Happy Birthday Shriya Saran! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

A year ago, I didn’t even know who this actress was.  And now I can easily come up with a dozen reasons to love her!

1.1. I love you because you are ta child of nice middle-class parents (chemistry teacher and electrical engineer), from Delhi, who somehow landed in the Telugu film industry.

2. I love you because you are a trained dancer, at least more trained than most actresses.

3. I love you because your first big hit was when you were twenty opposite 43 year old Nagarjuna, and yet you worked as a couple.

4. I love you because that big hit film was Santosham and you were both super cute in it.


5.  I love you because you were also great opposite Nagarjuna in Nenunnanu


6. Although your biggest hit was NOT opposite Nagarjuna, but opposite Rajnikanth.


7. I love you because you are a remarkably flexible actress, appearing in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, AND English films!

8. I love you because you were in The Other End of the Line, which I have heard is surprisingly cute.

9. I love you because you survived the unbelievably nightmarishly gosh awful Midnight’s Children film.

10. I love you because you also did Malayalam!  Although apparently you didn’t have much to do.  But hey, Prithviraj and Mammootty!


11. I love you because you aren’t above doing a straight up item song.


12.  And finally, I love you because you gave us the best romance out of all the romances in Manam!

71 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Shriya Saran! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!

  1. I DO NOT like Shriya Saran! At all!!! But somehow she seems to have been a part of some of my personal favs including Awarapan which was the first film that made me realise Emraan Hashmi could act.

    I did not understand the reason for this irrational hatred till i saw this:

    UGH!!! also, EWWW… See the look on her face. So plastic she could make Aishwarya Rai look human!


    • Watch Manam! And the other two Nagarjuna films I recommended. She is soooooooooooooo good with him. It’s possible I only love her because my Nagarjuna love is so strong that it spills over in her direction. Well, and also she survived making Midnight’s Children and I survived watching it, which builds a lifelong bond.


  2. Hi. I have just found ur blog via SRK universe. I’m not a tech wiz so haven’t a clue about blogging. As in, can I contact you in any way. I see there is no tag for fb. I guess I’m asking because your story about meeting Shahrukh resonated so much with me. But I can’t convince anyone to flip their wigs over him at all. Conned my daughter into a few movies, but that’s about it. Its a lonely world when you’ve got no one to share your SRK excitement with. I live in Australia. I think it’s fab your doing a blog , what a great way to get emotions out. Anyhow just wondering if there would be a way to connect sometimes? I do see a twitter handle. Maybe I ll try you there. Shahrukh fans unite !!!!!!!

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  3. Shriya was the actress in one my favorite movies as a kid, Nuvve Nuvve. It’s actually a pretty good movie that I would recommend to you. It’s the directorial debut of Trivikram Srinivas; I think you’ve seen his Athadu and Attarintiki Daaredi. Here’s my favorite song that I used to sing along to all the time:


  4. I only recently got Shriya Saran’s sex appeal when I watched an old movie of her and Prabhas. I was like she’s fucking HOT!

    Priyanka Chopra I have hated since day 1 of her singing pyar aaya with sanju baba. no even before that in her vijay movie. yuck.

    Aishu has me conflicted. I love her. but also she’s so messed up. And I think she does great in dramatic roles which require classical drama.

    Also there’s nothing wrong with a siren. just like there’s nothing wrong with a womanizer. as long as everyone is grown up.

    (just my two annas thrown into this.)


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