New JHMS Deleted Scene! And New Theory! (both courtesy of Claudia)

This whole post is basically Claudia.  She alerted me to the new deleted scene and, a few days back, she sent me a very lengthy detailed analysis that I have been trying to find a good place to post.  And so I am putting her video, and her analysis, together with my analysis of the video, and calling it a post. (full Jab Harry Met Sejal coverage index here)

Video first!  Like I said, not as exciting.  It’s just a slightly longer the scene that was left in.  And the most important part is the end of the scene, in which Anushka clarifies that her family shouldn’t worry, “Harry” is with her, and they have the awkward interaction where they bow to each other.  Plus that little bit of dialogue about shopping in Prague, to clarify that they are going to Prague next.  If there is more interesting dialogue that I am missing, please tell me in the comments!

What I find most interesting in both this expanded version and in the original version of the scene is their body language.  In the original, there was just the awkwardness of Anushka ignoring Shahrukh, but then mindlessly imitating his bow, showing how used she was to “servants” being around, but also how awkward she is in her own skin, always trying to do what other people do.

This expands on their body language, to show how they are both out of synch with each other and yet in synch.  It’s odd.  Shahrukh keeps trying to get her keys from her hand, which she doesn’t realize and is waving it around.  They fumble a bit trading places in the hallway after he has put her bags inside her room.  And then he throws the keys to her, hits her open hand, the keys fall, she gestures for him to pick them up, he does reluctantly, then hands her the keys, and the two doors slam slightly out of synch.

So, on the one hand, they aren’t aware of each other.  Anushka doesn’t see he wants her keys, Shahrukh tosses them to her when she isn’t ready, and so on.  But on the other hand, they are wordlessly trying to achieve the same goals.  They haven’t worked out the details yet, but big picture, this is a pretty elaborate series of happenings that they are coordianting.  Anushka has the keys, Shahrukh takes them, unlocks her door, puts bags inside, they both move to switch sides of the hallway, Anushka signals for the keys, Shahrukh tosses them, she drops, he picks up, hands them over, they both go into their respective rooms.  And all of this without talking to each other directly.

And also without liking each other.  It just came up in a comment, when do we think they went from irritated to like to love?  My answer was that irritated to like was after the chase in Prague.  But love was always there.  There was a strange connection right from the first car ride underneath all the irritation.  It just took them a while to figure it out.  And this scene here, this is a great example of that.  Anushka is barely thinking of or noticing him, Shahrukh is doing quite a bit of subtle eye rolling.  But on the other hand, there is the way they move around each other, not in synch but very aware.

Anyway, that’s my interpretation!  Speaking of interpretations, here is Claudia’s massive epic discussion of the theory of 3/circles that she has mentioned in passing before in comments:

Jab Harry Met Sejal – numbers 3,4,5 and rings (courtesy of Claudia)

Accumulation as stylistic device – increasing the meaning

The symbolism of numbers

The symbolism of the circle

I discovered…in a kind of “treasure hunt” …a part only – there is still more to discover:-) … and I didn’t even touch the subject of contrast or the finesse of the dialog

Jab Harry Met Sejal is like a 3 act theatre play with prologue and epilogue (= 5 parts): the exit out of the parking lot symbolizes the entry on the stage (opening of an imaginary grand drape) – the draped open curtain at the final hug symbolizes the end of the third act. The first act ends with Sejal saying that she would not leave her fiancé for a tour guide (not a mess yet), the second ends with Sejal deciding to return (full mess), the third act ends with the kiss (not a mess anymore) Prologue = Safar, epilogue = Butterfly (contrast!)

5-letter names for the important persons: Harry, Sejal, Rupen, Manky, Irina, Klara . They form 5 couples (Harry-Sejal, Harry-Manky, Harry-Klara, Sejal-Rupen, Manky-Irina), 3 triangles (Harry-Sejal-Rupen, Harry-Sejal-Klara, Harry-Sejal-Manky) and – as a highlight – a group of four (at both the weddings).
Three persons have a secondary kind of function in the movie and no five-letter names (Didi, Nastassja, Gas)

5 European cities (3 having been part of the touristic tour): Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Lisbon, Frankfurt

3 story-layers: How exterior circumstances/incidents/persons push & keep Harry and Sejal together. – How their interior development depends on the signals the other sends. – How being Indian shapes their being while being far from home.

3 levels of connection (first half = 3 different/ second half 3 at par): guide – client, teacher – apprentice, Sejal as play-acting girlfriend – Harry already in love, friend – friend, Sejal being in love keeping mum about the ring – Harry being in love keeping mom about the nature of his feelings, wife – husband

3 journeys Harry and Sejal make together: Harry having Sejal as a tourist in his tour group for a month – Harry and Sejal doing a part of the first tour in eight days – the journey from Mumbai to Nurmahal.

3 different means of long distance transportation: bus, train, plane,
3 kinds of moving in Amsterdam: car, ship, going

3 nightclubs, the karaoke bar is another kind of club, but heightens the importance of the clubs as it makes a group of four

5 happy dances together, 3 of them pushing Harry’s and Sejal’s relationship further into a positive direction, Phurrr as the forth European dance gives an extra high to the positivity, Butterfly gives an extra high to the relationship.

5 days is the time Sejal needs to get sure of her being attractive and the 3 following days concentrate on the “raula” that the result of her self-confidence – as three times warned by Harry before – creates

5 different rings relative to Harry and Sejal:
Ring/circle: Harry’s journey from India to Canada to Europe back to India – Sejal’s journey from India to Europe back to India (= 2 rings)
Ring/circle: start in Amsterdam – end in Amsterdam (it’s a double circle – for the touristy tour and for the other one)
Double circle =
Ring/circle : Their journey together (already the touristic one) starts with an engagement and ends with an engagement (= one ring)

3 groups of rings in the Mumbai garden:
There are two groups of three circles showcasing the journeys giving to Harry’s own circle a wider range than to Sejal’s. One group with three circles that belongs to Harry is the one to be seen behind Harry before he kneels down. The second one with Sejal’s ring is at the right side during the kiss. The special group of all four rings is directly behind the kissing pair (four as a grouping signifies that one will heighten something).

3 disputes between Harry and Sejal: Amsterdam at the airport, Amsterdam on the bridge, Prague after the flight… the one in Frankfurt again a kind of climax

3 dangerous situations for Harry and Sejal: chase in Prague, Gas’ goons in Prague, Gas in Lisbon

3 times they are in a café/restaurant without drinking or eating something (Amsterdam, Budapest castle, Budapest with Klara) – they are shown to do that in the homey ambiance of an apartment

3 times one sees them sleeping together – in different positions

3 times Harry and Sejal walk with Harry his right arm around her, the fourth time he puts his arm around her (Fado club) is the climax of this kind of closeness.

3 times Harry is at Sejal’s back: Amsterdam bridge, Budapest while sleeping (with a light distance), Budapest after Klara.

3 times Sejal is at Harry’s back: Prague while going to sleep near him (with a light distance), Lisbon at the sea, Lisbon in bed

3 tight hugs: in the train, the night in Lisbon, at the end (Sejal’s hug in the deleted scene would have been the third Sejal gave while the hug at the end would have been the heightening as fourth hug)

3 times Mayank serves as catalyst to further the relationship: convincing Harry to confess – bringing them to the castle where Harry phones Nastassja – inviting them to the wedding which leads to the question he asks

3 times Sejal argues like a lawyer (at the airport, indemnity bond, with Klara)

3 times Harry suggests that Sejal should go back:

Rupen had sent 5 messages while Sejal was with Harry (Prague).

and so on…and so on…

8 thoughts on “New JHMS Deleted Scene! And New Theory! (both courtesy of Claudia)

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  2. Good stuff! I love especially the three times at each others’ back; three times Sejal puts her lawyer hat on (Harry’s reactions are great each time, yet different based on where their relationship is); and three times Harry says she should go back.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. About the circle related to starting and ending in Amsterdam: The shot through the “porthole” window in the beginning–just before Harry bids farewell to the tour group–is exactly the same as the one at the end–just before Harry joins Sejal in the airport to say good bye to her. It isn’t just through the same window. It is EXACTLY the same shot–same cars, same people crossing the street. Imtiaz put it in there twice!

    Any thoughts on why he did this?


    • Well, being cynical, because it was easier to shoot both airport sequences back to back and it just happened to be the same extras and so on in the background.

      On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 9:05 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • You are more cynical than I am! I don’t think it would’ve taken much to just keep the camera rolling, and maybe get some other people in the background for the second shot. I’m thinking Imtiaz had his reasons, he wasn’t being lazy. And since the scenes sort of bookend the whole movie I think it was intentional. Just not quite sure whether he’s going for anything more than showing us the two very different farewell scenes.


  4. I love this scene because Sejal refers to rupen in the plural indicating how formal their relationship is. He’s probably closer to her age and yet she gives him the “respect” of an elder but always speaks in the singular to and of Harry even though there’s quite an age difference between them.

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    • Yes! In some post, I don’t remember which, we were talking about how Harry is so aware that he is “old” for her, but in many ways Rupen was just as old. For one thing, chronologically, he seemed about 5-10 years older than her. And their power dynamic was way way off. Unlike with Harry, where the servant/employee thing kind of over-ruled the age difference at the beginning.

      On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 4:58 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • No way would an Indian family let their daughter get engaged to a guy 10 years older to her. Rupen looks like a freshly minted us mba guy who is at max 3-5 years older than her and 5 is stretching it. In India if the man is much older than the woman it reflects badly on the girl and family. It means either they are not rich enough or she’s not pretty enough or (shudder!) both. Or she’s had a terrible past and they are just desperate to get her married. None of these are the ccase.

        So if Sejal is around 23-25 (guessing) rupen is 26-30(‘mmax!)

        Harry as his passport shows is 36

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