TGIF: Jagga Jasoos Themed! Men in Sweater Vests

Now, if I am following this correctly, the thinking goes “men wear sweater vests in mountains-many children’s boarding schools are in mountains because it is supposed to be healthier-young men in sweater vests makes us think they are teenagers”.  But the way in which these sweater vests come across can vary greatly image to image.

Now, my first thought was to do a siblings theme post for my sister’s birthday.  But although I love this photo I found of the Shetty sisters, not many others were very good.

Image result for shilpa shetty shamita filmfare

(Can’t you hear the mental message?  “See?  Pop your leg like this!  that’s right, good job baby sister, let Didi show you the way.”)

So instead, The Sweater Vest!  In all it’s various forms.  And let’s start right at the top, with SRK in Main Hoon Na.  Oh SRK!  Why aren’t you preppy more?

Related image

Has anyone but me seen Joothi Hai Saahi?  Surprisingly good movie!  The heroine is terrible (director’s wife), but the rest of the cast is great, and the plot is really clever and sweet.  Most importantly, John Abraham plays a shy glasses wearing bookstore owner whose sweater vests hide a body that is, well, John Abraham!  The male sexy librarian, is what I am saying.

Related image

Hrithik also had his little “sexy librarian” thing going on in Koi Mil Gaya.  But it was half “sexy librarian” and half “small boy I should not be attracted to”.  Mostly it was just disturbing.

Image result for hrithik roshan sweater

And so, just for Hrithik, I will bend the rules a little and call this a “sweater vest”.  I mean, it’s not exactly a button vest, or a suit vest, so sweater seems as close as anything.

Okay, I’m gonna bend the rules again for Aamir.  Who I cannot find in a sweater vest ever!  Well, except for unflattering photos from the second half of Dangal.  So we are calling this a sweater vest.  Because it’s closer to it than those vests he wore all the time in Ghajini.

Image result for aamir khan young

Now, see, my theory is that Aamir has deep psychological scarring which has made him unable to ever wear a sweater again.  After some sadistic photographer made him do this.

And then there’s Salman.  Who went hard on the sweater vests in both Sultan and Tubelight.  But the Sultan look was a lot better, very kind of “aging and confident in his aging and practical and responsible hot guy”.

Related image

Now, this is a little mean.  But I have to acknowledge the “other” kind of sweater vest of Indian film.  The one that you see out of the corner of your eye and think “why is he wearing a sweater vest in the shower/in bed/while having sex?”  And then you realize, that’s not a sweater…..  I give you, Young Akshay Kumar!

Image result for akshay kumar shirtless

That one you could kind of see after a second, but this one it takes a little longer.  There’s the ribbon at the collar, the nice covering that goes over the shoulders, clearly Anil is wearing a…..NOTHING!  He’s wearing NOTHING!  Well, the ribbon is real, there is that.

Related image

Now, that was very old school sweater vest.  Let’s look new school.  Our little Barbie doll like fancy dresser types.  Siddharth is definitely wearing that sweater vest.  Or is it wearing him?  I think it might be wearing him a little.

Related image

Imran is wearing the vest, not the other way around, and yet I hate him!  The whole “oh, I’m not treating, sweater vest and torn pants and slightly unshaven hair” look, which clearly is only achieved by trying really really hard, way harder than Siddharth up there who just wore the outfit his stylist laid out for him.

Image result for varun dhawan sweater vest

Now, I think Fawad here may have fought his clothes down to a standstill.  I don’t think either of them are winning, it is a perfectly balanced tie.  HA!  I made a pun!  Not a good one, but still.

Related image

One more photo, for the gentlemen who like ladies, and the ladies who like ladies.  Rani Mukherjee!  In the love song in Bunty Aur Babli.  You know the moment.



And finally, I found this while looking for a photo of his son, but somehow this is just the epitome of sweater wearing!  I don’t care about the big nose, the glass eye, the skinny body, Tiger Pataudi was HOT!

Image result for saif ali khan cricket vest



(okay, I have to give you the context if you haven’t seen it.  Skip to 5:20)


11 thoughts on “TGIF: Jagga Jasoos Themed! Men in Sweater Vests

  1. Sweater vests are very useful (speaking as a frequent wearer). You only have to iron your shirt sleeves and you don’t have to worry about getting your tie ends to line up. And, for those of us with “mature” waistlines, they provide a little camouflage.


    • Maybe that’s the other reason they are used for school uniforms? Saving all those schoolboys from dealing with tie ends?

      On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 3:05 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Yes Pataudi is still better looking than Shroff for sure.

    Here’s a Hrithik in a sweater vest and totally appropriate to be attracted to


    • Ooo, I forgot about Chand Sitare! One of the many times in that movie when poor Amisha looked like nothing special, and Hrithik looked amazing.

      On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 3:37 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Well again I’m sure I speak for most boys my age in 2000 when I say Amisha was god damn sizzling hot in those outfits esp the ones she rocked before [SPOILER] Hrithik 1 dies.


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  4. Fawad is killing it with his sweater game, I’ve got to go re-watch my favorite parts of Humsafar now!

    Also, no Rishi? I thought this would be right up his alley.


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