HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAMIR! 52 Reasons I Love You (Part 1)

Aaaa!  I totally forgot Aamir’s birthday!  Luckily, I made a big fuss last year, so I can just update and re-post those posts.  It’s still not as much as I did for Shahrukh and Salman, but he is just going to have to be mature and life with that.

1.He was the first Khan to hit it big, Qayamet Se Qayamet Tak came out a year and a half before Maine Pyar Kiya, and 4 years and two months before Deewana.

2. QSQT wasn’t technically his first movie, that was Yaadon Ki Baarat, and he looked adorable.

3. He has sticky-outy ears (see above and below), and I have come to find them kind of endearing.

4. He has the most changeable hair of all the Khans, going from poof to mullet to cool guy short to long and in period to shaven and back again.

5. He is also the most-mustachiod of the Khans.  And, I think, wears it best.


6. His first adorable song.

7. His second adorable song



8. His third adorable song

9. His fourth adorable song

10. His fifth adorable song


11. That in his second adorable song, he agreed to be partnered with the tallest extra, and then had him raise his hands up to make him look even taller, while Aamir looks like a witty-bitty doll boy (4:10 through 4:22).

12.  That in the same adorable song, his new wife was an extra who could not stop laughing at him (4:50 through 5:12, in the red dress).

13. That he was launched opposite similarly adorable and young and very short Juhi Chawla.

14. That baby Imran Khan plays baby Aamir in this film, just like Aamir jumped in to help out and play young Takir Khan (Aamir’s cousin) in Yaadon ki Baarat.

(aw, little Imran!  Did not inherit the family ears)

15. That his third adorable song takes the “dancing around the trees” trope and embraces it.

16. That you were in a terrible movie, which lead to a brilliant humorous youtube video


17. Also, this scene from Dil.  You know, I think I like the scenes in this movie even better than the songs!

(See, he tricked Madhuri into betting that she would kiss him if he won the fight.  Also, how cute is Madhuri in those pigtails?)

18. This scene from Dil, in which Madhuri sends a message


19.  Well, I like this Dil song at least.  It’s got kind of a Grease vibe, doesn’t it?


20.  Oh, and this one.  Especially the sad peddle boat memories (don’t worry, the movie has a happy ending after all)

11 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAMIR! 52 Reasons I Love You (Part 1)

  1. My fave song from Dil is that dance battle between him and Madhuri. I mean yeah he isn’t much of a match for Madhuri in dancing, but the chemistry!!

    Also, I LOVE Gazab Ka Hai Din! Esp the end where Rashmi says “just because I’m in love with you doesn’t make it necessary for you to love me back”. Consent 101 right there, folks. ❤


    • That is one of my favorite parts of QSQT! Not that line in particular, but that Rashmi is the one who falls in love first and is all cute and seeking him out. It’s such a neat inversion of the usual gender roles. But without making it creepy, she’s not blackmailing him or stalking him or anything, she’s just making it clear how she feels.

      My fav scene from Dil is the only one I couldn’t find! When Aamir is wearing the chef’s hat and cooking and Madhuri comes in and kisses him from behind. And then he sees the bangles and there is a whole fight. I’ve actually seen Dil a lot more than QSQT. I know QSQT is a better movie, but Dil has a happy ending!


      • Sadly enough (and I say this only because of the ending, and I was six and genuinely thought Aamir Khan actually died!) QSQT was my first film ever. It has a great story behind it: when I was a little kid, my mum would scare me into sleeping early by convincing me that if I stayed up late the police would catch me. QTST was on TV on New Years Eve that year and Dad and I were watching it, and he claims that mid movie I took one look at the clock and burst into tears, afraid that the police would take me away. Dad understood why Mum said that immediately so he played along and told me they were on holiday for New Years Eve lol. And then Aamir and Juhi died. And I cried and cried because I thought we would never see Aamir or Juhi in a movie again. Poor Dad had to take fifteen minutes extra to calm me down after that xD


        • I have indeed seen those guys! In fact, I almost linked to it as part of this post, but then I thought it would be disrespectful on AK’s birthday!

          I am forever grateful to those guys, because they saved me from doubting my own mind. I saw Tum Mere Ho years and years and years ago on a rented DVD. And every once in a while I would flashback to it and then think “Nah, there can’t possible be a movie that crazy! I must have imagined it or conflated multiple plots or at the very least, if it did exist, it couldn’t have stared Aamir Khan! He’s all classy and a Great Actor!” And then a friend sent me a link to the pretentious movie review guys thing on DDLJ, and I watched their other videos and finally, FINALLY, found proof that movie actually did exist in reality! My memory wasn’t going!

          And then I had to order a copy all the way from India just to watch it again, and yes, it is just as awesome/terrible as I always remembered. I don’t think the PMR guys mention this, but it also only has like one song, and it’s just the same tune re-arranged 3 times with lyrics that mostly consist of the title being repeated over and over and over again with varying intonations. Oh, and the whole thing is only 2 hours long, and the ending feels very much like “Hey! We’re about to run out of money! Quick, make the parents forgive them for no real reason and then embrace before the end credits start!”


  2. On one of the episodes of Satyamev Jayate (the one with rape victims), Aamir admits that Bollywood is partly responsible for the aggression against women.He showed some of the popular songs to get the point across with the final one being the Dil song.He tipped his head and acknowledged his contribution.


    • Dil is ridiculous! Such horrible regressive male-female roles! Tum Mere Ho is even worse, but at least that one wasn’t a hit.

      When Aamir was filming in Chicago, a friend of mine got to get an autograph and take pictures with him. She was one of 3 young women who were called back to the trailers (the only ones who cared enough to wait around for an hour in the middle of the day until he was free). He made nice chat with them all, and asked what their favorite movies were, and one of the other young women (not my friend) said “I love you in Dil, it is my favorite movie ever!” To which he went “Really? Dil?” I mean, he was nice about it, but my friend felt like he was thinking “Dil? Who likes Dil? I’ve done so many better movies!”


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