Traveling Day!

So, I am going on a trip!  All by myself! Purely for pleasure!  For the first time in my entire life!  And today and Monday, I will be traveling literally all day.  Like, for 14 hours straight.  Which is a good thing, I get to sit on the plane/bus/train and just read for pleasure with no guilt over not doing something else productive, like writing blog posts.

Okay, time to psych myself up!  Travel is fun!  I won’t get physically sick like I do every single time I get more than 10 miles from my birthplace!  I won’t get homesick for my own apartment like I do any time I am away from it after dark (literally, I am sitting in the movie theater watching Shahrukh thinking “oh, my couch! My microwave! My TV!  I miss it so much”).  I WILL be able to sleep through the night in a bed that is not my own!  It’s all good!

And to help with my psyching up, traveling songs!

Okay, no matter how exhausting this trip is, it can’t be as bad as having Salman spin me around and around in a jeep.


Also, I probably won’t end up having to share a car with a strange traveling mystic man.  Although I am going to California, so who knows?


And, on the plus side, there is always a small chance that cute young Rajesh Khanna will see me on one of my vehicles from a distance and fall in love with me.


Or slightly less cute and young Rishi Kapoor:


Or possibly Shahid Kapoor will serenade me on the plane.  Sure, he’s really just hullicinating I am someone else, but I’ll still take it!


And finally, there is always the slight chance that I will get to join SRK in a massive train top choreographed dance routine.

14 thoughts on “Traveling Day!

    • I’m going outside of Santa Barbara, for no reason at all. The winter has really been getting me done, I had a bunch of frequent flyer miles, and I didn’t take any time off at all over Christmas, so my boss kind of owed me days off. So I thought “to heck with it, I’m gonna find a cheap flight and so somewhere with sunshine.”

      Which actually answers your other question too! It takes 14 hours because I had to combine the cheapest possible flight option. Also, that 14 hours counts driving to the airport, going through security, waiting to board, etc. etc., not just flight time. All the time I didn’t have blog access 🙂


      • This is about the best time for visiting Santa Barbara and environs. I thought you might be counting the door to door time, which makes sense. 🙂 Have fun. It used to be my old stomping grounds once upon a time.


  1. I am taking the train from DC to San Francisco in July and can’t wait! I might even have time for lunch in Chicago en route!

    And Yuhi Chalal Chal Rahi is my very very favorite “traveling song”!


    • So far it’s been pretty great! Inspired by your example, I downloaded movies from einthusan to watch on the plane. So far today I have watched two movies and read one and a half books. And spent about 3 hours sitting in airports and another 2 hours sitting at bus stops. Which was great, because I could read and watch movies, but also feel productive at the same time. And not feel guilty about not blogging or answering emails because I had no internet!

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