In a Moment of Global Harmony, All Around the World People Are Now Watching Baahubali 2

I can’t resist joining in, even though I can’t actually watch the film (stupid job!).  So I am going to put up a post at the exact second that Baahubali 2 starts running all over the world, from the Chicago suburbs to the Bombay movie palaces.

6 thoughts on “In a Moment of Global Harmony, All Around the World People Are Now Watching Baahubali 2

  1. Have you seen the teaser of Saaho, Prabhas’s next after Baahubali?!? I was really impressed with it! I wasn’t expecting much because this is the director, Sujeeth’s second movie. Plus they were handing Sujeeth a 150 crore budget while his first movie was made on a four crore budget. But now I am so excited about this movie! I haven’t been excited to see a Prabhas movies (not counting Baahubali) like this before. And the music is by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy! Here it is:


    • I have seen it! Just this morning, and then it was attached to B2 of course. I was so-so on the teaser, didn’t feel like there was much there good or bad. But I am super super excited about Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy!!!1


      • I wasn’t expecting much especially since they didn’t even start shooting the actual movie yet. They just shot for this teaser so they could release it with Baahubali 2. I wasn’t expecting this to be so slick and stylish. I loved Prabhas’s swag and attitude in this! It’s so cool when he wipes the blood off of his face and says it’s showtime with that half smile! Wait so does this teaser come right before the movie starts? It would be so cool if Prabhas announces that it’s showtime and then the movie starts.


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