Why I Didn’t Post More Today and I’M NOT GOING TO FEEL GUILTY!!!!

I went off into The World today, and therefore wasn’t able to sit at home and type and type and type, and you had to make do with one very very long Silly Sunday post instead of anything more than that.  And I am trying very hard to feel like I accomplished useful things in The World, instead of feeling bad because I didn’t write my usual 10,000 words a day.

First, I woke up.  And realized I was already running behind and I needed to throw a coat and sweatpants on over my PJs and run down and start a load of laundry immediately if I was going to get to church on time.

(Sanjay Dutt not stride through my laundry room singing, tragically)

I had just enough time to do a load, running up and down the stairs while getting dressed and brushing my hair and so on.  And to keep myself company, I rewatched Pokiri.  It’s still really good.


And then off to church!  With a stop at the drive-by Starbucks on the way for my Sunday morning hot chocolate.

(I couldn’t find a hot chocolate themed song, but this is how I feel after I get my hot chocolate.  Without the dancing ladies and all, but with that shot of Salman-like energy)

And then church!  Or rather, Sunday school!  Running around after a bunch of very very active small children.

(This, only for just 45 minutes.  But all the kids are disorganized and don’t listen, instead of just one)

And then from church I zipped over to the grocery store and bought flowers and cupcake papers.

(Flowers!  Because I couldn’t find a cupcake song)

And then I drove over to my parents’ place to give my mother flowers and keep her company, since she has a sick toe.


And then straight from my parents’ place to the church knitting group, where I worked on the Penguin quilt I am making for the next church baby who arrives.

(Penguins! I’m making one in green and pink)

And then I left there and went to a second grocery store to buy the things I forgot to buy at the first store.

(An excuse to use this song again!)

And then I finally came home a mere 8 hours after I left and wrote this post and started making soup.

(not chicken soup, ham, my mother gave me a ham bone.  But I couldn’t find a song for that)

3 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Post More Today and I’M NOT GOING TO FEEL GUILTY!!!!

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