Saturday Telugu: Anand, Which Should be Titled Rupa

What an interesting movie!  Now I can see why everyone was excited about, but not surprised by, Fidaa.  Clearly this director knows how to build complicated imperfect female characters and reward them with a perfect love story.

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Happy Doctor’s Day! 10 Songs to Celebrate

Happy Doctor’s Day!  Which I only know about from Amitabh’s twitter.  Which is true of so many things, Amitabh really does tweet about everything. (this is an updated and reposted post from last year, and once again, I STILL only know about it from Amitabh’s twitter!)

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45 Years of Anand: My Many Random Reasons to Love this Movie

Isn’t that funny!  I was just emailing with a friend about this film, and now Amitabh tweets that today is the 45th anniversary!  With apologies to my friend, I am going to go ahead and raid our email exchange for all the random things I thought about it, so I don’t have to re-think them all.

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