TGIF for Aamir’s Birthday Week! Aamir Through the Decades!

Aamir Khan has now been around for 5 decades!  Can you believe it?  I have photographic proof!  (for other birthday celebration posts, check out here and here and here)

Okay, I’m doing this countdown style!  So let’s start with Aamir in the current decade, the Twenty-Teens (or whatever we have decided to call it).

He has gone pretty hard into the hipster chic.  I know it’s partly for that period role in Thugs of Hindostan, but still!  WEAR A REAL SHIRT!!!  YOU ARE AN OLD MAN!!!

Image result for aamir khan filmfare


Image result for aamir khan filmfare

But I guess we can’t blame him, everyone got so excited when he embraced the sort of metro-sexual oughts look (“oughts”?  Is that right?).  I mean, check him out in Ghajini!  All fitted shirt and tight pants, just like those guys who think they are so cool on the bus and then fall over when it stops short because their pants are too tight.


Image result for aamir ghajini vest

Also in Ghajini, he embraced the Indian version of the oughts look, shirtless and bodyhairless and fatless (thank you Hrithik!).

Image result for aamir khan ghajini

The 90s, that was a better time for Aamir.  A happier time, when hair and pants were loose, and sweaters were acceptable as neckwear.

Image result for aamir 90s

There isn’t much photographic evidence of Aamir in the 80s.  And, tragically, none of it is funny.  QSQT is such a good movie!  And every still I look at, just makes me feel all heartbroken and swoony.

Image result for aamir qsqt

But the 70s make up for it!  How do I love you Aamir in the 70s, let me count the ways!  First, your “Disco Look” (yes yes, not actually from the 70s, but with that vibe, you know?).

Image result for aamir khan delhi belly

And then your actual 70s look, so cute!

Image result for yaadon ki baaraat aamir khan

And finally, the picture a friend of mine described as “Our Bodies Our Selves type photo, like he’s down with second-wave feminism and wants to hear all your feelings.”

Image result for aamir khan mustache


And one more, for his very first decade, the 1960s:

Image result for aamir khan baby


5 thoughts on “TGIF for Aamir’s Birthday Week! Aamir Through the Decades!

  1. So I’ve seen you use the term “peak hotness” in other posts (perhaps even in regards to Aamir, which I apologize if I’ve missed). I know that Aamir doesn’t quite float your boat but what would his period be? I think my vote for “peak coolness” Aamir would be in Rangeela. I thought the tapori look really suited him-stylish hat, messy hair, just the right amount of facial scruff, handkerchief around the neck, thuggish attitude with a heart of gold. That yellow suit he wore when he was trying to fit in at the ritzy hotel was amazing!


    • For me with Aamir it’s mostly his personality that I like. Well, one particular personality. When he has the kind of exclamation point eyebrows and is the cocky wise-cracker, I like that. So, Dil Chahta Hai Aamir and Lagaan Aamir. And a little bit Ghulam Aamir. And Mann Aamir in that one song with the brown jacket. And a couple of moments in Sarfarosh.

      I definitely don’t like “serious” Aamir like in Dangal, or “sweet innocent” Aamir like in QSQT or PK. I can appreciate them as performances, I just don’t find them appealing.


  2. My first introduction to Aamir was in Lagaan, and I found him quite sexy in that. Enough to make me go on a quest for all his movies. Unfortunately I decided to watch them in chronological order, so that my next Aamir was the baby faced one in QSQT, which made me feel like a pedophile. 🙂


    • I didn’t watch QSQT until a few years ago, although I knew about it. And I was kicking myself because watching it in my late twenties I had that same “pedophile” feeling, whereas if I had just seen it when I first heard about it back in college, I would have been just the right age!


    • I get that feeling every time I’m watching an Alia movie and find myself thinking, “wow, she’s looking all kinds of cute”! I’m at that sad age where most of the heroines are now younger than me. I tend to be more attracted to Rani or Preity (or Juhi or Kajol) who are a slight bit older.


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