.  But in this scene, he sincerely admits that he messed up and it is his fault.  And there don’t seem to be any games involved.  And now the sudden engagement has fallen apart, which makes it seem less like he was in love with her all along, and more like his head was messed up and he was convinced into a quick engagement that was doomed from the start.  And, seeing him like this, all normal and casual, makes me think that maybe this is hte “old friend” Kunal that Alia and Fatty had known for a long time before Alia started sleeping with him and he got all weird and she got all weird and the whole thing got all weird.

Scene 5

Wrap party!  All the characters dancing to the title song and having fun.  Probably supposed to be over the end credits and they decided to cut it for some reason.  Ends with Alia dancing with her family, her brother and parents and aunt, which is a nice image of her coming back to her roots.



Missing Scenes:

Again, I know this is just because we are spoiled and all that, but where is the scene with Sid’s ex-girlfriend????  It’s mentioned in the end credits of the film!  And also Fatty’s husband!  Look, I took a screenshot to prove it:


I don’t care as much about “bartending at airport lounge” and the Ad Film Family, but it’s certainly proof that there are even more scenes which we didn’t get.  Maybe they only wanted to give us the sound mixed and dubbed and finished scenes, not the funky fuzzy ones, like the ones Karan gifted us in the K3G DVD.  But in that case, why not go the extra mile and PUT SUBTITLES ON THEM!!!  Oh, that was FWUSTWATING!!!!



17 thoughts on “Deleted Scenes Report!!! ADHM and Dear Zindagi! UPDATED WITH BETTER TRANSLATIONS!!!!

  1. I dunno about the hairline thing. It also looks like he is letting his gray roots show. But gray hair is thinner, so it could be a combined effect. I would just as soon see him age naturally. My son just turned 30 and is already going gray on top, will be totally salt and pepper by 40, just like his father and his grandmother. The very dark dyed hair and beard just does not work with an older face. He will never be sweet, baby-faced Shah Rukh again, without the help of Red Chillies VFX.


  2. Thinning hair: that little section has been there a long time so not new. He’s fine. Look, 50 year old hair is not the same as 40 year old hair. I wish he’d dye it a little less, let some grey in. I suspect he’s very grey so he can’t go all natural. Anil Kapoor is completely grey by the way. Apparently Anil works out at the Taj Lands End gym and people there told us.
    Now to the important stuff: are the deleted scenes at the end of the DVDs’, all together? They are not back in the film, I assume. Your need for translation help indicates there are no subs? For the whole DVD or just deleted scenes?


    • DVD is regular, subs in place and all. Not for the songs, unfortunately, but for everything else.

      For both DVDs, the deleted scenes are kind of tacked on, you have to go into “Special Features” and then select them. And then they are just listed as “Scene 1” “Scene 2” “Scene 3” and so on in ADHM. In Dear Zindagi, they just play straight through. With both movies, I am guess these are the scenes that were in the film until the absolute last minute. So they are fully sound mixed and all that stuff. But also you can tell really easily where they would have fit into the film. In Dear Zindagi especially, it’s really obvious where they were pulled from.

      Also, Anil should definitely just go grey! He looked super good in Dil Dhadakna Do. But he should never lose the mustache.

      On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 5:46 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • Subtitles for the movie as a whole, not for the deleted scenes. I think subtitles for the songs too but I can’t remember. It’s the Indian DVD, price in rupees, but I got it at my local store, not online.

          On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 10:31 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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