This Week’s Box Office Video

Mostly the same content as in this post, but in an easily digestible video format.  Plus, you get to watch me do my hair and see another part of my apartment!  Not for any particular reason, I was just running late this morning so I had to combine activities.

Video here:

19 thoughts on “This Week’s Box Office Video

  1. `
    Well . . . I see you didn’t agree with my “Dump the hair” suggestion. I still think it is weird and creepy. If you want a background activity, how about making dinner or folding your laundry? And, the sound was bad. And, there was a distracting reflection off one of your posters. I suggest you keep trying new arrangements and maybe bring in one of your show biz friends to do a different staging.

    But content — Great! (as usual)


  2. Camera too far away… Couldn’t get the full hair shot! Lovely top again!! Warm tones definitely work for you!! Also, lovely room!! love the decor!

    Had a strange conversation with an editor friend the other day who theorised that our film industries have underestimated the impact of social media on BO. More specifically, he said that the post-Ghajini wide-release, high ticket prices and race to 100 crore strategy was crashing due to first day shows’ social media reviews. Like somebody in some corner of the city watched a film first day first show and told a friend the film is crap and the review goes viral unofficially. and because the film is everywhere and tickets are costly everywhere for big releases, the early reviews keep the undecided audiences away till some smaller, unreviewed film comes along and they take a chance on that instead.

    Bollywood press is also losing face by not calling out the flaws in big, wide releases. He expects almost all big, budget releases this year to “fail” simply because of word of mouth.


    • Now that I have figured out speed of talking and how to cut off the ends and add the front titles and remember to plug the blog, everything else is will fall into place eventually. More important to just get content up once or twice a week that is fairly decent. At some point I’ll find the perfect place to be in the apartment and the right camera distance and so on, but right now I don’t really care. So long as my top looks good 🙂 Oh, and also since I have so few viewers right now and most of them are “friends”, I kind of wanted to show off my awesome posters.

      I agree completely with your friend! Bombay Velvet is the one that blows my mind. It had something like 10% occupancy for the first show! And it went down from there. Terrible terrible movie, but I would have thought it would take people some time to figure that out. But now, literally within hours of release, the word had spread.

      And for the press, I don’t trust most of them both for the way they don’t call out big releases as terrible, and the way they don’t call out small releases as good. Raabta, for instance, was actually an enjoyable movie, not the greatest movie of all time or even a very good movie, but fun. And the press was quick to jump on the “terrible!” band wagon just because it is easy to do. Bareilly Ki Barfi didn’t get nearly as much buzz as it should have, so far as I can tell, especially considering the way it is playing.

      The one thing that seems to work well is to try to create that word of mouth buzz before the critics even see the film. Akshay with Rustom, for instance, he had this whole thing of getting his famous friends to tweet about the film before it released. Which worked great. Plus, of course, the Akshay middle of the road non-controversial political statement thing that makes the critics give good reviews.

      On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:27 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes, you do have awesome posters!

        I guess one problem Bollywood hasn’t really considered is the sheet scale of social media (my mom is in like 10+ WhatsApp groups with family members alone and there are more that she just doesn’t bother leaving like the ones with the neighbourhood ladies, the ones created by like the salon lady and so on) So even if she doesn’t watch action films, she’s getting a review of it in one of her groups. She doesn’t tweet. She doesn’t know what it is. She’s never used twitter. A star tweeting makes zero difference to her. The salon lady, on the other hand, who’s heard from a friend of a friend’s cousin’s wife’s uncle’s neighbor that an action film is bad, just forwards the review as a part of her daily postings in her group and so now my mom knows that an action film is bad. If I talk about it, mom has a review of it already.

        Point being, the audience is on WhatsApp. The only way to get to this audience is to create publicity campaigns for WhatsApp- memes, audios, vine-style super short videos, gifs, even text content!!

        Either that or make really good films.


        • Pshaw, really good films! Too hard! Much easier to just keep spending crores of rupees on publicity.

          The flip side is, it means little films like Bareilly Ki Barfi get a chance to shine since all this word of mouth spreads super fast, fast enough for theaters to decide to hold it over for a second week.

          On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 11:59 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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    • Oh I forgot to mention that! It doesn’t show up on the list at all (even though it is obviously playing here). Which means the theaters that are playing it aren’t bothering to report their figures at all/on time. Since my understanding is that these figures are requested and paid for by the producers, and it is the distributors who lean on the theaters to report them, that means no one cares about these figures. As in, they don’t feel the need to publicize or even track them that well. Which either means they know it will guaranteed do well, or they know good or bad it won’t change any future business decisions.

      On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 12:25 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Hi Margaret, are you planing on watching Simran? I haven’t seen any posts on Simran in your blog. 🙂 Also, please consider finishing your DDLJ analysis.


    • Hi! Long time no comment!

      You read my mind, new DDLj post is half-written and will be going up today. I realized I was procrastinating partly because I was just at a really boring part, but I powered through that and got back to a good bit.

      I’m debating about Simran. It’s one of those movies that I am kind of more curious about the reaction to the movie than about the movie itself. And someone just told me it is 4 hours long? Normally I don’t mind long movies, but it seemed like such a slight story, I can’t imagine what it would take to fill it out to 4 hours.

      On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 2:15 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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