Happy Birthday to One of My Favorite Commentators!

Commentors?  Commentatorite?  I think I’ll stick with Commentator.  Anyway, I’m not going to call you out, but you mentioned in passing your birthday over two months ago, and I immediately wrote and scheduled this post for today as a special treat.  Feel free to identify yourself in the comments if you want! (you mentioned your birthday more recently, but I want credit for figuring it out and scheduling this post ages ago before you came right out and said it!)

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Sunday Speculative Post: Raabta Inspired Me! What Other Southern Films Could Be Not-Really-Remade

I don’t want to say that Raabta is better than Magadheera, or even as good.  But it is a very clever reimagining which takes the same story but replace the from the southern industry (comedy scenes, action scenes, stalking romance) with the strengths of the Hindi industry (clever dialogue, cutting edge international setting, slightly more complicated characters).  So, what other southern films could we do that with?  Not that we SHOULD do it, but that we could.

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Manam: So Much Better than Paa!!!!

I LOVED this movie!  This is going to be my new happy making comfort food film every time I get down.  Everyone is happy and good and does good happy things and has good happy things happen to them.  And even if something bad does happen, not to worry!  You’ll just get another chance in your next life!

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