Starter Kit: Sad Dying Young People Movies

Ashish in the comments suggested a list of sad dying people movies in honor of the Fault in Our Stars remake.  And I am running with that!  Oh, and SPOILERS, some of these films have a slow reveal, but if they are on this list, you will kind of know what they are about.  On the other hand, I know there are some people who really love those sob-until-snot-runs-out kind of dying young films, and if you are looking for the best possible version in Indian film, this is what I have come up with.

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Saturday Telugu: Anand, Which Should be Titled Rupa

What an interesting movie!  Now I can see why everyone was excited about, but not surprised by, Fidaa.  Clearly this director knows how to build complicated imperfect female characters and reward them with a perfect love story.

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45 Years of Anand: My Many Random Reasons to Love this Movie

Isn’t that funny!  I was just emailing with a friend about this film, and now Amitabh tweets that today is the 45th anniversary!  With apologies to my friend, I am going to go ahead and raid our email exchange for all the random things I thought about it, so I don’t have to re-think them all.

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