Baatein With the Baadshah Episode 1 & 2: Baadshah is in the Title, but it’s all about the Women

First of all, blessings on Hotstar for making this available, and blessings on Shahrukh for agreeing to do something now, during my all time lowest view periods when I really really need content.  Now, on to the discussion!  Of the first two episodes, with Alia and Deepika.

Back when I was saying why I loved Shahrukh, I mentioned that there is something special about how he treats women, both opposite him in films and just in real life interviews and stuff.  And this is the perfect example of why that is so true.  It’s a show called “Baatein with the Baadshah” but it’s not really about “the Baadshah”, it’s about the women he is talking with.  He is the perfect charming gentlemen, heaping compliments on them in a way that is natural, helping them present the best version of themselves, and (at least in the 2 episodes so far) keeping the focus on them as whole people, sensitive and smart and interesting and so on, minimal comments about their looks or anything like that.

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And that’s his job, this show is clearly designed to help sell the star persona of the female guests, to make us love them, and part of that is using the perfect host.  Karan Johar doesn’t make us love his guests.  He makes us like them, and be amused by them, but we don’t love them.  Shahrukh makes us love them.  Just like he makes us love his heroines in his films by seeing them through his eyes, he makes us love these women by being charmed and delighted and caring towards them.

It’s not just Shahrukh, the whole show is structured that way.  The woman is introduced with lavish compliments, comes out with a slow motion glamour shot, wearing a gorgeous gown and perfect hair and make-up and everything, Shahrukh escorts her over to the special swing that comes down from the sky and she asks him a series of questions from a card, he is charming and witty in a way that makes her appear charming and witty for asking the question.  Then he escorts her over to the sofa and asks her questions about her career and her acting (nothing personal, everything respectful).  This section ends with videos of others talking about how great she is.  And finally he takes her to the table and chairs on the other side of the room and reads off a series of letters from people who love her about how awesome she is, and she has to guess who they are from.  And then he takes her back to the center of the stage to present her with a golden rose, her “award” from Lux for being one of their Golden Divas.

So, it’s just a love fest for these lucky women, that’s all.  And we get to see their glamorous looks (in all the walking back and forth in evening gowns), their wit and charm (in the questions segment), their serious professional ability (in the serious questions section), and then all the reasons that the people closest to them love them (in the letters section).  By the end of the show, the audience loves them for their personality, their talent, their glamour, and their heart.  And Shahrukh has guided us through that, just as he guides them around the stage.

Oh, by the way, what is it with those slow motion/repeat transition things in Indian TV shows???  It’s one of my least favorite things, they can’t just walk across the stage, they have to walk in slow motion while a music cue plays.  And then they sit down, and then they sit down again, and again on repeat. I get the idea, it’s boring to watch people go across a stage so there has to be something there, but why can’t they just edit the whole bit out, go straight from Shahrukh saying “and now we will go to the sofa” to them actually being on the sofa.


When I say it is all structured to make us fall in love with the actresses, what do I mean?  Well, let’s start with Deepika’s episode.  She is introduced as the “Queen” of the industry and comes out in a gorgeous elegant evening gown.  Shahrukh walks her over to the golden swing and hands her the card of questions.  I didn’t get all of the answers to the questions, but I did catch a back and forth about how proud he is of her, how when she started out with him she didn’t know anything, not even how to use her “dimples”.  And then they joke about how he taught her everything, even how to dimple.

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See, the thing is, he DID teach her everything!  Well, sort of.  In a different kind of show, Shahrukh could have made this all about himself, how he picked this model out because he could see her talent and gave her her first job and so on and so on and isn’t he awesome.  But instead he keeps it light and charming, makes jokes about teaching her to dimple, makes it seem like he is a shallow over the hill type actor who only has these little things to pass on and she is the real talent.

And then they move to the sofa for the “serious” section.  Shahrukh asks about her acting, but also about her mental health issues.  Which is appropriate, since she has become a bit of a spokesperson for those issues.  He is showing us her serious side, her dedication to her work and the issues that are close to her heart in the world.  We’ve seen her charm in the jokes about dimples, now we are seeing her intellect and depth.  Oh, and this is just an odd thing, but in the middle of the serious discussion of depression, Shahrukh jokes about how she likes to clean things, she is “OCD”.  I just find the cognitive disconnect funny, in the middle of trying to treat mental health seriously in terms of depression, they turn another mental health disorder into a joke.

To talk about how great she is, they use a video of Irrfan Khan, who seems fairly serious and talks about how she is as a co-star and all that.  And then Ranveer, who did a video of him walking along and singing “Ek Ladki Ko Dekho Toh Aisa Laga”.  Because of course he did.  Good lord he must be a lot to deal with as a boyfriend!  Dips deserves an award just for that.  Anyway, it’s a good balance, we see her as a serious co-worker type, and then as a warm and beloved woman.  The actress and the human.

And finally, her letter section!  First a brief letter from Sanjay Leela Bhansali, which she accurately identifies.  And then a very long letter from her mother which goes into great detail and makes Deepika cry.  Sincerely (it looked like to me), tears going down her cheeks and having to wipe her eyes around the mascara.  Shahrukh finishes the letter and then goes over to give her a hug and help her clean up her face.  And again, he does it the perfect way!  Doesn’t make it about himself, like “look how saintly I am helping this poor woman”.  Gives an appropriate amount of sympathy so she doesn’t feel embarrassed by her reaction, but doesn’t try to make her a spectacle by egging her on to cry more or anything like that, keeps it dignified.

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And then she gets her gold rose down in the center of the stage, and everyone cheers, and the final step is for her to write a letter to be read to the next guest, Alia Bhatt.  Which is very nice and supportive.

Everything about this show is nice.  Nice, but also honest.  They aren’t saying that Deepika is, say, the greatest dancer in the history of Indian film.  They are saying she is a great actress with a caring heart.  They find the nicest possible honest thing to say about her.  And they will do the same for the next star.


Alia!  Very different persona from Deepika.  Right from the start, even her styling is different.  Instead of Dips’ dramatic full length gown, Alia is wearing a shorter younger looking thing with a poofy skirt.  And she acts differently too, where Deepika elegantly waited for Shahrukh to guide her around, Alia takes control and announces she knows everything and drags Shahrukh over to the swing for questions.

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This is her persona, a precocious cute little girl who is bubbly and smart and quicker than her elders.  And that’s how their questions section goes, she is bubbly and Shahrukh is witty, but in a sort of “I’m trying to catch up!” way.  He falls into her rhythm, helps her to shine the way she wants to shine, makes her look smarter and quicker and brighter than anyone else, including himself.

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But the “serious” section is where Alia struggles, while Deepika was less comfortable with the charming witty part, she was fine with talking about “serious” things.  Alia is not quite so comfortable with that, and more importantly, it doesn’t fit with her persona.  She is supposed to be your cute little sister, not your bossy uppity big sister talking about big serious things.  So they bring out Gauri Shinde to help her with that section, to do some of the serious conversation weight lifting.

Oh, there are two small interesting things in this section.  First, Alia mentions Shaandar when Shahrukh says something about failures.  It kind of feels like a continuation of their Koffee conversation last year.  Shahrukh said he wanted her to fail, to learn not to be afraid to fail.  And now she is coming back and pointing out that she has failed, and survived it.

The other thing is, she mentions a quote from Sinatra that helped her through that period and asks Shahrukh to translate it to Hindi.  See, this whole show is in Hindi!  There are English words dropped in off and on, but otherwise it’s all Hindi.  Another reason for Shahrukh to host, he is one of the most fluent Hindi speakers in the industry.  And another sign of what kind of an audience they are looking to attract, not the witty sophisticated English speakers who watch Koffee, but more the respectable middle-class types who can understand Hindi with a smattering of English.  This is the big broad audience, the big broad public, who has to love these actresses and want to see them in their movies.  And also, of course, buy soap from them (sponsored by Lux, don’t forget!).

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(This is the quote)

After Gauri and Alia are on the couch, Shahrukh rolls the videos.  Varun is first, and tells more sort of “cute little girl” stories.  Madhuri is next and didn’t quite get the memo on what the persona is supposed to be, mentions that she admires how smart Alia is in picking roles.  She’s not supposed to be smart!  She’s supposed to be “clever”. “cute”, all those things.  But then it ends with a video from her father, bring us back on message, she is just a daddy’s little girl still.

And then there’s the letter section!  The first two letters are from co-stars, and then her mother at the end (although Alia first mistakenly identifies it as her father).  Her mother, who she doesn’t refer to as “my mother” but as “mummy”.  Again, playing the little girl.  Finally, a photo of her and her mother appears after the answer is revealed, and Shahrukh mentions that she is so much more beautiful than Alia.  He plays it off kind of joking, like “you are pretty too”, but Alia agrees.  Very nice little sentiment to keep up the trend, Alia is cute and sweet and young, but not “beautiful”, that’s for her mother and other older women to be, she is more about her personality and smartness.

And then of course it ends with Alia giving a letter to Madhuri, just as Dips gave a letter to Alia.  It’s a nice thing, the women paying it forward to other women, no men involved (except Shahrukh to support them).  Okay, so the show is called “Baatein with the Baadshah”, his name is the one at the top, but that’s just to get you to tune in, once you are watching, you discover it is all about the women.

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(Shahrukh’s in the tub, but the women are still the ones on the box)


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    • I think it’s “things” or “talk” or “chat”, but I’m not sure.

      On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 6:10 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. I found it translated as “a chat.” One of your comments interested me in particular: all of you comments interest me! (I’m currently rereading the JHMS posts as a rewatch for the zillionth time) You said he is one of the best Hindi speakers in the industry. What does that mean exactly? Accent? Vocabulary? Do the rest of them feel more comfortable in English? What is that? Also, do you have a subscription to hotstar? I can’t get it through them, others had it. And lastly, please don’t think I’m not reading. I just often read the blog on my phone on the fly and can’t really answer articulately!


    • Shahrukh grew up in Delhi in a middle-class house, so he would have spoken Hindi on the streets and casually with friends. As well as English at school and Urdu and maybe a bit of Pashtun at home. All the other stars his age speak Hindi as well, but they don’t have the kind of slangy familiarity that he does from Delhi. And the people younger than him are more and more English speakers, like that moment in Fan when Gaurav asks “Sid Kapoor” to read his statement, and Sid can’t because it’s in Hindi. Alia would have been raised like that (even more so since her mother is from England), so she had to ask Shahrukh to translate her English saying, she didn’t trust her Hindi enough even for that.

      All of them are comfortable in English as well. All the top stars went to good English schools starting as small children, and some of them were raised in households where English would have been common at home. Saif with his royal background, Amitabh with his father having a PhD in English literature from Cambridge, they have even greater abilities than the others. Hindi used to be the common language of Hindi films, and of Bombay as a city, because everyone knew Hindi in addition to whatever language they grew up with. So everyone from that older era was comfortable in it, and then in the mid-90s it started to switch to English, so all the top stars had to be fluent in that as well. But the stars who came up after the mid-90s, they may only really know English. And the older generation, like the Khans, needed both to succeed.

      It’s also a sign of changes in India in general, English is becoming more and more common in every part of life, so nice middle-class and upperclass kids grow up fluent in English but maybe not comfortable in Hindi. And of course the films are becoming less and less Hindi based, so you can become successful in Hindi films without having a high level of hindi competency. Like, the old stars (I’m reading Dilip’s autobiography now so I am thinking about this) would not only write their own dialogues on occasion, but might write classical poetry for fun and relaxation in the evenings, and would bond over being the few people on the film set who could speak good Urdu influenced Hindi (unlike the directors and cameraman and other technicians who don’t require that level of language competency). They were some of the people with the best pronunciation and overall understanding for language, it was part of the requirement for being an actor, along with being tall and pale and all that. And now you just need to be able to mouth whatever dialogues were written for you.

      On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 7:32 PM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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      • Not just English, punjabi, urdu, bhojpuri, south slang, haryanvi and even basic marathi. Alia speaks hindi well. For someone born and raised in Mumbai where the hindi teacher might have marathi as their first language. Do SRK’s biogs specifically mention pashtun being spoken at their home when he was young?

        I think it would be interesting to compare his dialogues and their language down the years.

        I’ve always thought his English wasn’t as refined as say Amitabh Bachchan’s or Saif’s is. It’s more slangy. And there’s always a hint of nervousness and lots of no no ya yas.

        Not sure you guys pick up on it but he kinda mumbles his lines when they’re in English. In dialogues I mean.


        • I feel like I read somewhere he remembers the occasional Pashtun word thrown in. Not seriously speaking it, but enough to add another layer to his language abilities.

          His English feels more like everyday English, not the kind of High English that Saif and Amitabh speak, to me. Which in some ways makes me like it more, he is more likely to just sort of babble in English and throw in jokes and slang. But I can feel a bit of effort when he is doing things like his Ted Talk, to make sure he conveys the meaning exactly in a language he is not fully comfortable with. And you can see in things like Koffee, he is most comfortable when he can mix the two languages, drop into Hindi if there is some kind of joke or story that he feels can only be conveyed in Hindi, and then use English if he wants to explain a simple situation or the facts of something.

          What I have heard about bilingual speakers is that it’s not a one to one kind of thing, it’s that one language “feels” different than the other. One language is more for humor, or for emotions, or for memory, while the other is more for practical stuff, or intellectual. That’s how Shahrukh feels to me in his bilingual abilities, there are some of his thoughts he can only comfortably convey in Hindi, and others only in English. Whereas for people like Alia, it seems as though she always thinks, feels, everything in English, and then has to “translate” to Hindi as needed.

          On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 7:25 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • As a bi(tri?)lingual person, and a former language tutor, I lean more towards the language altering personality theory. Basically, someone who grew up exposed to a language will eventually begin thinking in that language. And since multilinguals usually pick up separate languages in separate environments (home and school, usually, or uniquely to former colonies, home, school and TV), their personalities vary starkly when speaking in a particular language.

            I have four hindi dialects apparently – the standard, pure hindi that I speak at home, the bhojpuri infused one which I use when I’m at my village or in rural areas or speaking to rural people, the colloquial shimla hindi and the urbane north Indian hindi-punjabi.

            I turn into a different person with each dialect.

            Saif and Amitabh — both from elite boarding schools, learnt and used hindi as well as English (both impeccable) at home as well as in public. Their parents spoke both languages and spoke them well. Their accents, diction, vocabulary are quite good and stable.

            SRK, you can see the non-convent bits. He speaks good conversational hindi and English but he doesn’t sound poetic or elite. That’s probably why he was such a hit. He was the boy next door.

            Alia and the younger lot speak Hinglish. It’s neither proper english nor proper hindi and there’s a distinct Bombay influence because even her marathi isn’t that good.

            I’m not sure if I’m putting this across right. I think comparing it to priyanka would be a good start. She’s older but not that much older. Her language and diction are less khichdi

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          • I think we’ve talked before about how, very rarely, Shahrukh will drop into straight up Dilliwalla Hindi, and he turns into kind of a different person when he does. I wish he used that more for his characters in films, it had a huge impact in Fan, but I can’t think of another movie where he drew that line so starkly of “now I am really dangerous because everything else has dropped away and I am a straight Delhi boy”

            On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 9:59 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I just assume that in real life, when he has to get really really scary angry, he also drops into it. But of course we never get to hear him be really really angry, we only hear about it second hand. Which I am fine with, I suspect it is very upsetting to witness and I don’t necessarily want to see it.

            On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 10:45 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • And now that’s all I can think about!!!! Damn!!!!

            I was supposed to go to bed early tonight. Now i’ll just have to Google SRK angry till I find what I think his angry face us really like!!


          • Exactly! Haha.. And that was just hum acting!! 😁 he was trolling the show cast.

            Btw, I just realised, SRK and Robert Downey Jr look slightly alike!! I wanna watch that film now!!

            RDJ and SRK are half brothers and then only come to know about each other’s existence at his funeral. Neither of their moms had married the father. But both sons have been given an equal share in a yet undivided property in Australia. RDJ lives in California and he’s a lawyer there (because I love his tan!) and SRK lives in London and he heads a law firm there.

            The provisions in the will and local aussie laws mean they have to be at the property in person and stay there at least for a few months to prove ownership before they can sell.

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          • And then they both fall in love with the same woman.

            On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 11:22 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Baatein just means talk or even a casual form of conversation.
    I confess to have not watched it but reading your article led me think about Alia. I’m of the opinion that Alia hasn’t truly seen failure yet – which is ok. Sure Shaandar didn’t do well yada yada but that’s a film not working and nobody faulted her for it. Movies run, sometimes they don’t. Especially for this movie the blame went to Vikas Bhal n the makers more than even the hero Shahid. Also, Alia is mollycoddled by Kjo and spoilt for choices. Failure is what will shape her future, I wonder how that will happen ? Will she break free of the Dharma stranglehold (why would she when she’s getting amazing roles and why would the makers when Dharma is ready to step in at any instance necessary). It makes me curious because the biggest stars came up the hard way. Those who got great debuts or not. Those who made it big survived not just rough patches or one off flop films, they lived through periods that looked like the end (of career) was near.


    • Although now I am thinking about it, do most actresses survive those super low periods? Rekha, sort of, by completely reinventing herself, but I can’t really think of anyone else. If you are brought that low, given a series of films that are completely on your shoulders and they all flop, then you are just out of the industry. Or, even, you wouldn’t be given the option of a series of films completely on your shoulders, because there aren’t that many female lead films.

      Maybe I am just not thinking of hte right person, but I can’t remember an actress who went through what Shahrukh is going through now, or Salman ten years back. They would just drop off the radar of the industry completely and not be able to crawl their way back if their career reached that level.


      • I typed out a long reply that got deleted. Ugh. I didn’t save it, of course. 😐
        So here goes the gist of it.
        Yes, you make a valid point. Actresses don’t ususlly survive terrible lows like superstar actors do. However, they do go through phases that seem like end of the road or are filled super trashy roles.
        Sridevi went from B grade-y roles to A++ movie roles.
        Madhuri had this long phase toward the end of her career where you thought she’d be gone in disgrace but she got back with DTPH, then there were roles like Mrityudand and Devdas.
        Ash had so many trashy roles and movies to her credit that it’s a miracle she survived (Also a mystery because the khans refused to work with her too). She’s still an A list actress.
        Who I first thought of was Vidya. Her career from Heyyy Baby 🤮 to paa/ishqiya was a train wreck. She came back strong with these two and DP, Kahaani.
        Kangana from Fashion to Queen was written off and forgotten.
        DP until YJHD was considered a pretty girl but nobody had great hopes on her to survive her bad movies.
        PC has had many terrible phases through her career too.
        Maybe I put too much emphasis on the necessity of failure but I feel the audience appreciates a face that has been through the grind and come out successful.
        I see comments to every Alia announcement that goes not again or why don’t you think of someone else. Which is unfair to her talent but yes, nepotism.
        Somewhere breaking away making mistakes could be great for her. But who knows right? Maybe this will be a unique case?


        • Hmm. Now i am thinking about it, maybe the more common pattern is good launch-bad phase-second chance. You mentioned DP, I was also thinking of Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, even Rani Mukherjee. But Alia just went from strength to strength, has never really had that experimenting and struggling before reaching a solid point in her career phase.

          Maybe that will come when she tries to move on to more mature roles? She is so stuck now in the sort of young and innocent parts, perhaps her first few attempts to try something more mature will be where she fails and struggles. Like, could you imagine Alia playing a successful career woman? A young wife and mother? Or how about the sexy heroine of an action movie? She has done a lot of different movies, but her roles have all kind of fallen into a similar category. Never anyone older than 24-26, never anyone with a settled position in life, always that sort of young and finding herself position.


          • Omg dude I have the perfect Alia story. I wrote it when I was 19. In Hindi. My BFF was the heroine then. And it was written for a Pakistani band!! 😁

            I think I’ve told you about it too. Maybe I’ll get around to translating it and updating it one of these days.

            I feel like I’ve told you about it already!

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  3. Srk deserves (or we deserve) a proper chat show without the stupid music and the slow motion walks. He would make a great chat show host. Sherbet with Shahrukh maybe? Baatein with the Baadshah also works.
    Btw, I’m impressed that you being a non Indian, pretty much understood everything they spoke about, since there was only a smaterring of English.

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    • Thank goodness they threw in plenty of English words I could use as an anchor! So I could kind of get the general idea of what they were saying (like “Dimples”) and then trust on body language and tone of voice to get the rest.

      I would love to see Shahrukh do a proper talk show, the few times he’s acted as interviewer or host for special things, he does such a good job making people feel at ease and charmed, it makes everyone look to the best of their advantage.

      On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 4:28 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  4. Unforunately we can’t watch it in Italy. And also most of the hindi movies that are in Netflix in every part of the world, well they aren’t in Netflix Italia. But why? I don’t know. Maybe they aren’t so popular here like in other nations but, if we can’t watch them, we can’t learn to love them, for sure.
    And I stop complaining 😊


    • Few days ago some hindi movies appeared on Amazon Prime Italia! YAY! I was shocked. Mostly Salman movies: Ek tha tiger, Ready, Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and even Tublight. There is Aashiqui 2, Dil Dhadakne Do, Don and Don 2 and some other I don’t remember. They are with english subtitles. Let’s watch them all and show Amazon (and Netflix) that we want this kind of content in Italy.


  5. I just watched the first episode, and was thrown at first by the lack of subtitles. But it was actually pretty easy to follow, except I really would have liked to know what her mother wrote. I just watched Lady Bird and the mother-daughter thing is high on my mind.

    There is something about the slow motion thing that strikes me as a lingering gaze. They do it a lot in the films too, making time slow down so we can all admire the actor.


    • I think it is also something that came up out of the TV soap operas. Partly to stretch out the time when there wasn’t much plot, but also with an assumption that the audience is chopping vegetables and getting clothes from the dryer and in and out, so they need things repeated so they won’t miss it. I guess this works that way, the musical cue and all tells you “time to pay attention, new section starting!”

      On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 7:58 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  6. “(Also a mystery because the khans refused to work with her too) Do the Khan’s still refuse to work with Ash? Amir too? I think SRK has reconciled with her, at least personally (or the public personal; we know NOTHING about the actual personal). I find Shah Rukh’s English interesting. When he appears on TV in England or anywhere else his English is flawless. Occasionally he asks about a pronunciation and you can tell its a word he’s read but not said. In JHMS you can see how his accent changes when he’s speaking to “Nasty”; its much clearer. Saif and Big B sound like the Englishmen they were meant to. The younger guys are a big mix. My Hindi is sub sub par but the dialogue in Batein was so predictable I pretty much knew what they were saying!

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    • I love Shahrukh’s “good” English, which we heard a lot of in JHMS. But somehow it feels like that is the English he learned through mimicry, if that makes sense. His natural English is the rapid Delhi style with lots of Hindi slang mixed in as needed, similar to what he uses on Koffee or in other shows where he starts to feel comfortable. And then when he is overseas, or playing a character who is supposed to be an NRI, he puts on an accent and manner in English for that role, but it’s not his natural behavior. I guess I am thinking of that moment in K3G when Kajol drops into an English accent for a moment to make fun of the neighbor. Her character can do it as mimicry, but it’s not her natural way of speaking English.

      On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 8:26 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • I think Since SRK did a cameo in ADHM opposite ash, we can safely say that the khans’ embargo has been lifted. Even Aamir may work with her now but may not because he’s devoted to Salman. Though initially Aamir and Ash stopped working due to some major misunderstanding it happened before the salman episode.


      • Although in interviews Salman has said he has no issue with anyone working with anyone, except Viviek. I could still believe Aamir not wanting to work with her just because he was a good friend, but apparently Salman doesn’t have a problem with it. It’s still friendly with Karan, for instance.

        Not that it really matters, I just felt the need to defend Salman. He’s not using his immense professional power to blacklist her, it’s just personal loyalty that makes some people feel like they shouldn’t work with her.


  7. I’ve been salivating over the tweets about these over the last week. Thank you for the summary! I’m trying to resist Hotstar because I spend too much “screen time” already in my life. But this is really tempting.

    So interesting about the different Hindi and English capabilities of different actors. Along with other regional languages including Urdu. I think I read here that Shah Rukh’s generation of film actors are the last to have received elocution/diction training. I sincerely wish more actors, news people, radio hosts, whatever, in any language, would do more of that. It makes such a difference when the medium is as respected as the message. Ok, I just outed myself as an old lady, right?

    Did anyone else watch Farah Khan’s “10 years of Om Shanti Om” interview with Anupama? It was fun, not least because Anu gave OSO a bad review apparently. Farah says they dubbed Deepika in parts because her diction was so bad. I never knew that? I wonder if Deepika has gotten training since, because she seems so poised now when she speaks.


    • Alia really needs diction training. I love her natural acting style, but a friend of mine who is a Hindi speaker pointed out that she blurs her words together and now it is all I can hear. She gets the feel of the lines perfectly, but I wish she made it better to hear the beauty of the language.

      From the Dilip biography, his diction training came from school. Going to a good English school at that time meant learning and reciting poetry and so on. But I assume those programs have fallen by the wayside in “good” schools, just as they have in the West. “Elocution” isn’t a standard class any more.

      On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 9:30 AM, dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  8. Someone has uploaded both episodes to YT as of this writing. This show is pretty saccharine. Reminds me of Simi Garewal’s India’s Most Desirable show, but not quite as cloying.


  9. Hi Margareth,

    (I hope this time I succeed post my comments after many unsuccessful time before)

    Thanks for this post. I had no idea what they are talking about when watched the show. Just looking at their expression. So this post really help me to understand.


      • Hahaha…nah…it was my fault, I forgot to subscribe. LOL…(silly me, hehehe)….but for sure I missed my opportunity to give comments for your wonderful 31 Posts for SRK’s BDay. But it’s OK…I was happy became silent reader coz I had a lot to read n learn about SRK.

        I became his fan after JHMS. So off course as a new fan I wanna know everything about him that I missed. So the 1st thing I did was googling about that movie. I was surprise when I saw the kiss scene coz I thought it’s forbidden scene in Indian’s movie, hehe…so when I googling about it I found your blog.

        I used to make review for my Fav Korean Actor’s drama. Episode by episode. I like to see the subtle meaning of the scene, the body language, the hand gesture, eye’s expression, the symbols, the colours n so on , So when I found your blog, I was surprise n happy coz that kind of review that I need coz its’s similar thing like what I made. Even much deeper. You make scene by scene analysis. N off course the 1st post that I read was the Kiss Scene analysis. hahaha…..It’s so awesome n give us something more to understand the scene. N off course the whole movie.

        Thanks to make this blog coz it become my WIkipedia about SRK n it’s a more personal coz it by fan.

        n I also love reading the others comments coz it’s really helpfull for me to know & understand about SRK.


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