Happy Birthday Sridevi! 14 Reasons I Love You!

It’s Sridevi’s birthday!  I am so excited about celebrating!  Because it means we all get to watch a bunch of really great song sequences as I list of my reasons that I love her.  I did 13 reasons last year, but now she is one year older, so I will do 14! (this is an updated and reposted post from last year)

1. I love you because you have been acting since you were 4, had your first notable Hindi role as a “child star” at age 12 in Julie, and launched as a heroine in southern films a year later at 13.  A classic working actress biography that isn’t seen much these days.

2. I love you because you put in a good 6 years working primarily in the south, winning awards in Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil films, before you seriously tried to break out in the north.

3. I love you because your “break-out” role in Himmatwala was something that, in any other hands, would have been unplayable.  As we saw, when Tamanna attempted to recreate the magic in the Himmatwala remake.

4. I love you because you could make a young girl with amnesia and a snake who falls in love with Rishi Kapoor equally believable.

5. I love you because you kept working in the regional industries even after you hit it big in Hindi, staying in touch with your roots.

6. I love you because you were wise enough to take a break when your career started to slow down, and even wiser for picking the perfect comeback picture to restart it.

7. But mostly, I love you because you light up the screen when you dance!  Right from your first Hindi film.

8. To your last Hindi film.

(I love Urmila too, but I may have to re-use this on her birthday!)

9. You made the snake dance actually snake-like.

10. You were arguably Yash Chopra’s greatest heroine, and certainly in two of his greatest films.

11.  With Yashji, you re-imagined the wedding song.

12.  And turned a modern young girl into a traditional heroine.

13.  I love you because you came back with a blast in English/Vinglish, a starring role, no boring “mother” parts for you.  Although you were playing a  mother.


14.  And then there is your most recent film (review here)!  In which you played a “mother” role like we had never seen before.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sridevi! 14 Reasons I Love You!

  1. Leading ladies the likes of Sri and Madhuri are unlikely to be seen again. Their names get buried under the shadows of Badshah and Shehanshah and Bhais etc but these ladies held their own even with those big names dominating everything.


    • I just want more dancers! It’s been so long since we had a real trained dancing star. I think Aish may have been the last one? The club song type things are fun, but I want an actress who can really do the classical numbers again.


      • Oh dear God!! Aish isn’t qualified to be in a list of trained anything. Her fame is a testament to our racist tendencies. She’s the female version of Hrithik Roshan. She acts like she’s an anime character. I’d have said she got botoxed but her facial acting has always been wooden and her voice acting is worse.

        Speaking of classical dance and songs, I’ve been listening to Jiya Jale of late and I can’t help but imagine a young actress trained in classical dances wearing a pair of high waist demins and a loose crop top, headphones in her ears, practising the classical mudras while she gets to her dance class in metro, along sidewalks, on the beach, on an escalator in a mall– like the ancient art meets 2017 kinda deal. Plus this dance student chick has a hot brooding dance teacher (dunno why Arjun Rampal jumped into my head for that)

        We need a proper dance movie and NOT something like ABCD please. Enough of that already. Nothing against contemporary dance forms but please!! Can we have a Black Swan with bharatnatyam? Actually I’d like Abhigyan Shakuntalam in like a dance student kind of film.


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