Happy Doctor’s Day! 10 Songs to Celebrate

Happy Doctor’s Day!  Which I only know about from Amitabh’s twitter.  Which is true of so many things, Amitabh really does tweet about everything. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year, and once again, I STILL only know about it from Amitabh’s twitter!)

Hollywood, India, England, Korea, probably other film industries I don’t know about: they all love the medical stories!  More on TV than in movies, because the new patient every week set up is so perfect for serialized dramas, but in movies too!  So, I can’t possibly give an exhaustive list, but I’ll throw out some of my favorites, and feel free to mention some of your favorite doctor movies/songs in the comments!

1. Malayalam is always interesting, and their take on the doctor film was very interesting. Plus, Prithviraj!

2. A Shahrukh one!  It’s only medical right at the end, but it’s Sonali Bendre!  She’s such a great doctor!

3. I love this song!  I’ve never even seen the movie (it’s based on Dil Apna Aur Preet Purai, which also has a song I love and which I also haven’t seen), but don’t they make a cute doctor couple?

4. Great song, and more about love than medicine, but we do get to see the way traveling clinics work, which I found fascinating!

5. Super sad song!  But then it gets triumphal at the end.  And we get to see Kareena as a med student!

6. There are other alternative treatments for attempted suicide cases.  But they all involve songs.

8. A newer doctor film, from this year.  We don’t see much of her life as a doctor, but I felt like it was still an important part of her character.

9. To take a look at medicine from the patient’s side of things, Anand!  Plus, Amitabh is playing a doctor, and he’s the one who told me about this whole holiday in the first place, so it seems fair.

10. And to finish this off, the greatest doctor song of them all! From the greatest Doctor movie!

4 thoughts on “Happy Doctor’s Day! 10 Songs to Celebrate

    • Yep! Anand link if you click on the title. And the Khanna-Kapadia family got their own Hindi Film 101 series.

      Try using the search box in the upper right of the page. It usually pulls up way more results than you want, but at least the one you are looking for will definitely be there.

      On Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 5:00 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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