Friday Classics: Sarkar, When is the Moment to Stop Watching and Start Acting

Such a good movie!  I always forget, and then I watch it again and it is even better than I remembered.  Abhishek is perfect, Amitabh is perfect, Katrina is dubbed, it’s just what you want!

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Sarkar 3 Video Review, MovieMavenGal!

I was all set to drag myself to Sarkar 3, but then the showtimes were no good yesterday, so Dina and I couldn’t do our usual movie followed by podcast.  And today I have to run errands and plan a Sunday School class and do all kinds of other things that make me not want to waste 2 and a half hours in a movie theater.  So, yay!  MovieMavenGal reviewed it for me!

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Two Unrelated Videos: Sarkar 3 and Prithviraj!

Mohzin on my Wednesday Watching post recommended a new interview with Prithviraj, which I was able to watch after work today, and it was fascinating!  Probably in a bunch of ways I missed, but also in some I managed to actually catch despite knowing almost nothing about his industry.  And then separately from that, trailer for Sarkar 3 came out!  And it is kind of fascinating to look at the two of them in terms of how Hindi film stars present themselves versus Malayalam.

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