Phurr Promotions and Xeno’s Paradox (I Went on Twitter Again and it Scared Me)

I feel like I have used this example before, but I can’t remember what for.  Anyway, the new song from Jab Harry Met Sejal is (supposedly) coming ever closer to us.  And yet I find myself thinking, “will it ever actually arrive?  Or is this a Xeno’s paradox situation?” (and also, once again, I should not go on twitter!)

Here’s a fun game next time you are hanging out with a bunch of kids in a room with tiles or floor boards.  Have them do a race, where one kid gets to go a single board (or tile) at a time with each step.  And the other kid gets to go half the distance between where they are and the end with each step.  Say there are 20 floor boards.  Kid A will move one board forward at the same time Kid B moves 10 boards.  Kid A moves another one board while Kid B moves 5 (half the distance between 10 and the end).  Kid A moves one more board, while Kid B moves 2.5.  And so on until Kid B is moving half a toe length forward across that one final board and Kid A reaches the end.

I know it doesn’t sound fun, but I used to do this all the time when I was tutoring and children LOVED it!  Especially the end bit where they had to move forward 1/16th of a floor board on their tippy-toes.

So, fun indoor game when you are 8.  Terrible twitter game when you are a grown up movie fan!  And I am beginning to think that is what the “Phurr” song promotions are pulling on us.

First, we got the teaser for the teaser:


Then we get the actual teaser:

Supposedly, at some point in the next 24 hours, we will get the full trailer.

And then I suppose after the trailer version the full song video.

And finally, on Friday, the movie surrounding the song.

And yet I can’t help thinking of those little kids slowly realizing that they made a foolish choice and would never actually get to the end of this race.  Are we somehow trapped in a never ending situation of always feeling like we are getting closer to the end when in fact it is just a mirage getting farther and farther away from us?


(and this is why I don’t go on twitter.  Gives me existential crisis-es)


3 thoughts on “Phurr Promotions and Xeno’s Paradox (I Went on Twitter Again and it Scared Me)

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