Two New Videos! Badri Ki Dulhania and Phillauri! (Plus a Pakistani Bonus)

March is gonna be a GOOD MONTH!!!!  Much better than February, where we have that Pakistani rom-com that looks pretty great, and Rangoon, which I am still not very interested in.

Every time I go see Raees (all 4 times), I’ve also gotten to see a trailer for a Pakistani movie, which looks pretty darn good!  Both in terms of plot, and production values.  And also, I know I am Euro-centric and all that, but the hero is SUPER HANDSOME, right?  Anyway, in case your theaters are not showing this trailer, I just wanted to share it with you:


Moving on, Phillauri trailer came out today!  The movie Anushka is producing.  And it kind of reminds me of Balu Mahi.  And also Happy Bhaag Jayegi.  And a little Sardaarji.  Just generally, a light hearted rom-com where nothing is deep or meaningful or sad, it’s just happy.  And a little silly.

Also ever so slightly feminist.  Not in a big scary way like NH10 (still haven’t seen it, don’t want to see it, it will make me all sad/angry), but in a kind of silly way.  The idea of a boy being “Manglik” and needing to marry a tree instead of a girl, that’s kind of cool.  I also like how she is all formal and respectful even while insisting on what she wants.  Oh, and Diljit is cute, and I like that his character is a singer.


And finally, Badrinath song!!!  I’m guessing this is the end credits song, not part of the plot.  It’s got that soundstage look, and catchy hook, and all of that.  So in terms of our obsessive deconstruction and analysis, it gives us nothing.  But I guess it does show that Alia is a slightly better dancer with every film?  She kind of moves her hips in a cool way on some movements.  Varun, of course, is always good.


14 thoughts on “Two New Videos! Badri Ki Dulhania and Phillauri! (Plus a Pakistani Bonus)

  1. Balu Mahi does look really good! So it will release at your local theater then? Have you figured out how to find Pakistani films online or on DVD legally? I know there have been some other Pakistani romcoms that I’ve been meaning to find.

    The trailer for Phillauri is a little bit of a let down. The contemporary parts look fun, but the flashback scenes with Diljit Dosanjh look a little boring (and that’s what I was looking forward to the most…seeing their chemistry).

    The BKD video is super polished and the movie should be a blast. I do have this sneaking suspicion that I am going to tire of Varun fast. I think in all of his films (except for Badlapur) his performances always have this hint of desperation (“please make me a big star. pretty please!”). His interviews make him seem a bit too self-obsessed, too. We’ll see how Koffee With Karan goes next week.

    Speaking of KWK, I want to get under the covers and watch movies and tv with Farah Khan, too. She and Sania do seem to have a great connection. My favorite part was when she was imitating Karan making fun of her placemats.


    • Still haven’t seen the Farah Koffee! Actually, I’ve been counting on you nice people in the comments to tell me if it is a good episode, and then watching it.

      My local all-Indian theater has been pretty good about getting the big Pakistani releases. So I guess I should call it my “all-South Asian” theater? I haven’t tried to source a Pakistani film online, but it seems like they should be available, right? If the TV shows are.

      With Varun, I get what you’re saying, but I like that! I want an actor to try to win me over instead of acting all too cool for school and like he doesn’t care if I like him or not. Although, like you say, it might wear off. A year from now, I could find it less “charmingly sincere” and more “needy.”

      I’m hoping the Phillauri trailer focused more on the modern stuff because they are holding onto the twists from the past part, and there’s actually good past scenes they couldn’t reveal. There’s got to be more meaning to her being in a tree, right? And some way of giving her and Diljit a happy ending?

      On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 1:03 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. They showed that Balu Mahi trailer when I went to see OK Jaanu- I meant to ask if anyone else had seen it and then totally forgot all about it. I thought it looked really good! I’m not sure if our theater will actually get the movie but, if it does come, I might try to make it up to see it.

    Phillauri looks amazing! I think I will really love it. It seems to have that magical/fairytale/quirky feel that I REALLY enjoy (unfortunately, that also probably means it will be a flop). Angry, no-nonsense ghost Anushka is super cute!

    Badri Ki Dulhania sounds nice, catchy and seems like an enjoyable number. I’ll have to watch it a few more times. I thought Alia’s dancing looked decent and Varun is always pretty good. I laughed at the Holi powder thrown at his torso. I have to hand it to the creative ways they dream up to highlight the hero’s abs!


    • I liked him smearing it on her waist! A new twist on all the waist-sexy stuff.

      With Phillauri, I have seen a grand total of 2 Punjabi movies. But something about that light almost whimsical flavor to it felt familiar to me from my very very little experience of Punjabi films. Can anyone else confirm that? And if so, maybe that will make the movie I hit? Because it will be bringing in the Diljit fans, and they would be more open to that kind of filmmaking.

      On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 1:08 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I haven’t watched any Punjabi films yet, sadly. Maybe I should check something out- it seems like they would be right up my alley! Can anyone recommend some really good Punjabi films?

        I hope you’re right about Diljit bringing in a new set of more open-minded fans. I hope it’s a giant success! I would be happy to see more of these types of films made (although I should probably be careful what I wish for before actually seeing the film).


  3. I though the Philauri trailer was interesting. I doubt I’ll be able to drag anyone to the cinema to watch it with me but I will HAVE to watch it on the big screen seeing as this is the follow up to NH10.

    Speaking of NH10. I’m so disappointed that that movie never got it’s due. I watched it a year after it released because no one was talking about it. And Anushka didn’t win any major awards for what was an amazing performance.


    • I am happy to give it its due! It feels like NH10 was ahead of the curve that came through in this year, with all the female lead films, from Pink to Neerja. But because NH10 was female produced and female lead, no one gave it as much credit or wrote as many think pieces or any of that.

      I still haven’t seen it, but even without seeing it, just knowing the topic it covered and that it didn’t have real song sequences and that it had a female protoganist, I can see that it was groundbreaking. And very similar to all those films that came out this year and got all the accolades and “A new kind of cinema!” type articles.

      And if for some random reason I am in Sydney, I will totally see Phillauri with you! Or at the very least, we can do another tweeter watchalong a year from today and see it streaming.

      On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 4:01 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. You mentioned Euro centric in your tastes when talking about cute Osman Khalid Butt the hero of Balu Mahi: you do know that he’s half French, right? 😉


  5. I agree that the BKD title song looks like an end credits song. I liked it though I felt the song sounded much better in the trailer. I loved the choreography in this song!

    I don’t know but I was not that excited by the Phillauri trailer. Since Anushka is producing it, I do have the feeling that the movie will probably turn out to be good 🙂


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