Anushka Sharma’s Women’s Bodies Trilogy in Honor of US Supreme Court Decision

Woot, Planned Parenthood won a court case! But there will always be another one coming, donate here to help give them the resources they need. And to help us understand how important their work is, let us look at Anushka’s angry supernatural trilogy of the horrors that happen when a woman does not have control over her own body. (I know I say “no politics” all the time, but so far as I am concerned, this is not political but personal. anyway, it’s my blog, I get to make the rules)

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My Top Ten Ugly Crying Indian Films

I suddenly got one of my random Kannathil Muthamittal urges last night, and it made me think that I haven’t done a ten ugly crying films post yet.  Of course, ugly crying is a deeply personal thing, so these are my ten, but they won’t necessarily be yours.  Feel free to share your particular triggers in the comments!  Oh, and they are almost all Hindi, but that’s just a coincidence, don’t feel limited by that.

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Happy Lohri!!!! A Selection of Punjabi Songs to Celebrate

Happy Lohri!  Which is a Winter Solstice holiday in the Punjab, usually celebrated with a big bonfire!  There are of course plenty of Lohri specific songs in Indian films, but they would be super hard to track down, plus I wouldn’t like all of them!  Instead, to celebrate this Punjabi holiday, I am just going to post my all time favorite Bhangra/Punjabi songs, counting down from number 5 to number 1.  There are a lot of them, because there are a lot of Punjabi refugees who ended up in the Bombay film industry.  Because they needed jobs, and also Punjabis are HOTT.

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Phillauri Review (SPOILERS): The Whole Thing Builds to the Final Reveal

If you are considering whether or not to watch this film and you don’t want SPOILERS, my first review is here.  But if you can’t see the movie and want to know what happened, or if you’ve already seen it and want my opinion, read on! (oh, and if you’ve seen it and want to hear a conversation about it, I just posted my podcast on soundcloud)

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Phillauri Review (NO SPOILERS): A Simple Story With a Message to Remember at the End

Well that was a short movie!  Strolled out of the theater a few minutes after 10, with a 7:45 start time and a 10 minute intermission.  But a nice movie.  A nice concise small movie.  It felt kind of like a fairy tale, or a fable.  A story for children, nice and simple and easy to remember and understand.

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Upcoming Movies: Two Trailers and Rani!

Yay, Rani’s back!!!!  I can’t decide if all these 90s actresses coming back is because the 90s really did have the best batch, or because the industry has finally started to accept women over 35 as more than just mothers.  Probably a combo of the two.

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