Happy Birthday Dulquer! A Dozen Reasons I Love You

Forgive me, I am still really really weak on Malayalam.  So this won’t be as extensive as it could be.  But moviemavengal just reminded me it is his birthday and I feel like I have to do SOMETHING.

1.1 I love you because your father is one of the two most famous people in Malayalam film, and yet you have made a name for yourself as more than just “Mammootty’s son”.

Image result for dulquer mammootty

2. I love you because you did a remarkably confident performance in your big break film, Ustad Hotel (review here).

3. I love you because your first major hit role showed an amazing ability to improve. (ABCD review here)

4. I love you because your real breakthrough role was in Bangalore Days (review here), a brilliant movie with a brilliant performance from you.


5. I love you because you followed it up with an action role, totally different, in Vikramadityan (review here)

6. I love you because you checked off your Ratnam box at only 29, and gave a brilliant performance as a young man in love, but distinctive from all the other Ratnam young men in love. (OK Kanmani review here)


7. I love you because you somehow filmed another romance in the same year with the same heroine, that was entirely different. (100 Days of Love review here)\

8. I love you because 2015 was the year of romance, but 2016 was the year of growing up and stretching your skills.  First with the amazing Kali (review here).


9.  And then with the even more amazing Kammattipadam (review here), which include a breathtaking performance from you.


10.  I love you because as your career has gotten bigger and bigger, you have resisted a rivalry with the other leading young actor, maintaining a good relationship with Nivin Pauly.

Image result for dulquer nivin pauly

11. I love you because you almost made it worthwhile to watch  Jomonte Suvisheshangal (review here) even though I had already seen Jacobinte Swargarajyam (review here)

12.  And finally, I love you because your most recent film (CIA review here) gave me this song, that I have been listening to for months any time I need a shot of energy.


Bonus 13th Reason: Moviemavengal just reminded me in comments that you also graduated from Purdue University in Indiana.  Which is where my grandparents went to school (and met each other and fell in love).  Which is another very good reason to love you.

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dulquer! A Dozen Reasons I Love You

    • Does somebody know if Maddy will do this Charlie remake or not? I read about it some time ago, and was super excited, but lately I found Madhavan interview where he said that tamil script wasn’t better than malayalam and maybe it will not be done. I don’t know if I understood well, and I can’t find it now.


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