Mom Trailer! What the Heck is this?

This is just the most mystifying trailer!  Usually I like to have several trailers or news items to talk about at once, but I can’t wait on this one, because I need to crowdsource understanding it.  WHAT IS HAPPENING????

I can grasp the big theme, which I love, taking the idealized vision of a mother’s love and turning it dark.  It’s right there in the dialogue, something about how vengeance belongs to God, followed by the common saccharine saying “God couldn’t be everywhere, that’s why he made mothers.”  The sappy Hallmark greeting card sentiment suddenly turned dark and twisted.  I love it!

But plot wise, I am at a loss.  I can’t even make a guess.  Help!


Sridevi and Some Actor are the parents of teenage girl, Some Actress.  Some Actress is possibly in danger, going out to clubs late at night etc.  And then suddenly Nawazuddin is there, in a terrible bald wig, being a private investigator (I think) working with Sridevi.  And Akshaye (YAAAAAY AKSHAYE!!!!) is there seemingly following Sridevi and threatening her.  Some Actor and Some Actress are gone.  And then Sridevi walks through possibly some kind of temple area with red clothes, looking tentative and respectful.  And then Some Actress is back and says that Sridevi isn’t her mother after all.


Whaaaaaaaat?  I thought I had it at first.  Clearly something bad happened to Some Actress and Sridevi was trying to avenge her, and Akshaye is probably the bad guy who did it (or else possibly a cop trying to build a case against her for her vengeance).

But then there is the temple looking moment, and then “you are not my mother moment”, and I just don’t know!  Maybe it’s a cult?  Maybe she is rescuing her daughter from a cult, but the cult has already brainwashed her?

Or maybe it really isn’t her daughter?  Maybe she and Some Actor somehow acquired a baby and raised it as their own and Some Actress found out and it sent her on a tailspin and then Sridevi had to do a bunch of stuff to cover it up?


In general, the feel of it reminds me of In the Bedroom.  That really interesting movie from about 15 years ago about a couple trying to deal with their grief and getting angrier and angrier and darker and darker after their son is murdered.  That same feel of nice good people who have lost all sense of balance in their life.  And, the happy middle-aged parents who suddenly find their world rocked.


But, I just don’t know!  I am so confused!  Help me!

8 thoughts on “Mom Trailer! What the Heck is this?

  1. I like that the trailer doesn’t give away anything and has me totally intrigued. The “some actor/actress” are probably new to you as both are Pakistani, though they are quite popular there and are very talented. Sri Devi’s husband played by Adnan Siddiqui and daughter is Sajjal Ali.
    Sajjal Ali recently appeared in a superb telefilm called Behadd ( with Fawad Khan.


    • Thanks! Now I kind of want to watch Behadd. Mostly because I love Fawad, but also because I am curious about the actress.

      On Sat, Jun 3, 2017 at 8:53 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I absolutely loved Behadd and have watched it thrice already. It’s really different from the run of the mill story: the main protagonist is a 40 something widow with a teenage daughter (Sajjal Ali) who meets Fawad Khan’s character at work and he happens to be her friend’s younger brother. Amazing performances by all specially by Nadia Jamil who plays the main lead.


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