Trailers! Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana and Tumhari Sulu

We’ve already talked a little about both these movies, but it felt like they deserved their own post so everyone can see and discuss them.  And thus, this post!

First, Tumhari Sulu!  The newer trailer.  We already had the teaser, which was a little less clear on the concept.  But now we have a lot more of the plot (I think).  Vidya is a happy housewife.  Her husband loves her and vice versa and they have a healthy sex life.  But maybe money problems?  I’m not sure without subtitles.

She wins a radio contest, and ends up going to the radio station and meeting Neha Sharma.  Who puts her on the air with a super sexy voice and sexy show (I think).  Which causes problems between her and her husband.


The most important part of the trailer, to me, aren’t any of the details but the overall message of Vidya being a sexual and attractive woman.  A housewife, of larger size, but still with an active sex life with her husband, and naturally attractive to other men.  Which is great!  That marriage didn’t end her libido, that her husband enjoys that about her, and that other men can see it as well.  Well, and that Vidya is headlining a female lead film.  That’s great too!  Especially in a light film.  A woman can take the lead in this kind of happy slice of life comedy, not just in “women’s issues” type films.

It’s the kind of movie that I’ve been watching in non-Hindi industries, ones with older female leads who have their own interesting lives.  And if the Hindi industry has decided to imitate that particular southern trend, I am ALL FOR IT.


Next trailer!  Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.  Which is not a female lead film, but is also not-not a female lead film.  It appears from the trailer that Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda have equal parts.  Rajkummar has the more showy role, but Kriti has the character that it all revolves around.

I was curious about Kriti, because I didn’t recognise her, but it seemed like a big risky role to give a total newcomer.  And yep, she’s not a newcomer!  Just has a very young face.  But she has been acting in non-Hindi industries for the past 8 years.  Which is another indication that this heroine will be equal to the hero, if they made a point to cast someone that has actual acting experience.

Generally, it fits in the narrative of the smaller middle-class type romances that have been doing so well.  Our hero and heroine live small lives in small places, we can relate to them.  And their romance has a certain kind of magic to it thanks to the contrast with the rest of their lives.


Again, no subtitles!  But datablue in the comments gave an idea of what is happening:

Dad:Daughters should be educated just like sons.So we educate them…
She:I’ve studied so hard.Top of the class for my M.A.I don’t want to get married so soon.
Dad: I won’t be able to secure such a great proposal according to your whim and fancy.
Dad: It’s not in the hands of the daughter to decide -to which household she will go or what her in-laws will make her do.
Female voiceover:
His friend: Why are you so nervous when you meet the girl?
He:How can one make such an important decision in 10 minutes?And if it’s the wrong decision,you’ll regret it your whole life.
She:What are your expectations about your future wife?
He:I want her to be my friend throughout our whole life.
He:You look just like Juhi Chawla in pink.
She: You look like Shahrukh Khan in every colour.
He:Really? Shahrukh Mishra?
He:I’ve never been so happy in my whole life (now that I’m marrying you).
She:Me too.
He:Can I drink coffee from your cup?
Her sister: Your sex-life is going to be very interesting,sister.He’s going to jump all over you.
He:Aarti Shukla, that’s your name isn’t it? You’ve done what you wanted to do.Now I’ll do what I have to do.
She:I can understand why you’re so angry with me.
He:I’m not angry with you.I hate you.Everything is fair in love and war.Love is over.Now war begins.

So, just like Nikki said when she first posted the trailer in the comments, it sounds like Badrinath Ki Dulhania, but different.  A couple has an arranged engagement, they sweetly fall in love during the engagement, everything seems wonderful, and then the bride disappears on the wedding day.  Even though there was nothing “wrong”, even though the guy was nice and would never have hurt her, she just wanted something different for her life.

Someone else said it looks like perhaps Rajkummar ends up as her boss years later?  That I would find very interesting, if it’s not that he hunted her down or anything, but fate randomly throws them back together and he can’t resist taking revenge.  That’s more sympathetic than someone who tries to track her down right away.

What I know probably won’t happen, but which I would really like, is if Rajkummar not only realizes she was right to run away (that I think we can pretty much count on), but realizes that they still shouldn’t be married, that they were never a good match.  If there is a total justification for them to have not gotten together.  But I think more likely is that Rajkummar comes to respect her decision, and they come together as better stronger people in the present than they were in the past.

And unlike Badrinath, we won’t have to believe a sudden few month total change in personality and thinking.  Or a sudden change to anger within a few minutes.  Giving a few years gap makes the whole story stronger, our hero’s anger could harden within him, at the same time he is going out into the world and seeing more things and learning so that he is able to see the bigger picture more easily.



Oh, and there’s also another Secret Superstar song.  Which is very similar to “Disco Fighter”, and yet not as good.  But I do love Aamir’s willingness to play the fool.  Both because it is amusing, and because it means we can have an Aamir song, and yet the focus is still firmly on our heroine, she is the serious important part of the film, Aamir is just a joke.


6 thoughts on “Trailers! Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana and Tumhari Sulu

  1. You might want to check out Gauri Khan’s twitter or instagram. She’s put up a short clip titled The Dwarf showing a clown in full make-up and wig. It looks like SRK to me but I’m not 100% sure. What do you guys think?

    Is this some kind of early promotion?


  2. What I love about Vidya is that she is a very womanly woman – in appearance and play. Woud like to see her as woman counterpart for ShahRukh (not forcibly a romantic pairing).


    • They’d make a great sort of odd couple partners team. Male and female best friends who see the world and interact with it very differently from each other.

      On Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 11:16 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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