Happy Holi!!! So many songs to celebrate!!!

Happy Holi!  At least, in India.  It’s still the 23rd in America.  But I am super excited about this post, because there are so many fun options, so I am posting it “early”!

Happy Holi!!!  Every site in the world is going to have a “best Holi songs” post, and why should I be any different?  And if I missed one of your favorites, feel free to tell me in the comments and I will add it (like I did for Lohri).

1. One of my all time favorite Holi songs, and really songs in general, because the lyrics are so brilliantly stupid, they almost go back into being smart.  But not really.  Mostly still dumb.


2. While the last song is so super super Holi-ified, this one is super lowkey about it.  You don’t even realize it is a Holi song until the very end.


3. Okay, I can’t not include this one.  Even though it’s also going to be on every single list.  Although, I don’t like it so much for the Holi parts, as for how amazing Jaya and Sanjeev are in their reaction shots.


4. A Holi song about filming a Holi song!  It’s all meta!  And also, a really cool visual when SRK covers his face.


5. He does the same thing here, except instead of trying hide a broken heart, he is trying to hide a murderous intent.  Which, I guess, is still driven by a broken heart?  Why couldn’t Juhi just love him and let him be happy!


6. Speaking of Shahrukh and death, I really love this Holi song.  Especially that one moment when they all leap and then come down on their knees.  So macho!


7. Okay, this is a weird thing to say, but I think I might be attracted to Govinda?  At least in this song.  Meanwhile, Aditya Pancholi looks like a young Patrick Swayze, and I am still not attracted to him.  Thank goodness.


8. Another classic Holi song that every list will include.  And once again, my favorite part is Jaya’s reaction shots.


9. Almost 30 years later, Hema’s still got it!  You know, the first time I watched Baghban, I got all upset that they cast this thirty-something to play Amitabh’s wife.  Like we could ever believe she was the mother of grown children!  I mean, now I see it, but at first glance, she doesn’t look more than 35, right?


10.  Yeah yeah, I’m gonna include it, it’s a new classic, just like everyone says.  I just put it off to the end to make you get through all the others first.



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