Really Good Shahrukh Photo, Gets Me Thinking About Why We Love His Romances (Jab Harry Met Sejal)

No real reason for this post beyond it being late on Friday (TGIF just wasn’t brainless enough), and me just stumbling across one image that was too good not to share.  And heck, any excuse to discuss the unique appeal of SRK!

So, I just stumbled across this photo, which is really really really good, and also I think encapsulates exactly what we, the female audience/fan, want from a Shahrukh romance.


See how happy Anushka is?  That’s what we want.  We want to feel safe and free and powerful like that.  It’s not about falling in love with Shahrukh, it’s about falling in love with how he makes his heroines feel.

Not in every movie of course.  In Baazigar, for instance, you didn’t really want that heroine’s life.  But in the great Shahrukh romances, it’s all about making her feel good about herself.

And it’s in the way he looks at her.  Shahrukh’s love look isn’t “oo, you so sexy!”, it’s “ooo, you so wonderful in every possible way that I just want to be near you and serve you and make no demands on you besides being allowed to be in your presence”.

So, while I would like for this new movie to end with a wedding and babies and all that good stuff, I also can see it still being a “classic Shahrukh romance” if it is more of a bittersweet ending.  Because he doesn’t need the girl to embrace him and be his wife and have his babies.  He just needs for her to be happy, and then he will be happy.

The only reason that ending would be bittersweet is because we, the audience, know that no one will ever love Anushka as much or in the same way as Shahrukh can love.


15 thoughts on “Really Good Shahrukh Photo, Gets Me Thinking About Why We Love His Romances (Jab Harry Met Sejal)

  1. As usual all good thoughts. I just don’t want to hear ANOTHER word about how he is too old for her when it is reviewed. I’ll take the bitter sweet ending to avoid that. ‘Course it’ll be the SECOND unfortunate time Anushka doesn’t get him. Katrina was SO unworthy in JTHJ. I’ve said before I’m hoping for a Khabi Ha Khabi Na ending INCLUDING a Juhi cameo.


    • I’m fine with them saying “he is clearly to old for her, but the script deals with that in a clever way and sells us on their May-December romance”. But I am sick of the lazy arguments about how either the film would do just as well and be just as big if they had cast an age appropriate hero. Or how somehow Shahrukh is all alone in ruining the world by casting these young heroines, it has nothing to do with audience prejudice, producer parania, or just plain social judgement against older women who aren’t married AND married women who work.


      • A thought about him being too old (this is not original to me but was suggested by Molly): After hearing Safar she thought that perhaps Harry is stuck in his life, and therefore hasn’t matured as a man his age should, or ordinarily would. Hence the womanizing, feeling unrooted, etc. So maybe if he’s emotionally younger than his actual age the romance won’t look weird to those who object to this pairing due to the age difference.
        Shah Rukh has said that his age features in the film, that it is addressed in some way, so we will see.
        I, for one, would like to see Anushka be with him at the end. She deserves it after JTHJ.


        • Oh, one more thing. On casting an age-appropriate heroine in this movie: it would be a different movie altogether I think. I don’t know more than anyone else about the plot but it seems to me that Sejal as a newly-engaged Gujarati girl requires her to be young-ish at least.


          • Oh she plays a just engaged girl? Hmm another fantasyesque scenario of guy winning over an engaged girl (if that is the story).


          • Yes! Agree! and it feels like maybe she is playing close to her own age, not a baby. I get the vibe somehow of a strong adult woman just on the edge of being outside of marriagable age which is why the ring is so important to her.


        • That’s why I still think Chennai Express is one of his more groundbreaking films, because it did thst with his age, made it sad that he hadn’t been able to grow up and happy that he could finally start his life. With a lot of comedy around it, but still!


      • Anushka has been very vocal about such issues as sexism and equality of pay and treatment etc and I’m sure when down the road she also voices her disdain of age gap between male and female leads she might say that SRK in this film was indeed playing a guy in his 40s so that’s fine because script itself is like that.

        Also IMO the cinema-audience dynamic is a two-way street informing and shaping each other. So as much as SRK is not to blame alone for doing such stuff it is also incumbent on stars of his stature and influence to exert it on society if and how they see fit, should they wish to. Like how recently Emma Stone spoke about men in her films taking a pay cut themselves to take a stand and make a point.


        • One of the problems in indian films viz age is that leading ladies NEED to be shown as young girls. So of course the leading men CANNOT be older either. This is why I loved Ki & Ka. They explicitly showed the heroine being in her 30s. And single. 😁


          • ugh, Ki & Ka! Hated that movie SO MUCH! But the thing I hated least was Kareena’s character.

            On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 8:16 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • Ha! I loved it! Maybe because it felt like my own love story. Younger guy, workaholic older girl, cool mom.. 😁


  2. From a male audience point of view, Shah Rukh movies spend a lot of time & effort in building up the heroine, making us emotionally invested in the heroine, and then when she falls in love with Shah Rukh, then all that investment is transferred to Shah Rukh. 🙂

    This chemistry works very well for Kajol-shahRukh movies.

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    • Oh that’s a really interesting way to look at it! And gets at something I’ve thought in general, that movies with a balance between the hero and heroine are just better movies. The plot makes more sense and all the characters are stronger when you have a balance.


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