Happy Birthday Aamir! The Top 12 Reasons I Love You!!!

The earlier posts today (here and here) were just updated re-posts from last year.  But this one is entirely original!  Because I couldn’t find the top 11 post from last year!  But let’s pretend it’s because I wanted to do something nice for Aamir’s birthday and not just re-gift.

41. I love you because you were the first celebrity to come “out of the closet” about using a surrogate.

42.  I love you because you have been married twice, and both times you chose someone outside of the fame whirlpool, the girl next door for your first wife and a hardworking behind the scenes producer for your second.

43. I love you because you also went outside of the box for your last 4 heroines.  Two talented child actresses, and two unknown adult actresses.  Not famous models or daughters of superstars or beauty queens.

44. I love you because you are helping your own daughter achieve her dreams, encouraging her to continue her career behind the camera.

45. I love you because you continue to pick projects that sound INSANE, and then make them work in execution.  I have faith that your Thugs of Hindustan will be similarly strange but dignified.

46. I love you because at age 45 you made me believe you were 18.


47.  I love you because you also made me believe you were an alien!  Which was almost as hard.


48.  I love you because you made me go “wow, Aamir is such a great actor!  Really believable as the father of grown children” and then 2 hours later go “Wait, he IS the father of grown children!  I just never think of him that way.”


49. I love you because on the very first songs DVD I bought, this quickly became my favorite song.


50. I love you because you and Juhi Chawla are just as cute together today as you were when you were launched.

Image result for aamir khan juhi chawla

51.  I love you because you are also awfully cute with your family.  And you gave us a Holi themed picture for your birthday week!

Image result for aamir khan azad

52.  And finally, I love you because this picture gives me endless joy and amusement (SPOILERS: it will not be the last time you see it this week)

Image result for aamir khan mustache


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Aamir! The Top 12 Reasons I Love You!!!

  1. What would be your favorite Aamir film? Or if that’s too hard, what would be your top 5? In the few that I’ve seen, I think 3 Idiots is my favorite.


    • Favorite would be a tie between Ishq (for cheerful happy stupidity) and Ghulam (for all around movie goodness and enjoyable watching).

      Best, I think I might say Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak or Andaz Apna Apna. His post-Lagaan movies have more gloss and class to them, but they aren’t as put together with the clockwork precision of AAA, and they don’t have the soul of QSQT.


      • Oh okay, I think I’ll try to check them out soon. What about Sarfarosh? I heard it was good and I like Sonali Bendre so I wanted to check it out.


        • Sarfarosh is really really good. Have you seen Talaash? It’s got a bit of that vibe. Nothing in common in terms of plot or cast or anything, but the same sort of thoughtful tone to a cop movie. Don’t expect huge over the top fight scenes, or damsel in distress scenes with the heroine, or big item numbers. Aamir doesn’t even have a mustache. But it is very well directed and acted. and the soundtrack is pretty great too.


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